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Why Do Construction Projects Need Security Guards?

Construction workers building a concrete structure

It’s no secret that construction is one of the most significant industries in the United States. According to news reports, construction is a major contributor to the economy and a major part of all the businesses in the United States. Around 753,000 construction companies and employers are registered in the country, which employs 7.8 million construction workers, managers, designers, and other professionals annually. These employees and employers make buildings and structures worth $1.8 trillion annually.

Since the construction industry holds significant value in industries like mining, commercial real estate, and manufacturing, this commercial service is also a huge target of criminal activity. Construction companies use expensive materials and machinery for different projects, which can be stolen by robbers, resulting in significant financial loss for the company. Additionally, projects can be vandalized mid-construction or after they have been completed, leading to several other issues. Additionally, employees at construction sites also deal with various safety risks, as they’re prone to slips, falls, and various life-threatening accidents.

These security risks for construction sites indicate the importance of investing in measures like hiring security guards and patrol services for any construction project. This blog discusses the importance of hiring security guards for construction projects.

Construction workers building a concrete structure

Deterring Theft

Construction materials, equipment, and tools are often on-site. These assets’ theft costs construction companies $300 million to $1 billion each year. This is a huge financial burden, especially for small-scale construction companies with tight budgets, as they struggle to recover from any sudden financial losses. Therefore, construction companies need to invest in security guards.

These security professionals are highly-trained and can patrol the site around the clock, looking for any signs of theft. If they notice someone trying to steal machinery, material, or any costly tools, they can intervene immediately, preventing robbery. With the help of security guards, construction employers can deter theft, saving costs. Additionally, deterring theft will also prevent any downtime that companies will have to deal with if their machinery gets stolen.

Security guards for construction projects monitoring a site

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized personnel entering a construction site can cause damage to the project, resulting in significant financial loss. They can also hurt themselves, potentially leading to costly liabilities. Additionally, in many cases, unwanted individuals can enter the site to steal valuable machinery or materials, which makes it essential for construction companies to take measures to prevent unauthorized access.

This is where construction companies can benefit from hiring security professionals. Security guards can ensure that only authorized personnel enter the premises. They can start by creating entry checkpoints at construction sites and checking the identity of any individual before allowing them to enter the site of any construction project. This allows only authorized individuals like construction workers to enter the site.

Additionally, security guards for construction projects can check the site to mark any points where unwanted individuals can enter the site and cause havoc. They can appoint security officers at those points, keeping an eye on side entrances and exits and preventing unauthorized access.

 A digger on a construction site

Discouraging Vandalism

Under-construction sites are blank canvases for graffiti artists in many areas, which can impact the structure of any building. Repainting the walls of a construction project can be costly, especially if you have a tight budget. Security guards can keep these vandals at bay, ensuring no one tries to spray paint the walls.

In many cases, criminals also try to damage machinery and materials, which halts the project, resulting in financial loss. Therefore, construction companies need to hire security guards who prevent people from accessing machinery and destroying it.

A worker working on a construction building

Ensuring Site Safety

Construction sites aren’t entirely safe even for workers with safety equipment. Security guards can identify potential safety risks and prevent injury, damage, and liabilities. They can also provide the first case and act as witnesses in case of an accident. One of the less-talked-about benefits of hiring security guards for construction workers is that they’re prepared for any emergencies.

Whether an employee gets hurt in a slip-and-fall accident on a construction site or a machine starts to malfunction, resulting in a fire, these construction site security professionals can take immediate action to prevent the situation from escalating further. They can help evacuate the site and ensure that any injured worker gets immediate medical attention. With the help of security guards, you can be prepared for the unknown.

Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts are hardly unheard of in construction projects. Arguments can escalate quickly in blue-collar environments. Security guards can keep conflicts from escalating, leading to conflicts between workers by professionally intervening and helping peacefully resolve the issues. This can also save time and cost and prevent liabilities.

Instead of witnessing a minor disagreement turn into a physical fight or one-sided assault, construction companies can hire security guards who can keep an eye out for violent behavior and maintain a peaceful environment on the construction site.

 Construction workers digging at a street

Ensuring Safety Regulations

Security guards experienced in construction projects can help ensure that the safety regulations are followed, preventing invalid liability and injury claims and protecting the business’s reputation.

They encourage employees to follow safety regulations like wearing protective equipment, avoiding high-risk areas, and keeping away from self-operating machinery, keeping them secure, and preventing injuries or casualties.

A construction worker on a project

Hire Security Guards for Construction Projects from Guard Services USA

With the help of security guards for construction projects, construction sites can be safer for employees and visitors while preventing criminal activity like theft or vandalism. At Guard Services USA, we provide security guards for construction projects across the United States. Our uniformed security guards are also available for construction sites in Canada and Puerto Rico. Our team of certified, insured, and trained permanent security guards can analyze the risks of your construction project, take the ideal measures to deal with them, and prevent any financial loss.

Additionally, these armed and unarmed security guards keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and intervene immediately. Our security guards for construction projects also ensure that safety measures are followed, prioritizing the safety and health of all on-site employees. Besides having security guards for construction projects, we also have plainclothes security guards who provide discreet protection services. Our armed security guard services are available for commercial facilities like businesses, corporate buildings, events, and apartment complexes. Our team also has law enforcement security guards in Texas who have experience serving in any law enforcement agency.

Get in touch with us to hire security guards for construction projects, making your construction site safer.

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How Can Businesses Ensure the Security of Their Employees?

Employees working on their laptops

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), employees in the United States and other countries have to deal with several health and safety concerns. From workplace stress to slip-and-fall accidents, corporate buildings and other commercial facilities aren’t exactly the safest places for workers. However, besides being at a high risk of several accidents, mental health issues, and public health emergencies, employees also have several concerns about security measures in their workplace.

In 2022, the security magazine published a news report showing that around 62% of employees were concerned about being a target of criminal activity in the workplace. Additionally, around 53% of workers were worried about dealing with workplace violence and cases of sexual, physical, or verbal assault. Around 54% of employees thought natural disasters make them unsafe in the workplace, while 48% reported being terrified of workplace fires. These numbers indicate that a large number of employees are constantly worried about their safety, which negatively impacts their productivity, and distracts them from focusing on their work.

So, companies need to invest in security measures like hiring security guards and security patrol services to allow their workers to feel safe. This blog discusses security for business employees.

Employees working on their laptops

Quick and Responsive HR

One of the most effective ways to ensure employee safety in commercial facilities is to ensure that your company has a quick and responsive HR team. According to surveys, around 17.9% of people globally have reported being victims of harassment in the workplace. These people, from all genders, also agreed that they would have dealt with the situation better if their company’s HR had been more responsive and supportive.

Therefore, companies should ensure that their HR is responsive to the complaints of any employees. The HR team should be available to ensure that employees can come up to them and voice their concerns without feeling like they are being judged or their complaints could backfire. This is especially important to ensure that all employees, especially gender, sexual, and racial minorities, feel safe in the workplace.

With the help of a responsive and supportive HR team, companies can take quick action against any of these cases, ensuring that the harasser or abuser is fired immediately or legal action is taken against them, building their reputation as a company that focuses on helping employees feel secure.

A group of employees talking

Following Safety Standards

Another important concern of employees is being injured in the workplace due to a slip-and-fall accident, fire, or natural calamity. Therefore, companies need to ensure that safety standards are followed in the workplace that focuses on ensuring that employees don’t get injured in the workplace. Companies can start by taking steps to remove anything hazardous from the site. If your commercial facility has hazardous chemicals or dangerous tools on-premises, make sure that they’re stored in a separate room, with only authorized individuals having access to it.

You can also encourage employees to follow safety standards in the workplace. For instance, factory workers need to wear protective equipment while working, while employees of other corporate settings need to avoid smoking near devices that might cause a fire. Ensure that these guidelines are followed to prevent injuries, casualties, damage to tools or the building, or financial loss. Keep an eye out for employees who refuse to stick to such guidelines and take strict action to ensure that everyone stays safe in the workplace.

Two employees sharing a high-five

Hold Training Sessions

Besides ensuring that employees follow security standards and safety procedures, companies also need to arrange regular training sessions. These training sessions can discuss any security risks the company faces and how employees can follow security regulations to avoid being direct victims.

Companies can also discuss emergencies and what to do if a fire or natural calamity happens. This will let your employers stay calm when a fire happens or deal with security issues like vandalism or theft.

Interior of a company with several employees

Don’t Ignore Cybersecurity Concerns

It’s no secret that cybercrime is one of the biggest security concerns for businesses. Companies in almost all industries benefit from virtual tools, which makes them a target for cybercriminals. So it shouldn’t be surprising that a large number of employees are concerned about their information getting hacked and leaked. Companies should invest in cybersecurity measures to ensure that the personal information of their employees stays safe.

In this case, when employees use their work computers or laptops to store confidential data or deal with virtual assets, they won’t have to constantly worry about cybercriminals stealing their data, deleting their files, or hacking virtual assets like NFTs.

Employees discussing cybersecurity concerns

Hire Security Guards for the Workplace

Employees at any company feel threatened by several factors, including the presence of customers or unauthorized visitors. They constantly worry if their valuables, like phones, laptops, or wallets, will get stolen or if they might be a victim of violent behavior. Therefore, companies need to hire security guards who can monitor the premises around the clock.

These security professionals can only allow authorized individuals to enter the company’s site, preventing unwanted visitors and allowing employees to feel safe and focus on their work. Additionally, they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and take quick action against any violent behavior or fights, preventing any employee safety concerns. Security guards can also guide employees to leave the premises if any calamity happens or help get medical attention for any injured worker.

 Employees discussing security guidelines in a training session

Get Security for Business Employees from Guard Services USA

With the help of highly-experienced uniformed security guards, companies can ensure that employees feel safe in the workplace. At Guard Services USA, we provide security for business employees. Our corporate security and guarding services are available for companies in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our professional permanent security guards can handle the security of a company’s assets, property, and employees around the clock.

We also have temporary security guards who provide security for business employees in certain shifts. Our armed and unarmed security guards are known for patrolling corporate facilities, detecting suspicious activity, and taking immediate action to prevent criminal activity. Besides providing security for business employees, our law enforcement security guards also handle the security of corporate events or large-scale private gatherings. Our security guards and patrolling services are also available for apartment complexes and other commercial facilities like retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, and multi-location companies. We also have plainclothes security guards that provide discreet security for business employees and events.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and benefit from the right security for business employees.

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Hiring a Corporate Security Company? Ask These Questions Beforehand

A security guard on the street

With the constant changes in the corporate sector and the use of several innovative tools and technologies, companies have to deal with security risks like never before. From being vigilant about cyberattacks to ensuring that their physical security strategies can’t be breached, companies must invest a lot of time and resources to keep their workers, assets, and customers secure. The security risks in the business world indicate that companies must hire security guards from a top security guard company. However, with several available options in the market, it can be challenging to pick the ideal corporate security company.

So how can companies select the right security guard company? This blog discusses some questions businesses must ask a corporate security company before hiring them.

A security guard on the street

How Long Have You Been Providing These Services?

One of the most important questions you need to ask a corporate security company before moving forward with them is how long they have been providing security services to companies. While you can hire corporate security companies with little to no experience in dealing with corporate security, it’s advisable to go for services that have dealt with corporate security issues for quite some time. You can hire them or move on to another company with more experience based on the answer to this question.

Are Your Guards Trained at the Company?

Since the corporate sector deals with constantly changing security risks, it’s advisable to hire a security guard company that provides training to its guards. Therefore, before hiring a security guard company, inquire about the training they provide their security professionals.

You can also ask if the guards are qualified according to the security requirements in your state or country. Always go forward with a security guard company that trains their guards extensively, ensuring these skilled professionals can mitigate expected and unexpected security risks.

A security guard monitoring a corridor

Do You Monitor the Performance of Your Security Guards?

When you hire a corporate security company to manage the company of your business facility, they will analyze your premise before appointing a specific number of guards to be present around the clock or for some time, based on your shift times and company type. While you can decide what type of security officers you want, the corporate security company will deploy the security guards.

Therefore, security companies need to have a monitoring system that keeps an eye on the performance of the security guards. A corporate security company needs to have a check and balance, ensuring that its security guards are effectively handling the safety requirements of a company. By tracking the performance of their security guards, security service providers can decide to appoint new security officers.

Always ask the corporate security company about their security guard monitoring strategies, ensuring that they have one in place, before hiring them, as you don’t want to deal with incompetent security guards wasting your time and money on your premise.

A security offering guarding a corporate building

Do You Offer Armed or Unarmed Security Guards?

Another important question that you need to ask corporate security companies is if their security guards use weapons to handle security risks or don’t carry any weapons while patrolling a business facility. While you can select a company with armed security services or a corporate security provider with unarmed security guards, hiring a corporate security company with both options is advisable.

By hiring a company with multiple options, you can benefit from all their services and make changes to your existing security strategy as needed. You can also customize a security solution that includes armed and unarmed security services. For instance, you can select armed security guards for entry points or any locations where valuable items are stored and opt for unarmed security guards to patrol the remaining areas of your business facility.

A security guard opening the door of a car

Can You Work With Technology Solutions?

In the current era of technology, it shouldn’t be surprising that companies invest in various tools and technologies to enhance their company’s security. Whether companies use CCTV cameras to monitor high-risk areas at their business premises or enterprises install metal detector doors at their entry checkpoints, it’s essential to hire security guards from a corporate security company that can work with technology solutions.

Therefore, before hiring any security guard company, ask them what technology solutions they are comfortable working with. Additionally, ask them if their security guards will learn how to use and handle the existing technology solutions at your company. Even if a potential security guard company hasn’t worked with technology solutions before, it’s advisable to move forward with them if they’re willing to integrate your tools into their security strategies.

A security guard patrolling the stairs

How Much Do You Charge for Your Corporate Security Services?

While it’s advisable to move forward with a company that’s experienced, knows how to use technology solutions, trains and monitors security guards, and provides both armed and unarmed security service, budget is an important constraint in making a decision. So, businesses need to ask a corporate security company about their charges before hiring them.

You should ensure that their services are in accordance with their charges and you don’t end up paying a lot for subpar security services that you can get elsewhere at affordable pricing. Some corporate security companies also offer deals and discounts for their clients, especially first-time customers, so remember to ask about any such deals before moving forward with them.

A corporate security officer overlooking a business facility

Looking for the Ideal Corporate Security Company? Get Started With Guard Services USA

Whether you’re looking for a corporate security company to patrol your warehouse and protect your inventory or want to hire security guards to create effective entry checkpoints in your office, Guard Services USA can help! Our team of professional and highly-trained, uniformed security guards can analyze your security strategies, risks, and requirements to draft and implement enhanced security techniques.

At our corporate security company, we also have plain clothes security guards who manage the security of individuals or companies that want discreet protective services. Our temporary and permanent security guards provide top-notch security services to events, public places, commercial spaces, and residential apartment complexes. Additionally, we also allow companies to choose between our unarmed and armed security guard services based on their requirements.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our corporate security company, ask any questions, and let us ensure your employees, customers, and assets are secure.

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4 2023 Security Trends Businesses Need to Know

Employees working on computers

Employees working on computers

It’s no secret that companies have to make several upgrades based on the changing trends in the market. From changing their products and services based on recent consumer needs to keeping marketing trends in mind while developing a new sales strategy, companies must constantly understand how the industry works and make changes accordingly.

Besides enhancing their products and operations based on the changing corporate trends and requirements, businesses also need to ensure that their safety measures follow changing security trends. Companies deal with various cyber and security risks that can have long-term consequences, making it essential to invest in security patrol services and change their security plans according to the constantly changing security practices, industry trends, and standards.

But how can businesses ensure that their security strategies are up to mark this year? This blog discusses some security trends in 2023 for businesses.

People discussing security measures in a meeting

Use High-Tech Tools for Monitoring the Workplace

The increasing use of technology in almost every corporate operation and process has resulted in 2023 security trends, including high-tech tools for corporate security. Companies have realized that since criminals are using high-tech tools and innovative technologies to access buildings and steal important information and valuable assets, businesses also need to step up and prevent that by using similar technologies.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that in 2023, companies need to invest in better monitoring tools like CCTV cameras. Additionally, just using regular monitoring devices isn’t enough, as you need to invest in infrared, night vision, and hidden security cameras for effective and around-the-clock surveillance. Constant monitoring with the help of such tools will allow you to detect any suspicious activity and deal with it timely to prevent things from escalating further.

The interior of a company

Invest in Cybersecurity Resources

News reports show that a vast majority of  companies have been a target of cyber attacks. In the current era, it’s common for cybercriminals to try to access confidential information in companies, hack important software applications, and leak information. This can lead to several negative consequences for businesses. Companies that collect and use customer data will have to deal with legal consequences if the user’s information gets hacked and leaked online. This can lead to financial loss as the business will have to pay fines and even settlement money to the victims of data leakage.

Businesses can also develop a negative reputation due to a successful cyberattack, which can push customers away, resulting in a major decline in sales. Cyberattacks can also lead to companies losing valuable data, negatively impacting their operations. Companies that have been victims of cybercrimes have reported a decline in employee productivity as workers don’t want to be associated with companies with weak cybersecurity systems.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that analyzing cybersecurity risks and applying better virtual measures is one of the top security trends of 2023 for enterprises. Companies should start by determining their cybersecurity threats and making a sound plan against them. Additionally, they need to ensure that their cybersecurity plan meets industry standards. It’s also advisable for companies to encourage individual cybersecurity practices by training their employees to apply effective cybersecurity strategies.

People discussing security measures in a glass office

Create Better Entrance Checkpoints

One of the biggest security risks that companies face is dealing with unauthorized visitors. People who don’t work in your company can be a huge threat to your company’s security as you don’t know their background or intentions when they enter your company. Therefore, one of the top 2023 security trends is to create better checkpoints at the entrance of your company.

You can hire security guards to ensure that only authorized people can enter your building. Limiting visitors will allow you to prevent various security risks that can severely impact your company. You can also use tools like biometric verification systems or code entrance, especially for areas in your company that store valuable assets or confidential information and require extensive protection.

Employees working in an office environment

Don’t Ignore Physical Security Risks

While technology has impacted corporate security, making it essential for corporations to invest in high-tech tools and cybersecurity measures, is that enough? The answer is no, as companies still have to deal with several physical security threats. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make in 2023 is to only focus on dealing with their cybersecurity risks, which leaves them vulnerable to being a target of criminal activity like theft, vandalism, fraud, violence, and other physical crimes.

So, one of the top security trends in 2023 is for companies to invest in physical security services. Businesses shouldn’t ignore the physical security risks they have to face daily and instead need to ensure that their employees, customers, and tangible assets are secure. For this, it’s advisable to outsource security needs and hire professional security guards. These security officers can patrol your company’s premises, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity. Additionally, they can respond well in emergencies, prioritizing employees’ safety.

These professionals can intervene if anyone initiates violence in the workplace, breaks company regulations, or has to deal with a security threat, preventing the incident from escalating further. With the help of security guards, you can ensure that the existing security measures meet your company’s requirements, are effective, follow security trends, and ensure that employees feel safe and comfortable, which is the key to employee productivity and long-term company success.

Corporate buildings

Want to Follow 2023 Security Trends? Hire Security Guards Today

Whether you want to integrate your security measures with high-tech tools or are considering implementing 2023 security trends in your organization, hiring security guards is essential! Guard Services USA is one of the top security guard companies in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Our team includes highly qualified and trained temporary and permanent security guards who can manage the security risks and requirements of companies while applying corporate security trends in 2023.

From analyzing the existing security measures of businesses to ensuring that their new security plans are in accordance with 2023 security trends, our unarmed and armed security guard services can handle all your security needs. We also have plain clothes security guards who can provide discreet protection services to celebrities. Our security patrol services Texas can also manage the security needs of events, residential apartment complexes, and commercial, public places like retail stores, banks, and shopping malls.

Get in touch with us and benefit from these 2023 security trends with the help of our security professionals.

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Arranging a Corporate Event — Here’s How to Manage Its Security

a formal arrangement for an event

Are you planning a corporate event? If yes, don’t put off planning security measures for last. When people plan for corporate events and invite numerous VIPs, security planning comes after everything has been planned. It should be one of the first things that you consider instead.

Professional event security can help you plan the security detail on the ground floor and ensure that your event goes well without a hitch. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to choose corporate event security and some tips to manage your security team on the premises. Here’s what you need to know:

Pick A Reliable Security Company

Hiring a professional security company is one of the best ways to ramp up corporate event security. They have skilled and experienced personnel that can keep you, your employees, and your guests safe. You can coordinate with them regarding building plans, entrances, exits, and event programs so they can consult and suggest the best ways to plan security for the corporate event.

a formal arrangement for a seminar

Control Access To The Corporate Event

One of the first security measures is to prevent unfettered access to the event and ensure uninvited guests don’t enter the premises. Your corporate event security team can handle tasks like checking for invitations or IDs for corporate executives, VIP guests, and other guests while keeping all entry and exit points guarded.

The professional security team can also cordon off the area to limit access to the venue and design a security plan that covers the surrounding area with key security members standing guard at appropriate places.

Create A Chain Of Communication

Communication is key when you have to do crowd control or take charge of an emergency. Establishing a chain of command can go a long way to ensure the success of your event. You and your security team can handle coordination issues efficiently if questions and concerns are directed to the correct and relevant person in the first place. If your security team has an important question, they can contact you or the appointed point person directly. It will ensure that all pertinent questions are answered quickly so that complex emergencies are resolved with minimum attention and fuss.

Analyze Event Risks

After hiring a security professional and establishing a chain of command, you must analyze and list all the things that can go wrong at the event. Your security team can also share their insight about possible security situations that can arise during the event. This will help you create a response plan for all those situations.

We hope you never have to use those plans, but it’s much better to have contingencies in place than to deal with a potential crisis and scramble for a solution later.

a formal arrangement for a panel discussion session

Are You Expecting Protestors?

If your company has launched a controversial product or supports a controversial cause, protest groups can often cause disruption. They can storm your venue, disrupt your meeting, and embarrass the company and guests to gain media attention. Working with a reliable security firm can help you identify potential protestors beforehand and make contingency plans to minimize interruptions, restrict venue access, and provide extra security for guest speakers and VIPs.

Determine Your Venue’s Security Needs

An effective security strategy is not one-size-fits-all. It’ll depend on your choice of venue. When you choose your venue, keep your corporate event security team in the loop so the experienced security personnel can share valuable insight and suggest a viable course of action to enhance security at your firm.

Pre-Event Publicity

You must plan your pre-event publicity so that you don’t garner unwanted attention from protestors and hate groups if you have any. Your professional security team can help you determine the amount of publicity required for your event, depending on its scale and guest speakers. Small corporate events require minimal security because only top executives and shared holders may attend.

However, if you want to announce a product launch or a new strategic business policy, it may require greater publicity. This also increases the chances for event disruptions from a third party, like protestors or propaganda enthusiasts. Therefore, speak with your security team and discuss media channels and the appropriate level of pre-event publicity to prevent attracting unwanted attention and limit your risks.

Know What To Watch For

A professional corporate event security firm knows what to spot for or look for if someone intends to make trouble at the event. Here are some people you should flag at your event:

  1. A person taking notes or surveying the venue’s layout, especially if your event is longer than a day. They might be planning to cause a disruption or a security breach later.
  2. A person who is not interested in the event’s proceedings. These people aren’t there for the event but for their agenda. However, don’t confuse them with bored individuals at the event.
  3. Anyone who constantly stares at the staff and spots where the security personnel is situated at the event.

a corporate networking event

Have Medical Personnel On Standby

We hope you don’t need medical emergency personnel at a corporate event. However, at least one member of your organizing committee, administrative staff, or security personnel should know basic medical emergency procedures like CPR.

However, for more elaborate corporate events, you should have medical personnel on standby to deal with emergencies like falls, slips, heart attacks, or allergic reactions. The personnel can also help with other serious medical emergencies, like gunshot wounds, fire-related injuries, etc. if there’s a disruption at your event.

Warn Your Attendees About Security Measures

When you’re holding a corporate event with VIP guests, government officials, celebrities, and other honored guests, you must give them an advanced warning about some of the security features in place. You should include a note with the invitation that your security personnel may perform a body search and check their credentials or belongings. If you don’t warn them, it’ll cause delays at entrances and check-ins.

Also, notify them beforehand if you intend to restrict cellphone usage, and guests will have to surrender their phones at the venue so they can take pictures, make videos, or record conversations. It will decrease a lot of upset people at check-ins.

security personnel watching the street with fireworks in the sky

Reach Out To One Of The Best Security Patrol Companies

If you’re looking for reliable law enforcement security guards to supervise, monitor, and take charge of your corporate event’s security, look no further than Guard Services USA. We provided armed security guards service and unarmed security patrol services, like construction site security guards, off-duty police officers, restaurant security guards, and other security and guarding services.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our services.

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Why Are Armed Security Services the Better Option Than Unarmed Security Services?

a person speaking with a police office

According to statistics, 56 percent of U.S. adults reported an increase in crime rate where they live, and NYPD’s arrest rate has increased by 12.3 percent since 2022. In this situation, your establishment’s or residential complex’s security should be one of your top priorities. However, you must decide if you need armed or unarmed security guards.

Security guards can give you, your employees, and your customers a sense of safety and deter vandals and criminals from defacing your property and stealing from your establishment.

In this blog, we’ll compare and discuss unarmed and armed security services and which is better for your business. Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Unarmed Security?

Unarmed security guards are often hired for low-risk jobs because they don’t have to carry firearms. They receive specialized training in de-escalating dangerous situations and may carry non-lethal weapons like, tasers, pepper spray, and batons. Also, unarmed security guards can make arrests if required.

You can hire unarmed security guards for low-risk surveillance positions for jobs inside schools or monitoring store security. Their presence, in many cases, acts as an effective deterrent for delinquents and troublemakers.

Why Should You Hire Unarmed Security?

Unarmed security is more affordable if you want them to safeguard your inventory during operational hours. Here are some more reasons why you should consider unarmed security:

  1. If you have a limited budget, armed security guards will be more expensive than unarmed security guards
  2. If the guard’s primary responsibility is to provide information to visitors, like manning the reception
  3. In a situation or places where the public might feel unsafe and intimidated in the presence of guns and ammunition, like museums, schools, and churches
  4. If your guard’s primary duty is to limit access to a building or space inside a building
  5. If your business is located in a low-risk area
  6. If there’s a police presence nearby, you don’t need to hire armed guards. This is ideal because law enforcement would respond in a couple of minutes if you called for assistance
  7. If you’re a business inside a mall, the mall manager or owner may hire armed security, but you may not be allowed to do the same. So, in this case, unarmed security is a better option

a security guard in his uniform standing at his post while wearing a lanyard and card around his neck

What Is Armed Security?

Armed security means you have one or more security guards who have weapon handling and carriage training. In most cases, they receive similar training as law enforcement officers.

Moreover, they must undergo periodic drug screenings, refresher training, extensive background checks, and firearms training. They’re trained to defend and protect your customers, employees, and your establishment’s inventory from criminals and may use lethal force if necessary.

Why You Should Consider Armed Security

One of the main armed security guards service benefits is that they’re more trained and skilled than unarmed security guards. So, if you’re wondering when you should hire armed security, here are some scenarios you can consider:

  1. If you’re hosting large sporting events or concerts.
  2. If you’re in the business of transporting valuable items, like gold or cash.
  3. If you want the sight of an armed guard to be a deterrent at your business establishment, like grocery stores, airports, government buildings, hospitals, etc
  4. If you’re a business that deals with large cash amounts, like a credit union or a bank
  5. If you deal with high-value items like artwork or high-end fashion products
  6. If your business is in a high-crime area

off-duty police officers wearing their badges and dark sunglasses

Why Is Armed Security A Better Option?

Now that you know what armed and unarmed security is, here’s how armed security is a better option:

Armed Security Services Are Highly Trained And Professional

In most cases, armed guards will cost you more than an unarmed guard because armed guards undergo extensive training and licensing procedures to carry firearms. So, if you’re organizing a large event, conference, concert, sports event, etc., and there’s a potential risk of criminal activity, an armed guard would be more suitable.

They can help you save money by preventing theft, robbery, and bodily harm to your staff and guests. Or if you’re planning a high-profile wedding for celebrities, armed guards are a must. However, unarmed guards may suffice if you’re planning an intimate corporate event for senior management.

You must also confirm with the venue management team if they allow firearms on the premises, or you’ll need special permission. This is common for holding events in malls, schools, community halls, convention centers, and churches. So, whenever you’re in doubt, ask the property owner or manager if they’ll allow armed or unarmed security. You can also check in with your security patrol services to know if it’s legal to have armed guards at specific locations.

an armed security guard holding a gun in his hands

They’re Trained To Handle Emergency Scenarios

A security presence is not just there for preventing or deterring theft. They may also act as first responders if an accident occurs on the premises. An armed security guard is perfectly acceptable if you want to maintain crowd control and prevent injuries.

They’ll de-escalate a situation while you and the crowd wait for the police or emergency services to arrive. However, if the police response time in your area is too slow, it’s more feasible to have armed guards on board. They might be one of your best options to contain a threatening situation and keep everyone safe.

They’ll Placate And Comfort Your Attendees

You know the people visiting your event better than anyone else. Therefore, you must decide if these people would be comforted upon seeing armed security at the venue. This is important because your guests might be wearing valuable jewelry and large monetary sums at your event. Also, if your VIP guests and employees intend to attend your corporate event with their partners and children would want to see a security patrol to safeguard them on the premises.

a security guard standing on the stairs

Hire Quality Security And Guarding Services For Your Business

If you’re looking for armed law enforcement security guards, call Guard Services USA today. We provide off-duty police officers, residential communities, construction sites, and mall security guards for your business.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our security and guarding services.

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8 Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Security Service Provider

a security guard standing in front of the stairs monitoring the hall at the 200 park avenue building

Are you looking for a commercial security service provider for your corporate building? You must do your diligence before hiring a corporate security firm to have peace of mind and protect your employees and customers. However, hiring a patrol security company is not that easy. But the good news is that there are a few characteristics that can help you determine the quality and efficiency of a security guard company.

Here’s how you can choose a security company to safeguard your business premises:

Get Recommendations And References

A security company can look great on paper and its websites, but reputation, references, and positive reviews are the real strength of a security firm. Therefore, ask your potential security firms for references you can contact to get more insight into the quality and range of services the firm provides.

You can also do thorough research online and pore over online customer reviews. Also, ask fellow business owners or friends for recommendations if they have experience hiring and working with guard agencies.

a security guard touching his earphone to listen to correspondence

Communication And Professionalism

Even if you choose a security company that offers exceptional security services, you won’t be happy with their services or results if the company personnel is unprofessional and lacks communication skills and procedures. Therefore, observe how a security firm communicates with you.

If they’re unprofessional in the correspondence and bad at returning calls, it’s unlikely your experience with them will improve after taking them on as your official security partner.

Certifications And Training

While hiring new security and guarding services, check the company’s security team’s and personnel’s certifications and training. Working security jobs and details is not easy because it requires a certain amount of integrity, the ability to work under pressure, attention to detail, and a significant amount of vigilance.

Teams that have the attributes mentioned above and receive proper certifications and training to provide better security services to customers and ensure their workplaces are safe as possible. The last thing you want is a security guard who does not have the training to react effectively and professionally during an emergency.

Reputation And Company History

Check the company’s reputation because reliable security firms have a long-standing reputation within the community. And choosing a company that doesn’t have a long history with clients and communities in the area or a firm that hasn’t had time to establish itself or demonstrate its expertise is quite risky because you won’t know the quality of its services.

a security guard wearing sunglasses and a card around his neck

Review Their Proposals

One of the first steps in hiring a potential security firm is to request a proposal based on your requirements and needs. The security company will not include anything outside their proposal. So be smart and ask for as detailed documentation as possible.

Here are a few things you can ask for in your proposal request:

  1. Terms of payment
  2. Start date
  3. Length of contract (term-based or ongoing)
  4. Client oversight
  5. Uniforms
  6. Insurance requirements
  7. Equipment requirements
  8. Disciplinary measures (for terminations or transfers, etc.)
  9. Guard training requirements
  10. Guard selection process
  11. Holiday/Event coverage
  12. Special scheduling
  13. Supervisor inspection procedures
  14. Coverage hours
  15. Number of posts

Scrutinize and analyze each aspect of the requested proposals you receive. You can also have your attorney and insurance agents review it to ensure all your security needs are met, as requested in your initial request for a proposal.

Ask About Their Staffing History

Ideally, you want a dedicated team of security guards like a personal staff assignment. However, this is not a possibility with many security contractors. Due to variable hours and changing staff, many security guards will be placed at your organization.

If you want a dedicated team, investigate your potential security firm’s staffing ability and history and determine their turnover rates. High rates show staff satisfaction and competency, and guards with long assignments generally provide better security services.

a person wearing headphones and a security uniform

Inquire About Their Supervising Polices

Your potential guarding and security services should provide details on how they aim to supervise and maintain the quality of services at your business premises. A dedicated supervisor should regularly visit your building to ensure the highest levels of services are maintained.

You should also ask for the details of the supervisor’s inspection so you know that they’re not just there to take a cursory glance at the security arrangements. Ask about the supervisor’s training, experience, and qualification because they’ll work closely with on-site security and administrative teams.

Good supervisors are generally highly experienced and respected members of a security firm because they’re invested in their security teams and hold a developed and solid chain of command that runs all the way to the top of the company.

Some Extra Precautions You Should Address

Some minor details get brushed under the carpet while hunting for the ideal security firm. Here are some questions you should address before hiring a commercial security service provider:

  1. What are the firm’s policies if guards miss their shifts? Will they provide replacements to cover the absent employee in a timely fashion?
  2. Do you have any say regarding their security personnel’s uniforms?
  3. What are the security firm’s personal screening and drug testing policies?
  4. Are all the guards fluent in the languages you need them to speak on the premises?
  5. How much notice do you need to give to secure extra security coverage for the premises?

police officers wearing neon jackets while monitoring the crowd on a busy street

Looking for Quality Security And Patrol Services?

If you’re looking for unarmed security guards or armed off-duty police officers to secure your business premises, Guard Services USA has got you covered! We’re a reputable commercial security service provider, offering guard services with professional and trained security guards all over the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Our construction site security guards can help secure construction sites and ensure all your company equipment and assets remain safe until the project is completed. We also provide residential community security guards for patrol and security services at residential complexes and communities.

If you want law enforcement security guards for your corporate building, get in touch with us today for a quote!

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Security for Apartment Complexes — A Guide

Are your renters complaining about the lack of security or the holes in security measures in residential complexes endangering their lives and homes? If yes, it’s time to hire professional residential community security guards to patrol and monitor the premises.

Many states in the United States legally require apartment complexes to protect tenants and guests from foreseeable dangers. If a crime occurs in a nearby apartment complex, as the owner, you should warn your tenants so they can protect themselves and start locking doors while you work on installing complex-wide security measures.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to ramp up security for apartment complexes and safeguard the neighborhood. Here’s what you need to know:

Research The Local Crime In Your Area

It’s all about your apartment complex’s location and crime in your neighborhood. Ask other business establishments and stores in your area about crime instances and how they’ve increased security and safety measures.

Increase Lighting In The Apartment Complex

Apartment complexes and buildings have many dark corners, nooks, and crannies, making it easy for people to sneak around and case the building. Therefore, add good lighting in the apartment complexes and install security cameras in different places, like mailrooms, laundry rooms, stairwells, waste management areas, storage rooms, parking areas, and hallways, to prevent people from hiding and sneaking around the complex.

However, if you’re concerned about utility charges, you can also install motion sensor lights that light up when someone walks through.

a person standing outside on a dark street

Fortify The Entrances

Entrances and exits are one of the first lines of defense in an apartment complex or building. Therefore, fortify them with remote unlocking mechanisms, cameras, keycodes, and chain locks. You can update the system codes and keep track of tenants leaving the complex so that an old tenant or someone with their key cards or codes can’t access the apartment complex at will.

Secure The Windows

Doors and windows are usually the second line of defense. Fortify and secure the windows with sturdy locks to protect your tenants. Next, test the windows from the outside and think like a burglar. How would you get in from the windows or doors? Intruders can also smash the glass window to open the lock. You can invest in motion sensor alarms that can go off when someone crosses the broken windows to get inside to counteract trespassers.

Conduct A Safety Meeting With All The Tenants

You can discuss potential security measures and problems with your tenants in this meeting. For example, if your tenants travel a lot or are away for most of the day, it can make it easy for robbers to case their apartment and rob them when they aren’t home. Therefore, tell them to keep a light or the television on while they’re not at home. It’ll give the illusion that someone is home.

You can also suggest that they use lamps with timers to come at certain times of the day. These are viable security measures for people around the holiday season because many people and couples set off to spend time with their families or go on vacations.

The meeting will also help people meet their neighbors, fellow tenants, and residents. Urge them to get familiar with their neighbors so they can all look out for each other as a community. This can be fruitful for the community because someone might report a crime if it occurs in the apartment next to them.

 two burglars casing a building

Suggest To Move Valuables In Secure Places

While locks and doors are one of the first lines of defense against robberies, it doesn’t hurt to add a second layer of security to an apartment. Encourage your renters to store valuables like heirlooms, cash, jewelry, and other items in a safe place. It’ll make it more difficult for the person to locate and steal these items. You may suggest bolting a safe to a floor or wall to store the valuables and for extra protection against burglars.

Close The Curtains After Dark

During the safety meetings, you can also advise the renters to keep their curtains closed at night because it makes it easier for on-lookers to peer inside their apartments. They can see if your renters have a large TV, good furniture, or other household items that indicate their lifestyle and status. Therefore, this can make their apartments a prime target for burglaries. Advise them to close the curtains at nighttime or whenever they’re away from home.

apartments in a building

Keep Doors And Windows Locked

It may seem obvious to suggest keeping doors and windows locked to your renters when they leave the apartment for work or other excursions. However, also suggest they keep their windows and doors locked at all times, even when they’re in the apartment. Tell them to set reminders to check all doors and windows before they sleep at night.

Hire Security Guards

If you don’t have security guards at entrances and exits, you should hire and install them today. Connect with a local security guard company to help you design a plan to upgrade security for apartment complexes. It should include a guard station at entrances and exits, a monitoring team for the CCTV cameras to catch any suspicious activity and people on the grounds, and a patrolling unit that can watch the perimeters of the apartment complex in their neighborhood.

You can also encourage your renters to get familiar with security guards and help them feel welcome and a part of the apartment complex community. They’ll be able to profile all the residents and make the place safe for them. And since they’ll have information about the residents entering and leaving the apartment complexes, their behaviors, and routines, they’ll be more vigilant while noticing any unknown visitor and abnormal activity in the vicinity and handle the situation.

You can discuss the guard detail with the community associated with the apartment complex and whether they’ll be comfortable with armed or unarmed security guards. Allow them to weigh in on the pros and cons of hiring armed or unarmed security and the level of deterrence for potential infiltrators and burglars. Once an agreement is reached, contact your local security company to send a proposal based on your security needs.

a security guard wearing a black suit

Reach Out To One Of The Best Security Guards And Patrol Services In the U.S, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Are you looking for quality security & guarding services for your apartment complex? Guard Services USA has got you covered. They provide law enforcement security guards, off-duty police officers, and construction site security guards to protect residential communities and business establishments.

Get in touch with them today to learn more about their security services.

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What Are Off-Duty Police Officers, and Why Should Companies Hire Them?

Side pose of an off-duty police officer

The Federal Intelligence Bureau (FBI) recently published a report showing a massive surge in crime against small and growing businesses. In 2021, businesses lost around $7 billion to crimes like robberies, thefts, and cyberattacks. Businesses that need finances to improve their company’s operations and avail of various growth opportunities can’t handle significant financial losses and constant criminal activity as it hinders their operations and forces them to focus on damage control instead of growth.

Therefore, companies need to hire security guards and patrol services that can enhance a company’s security, privacy, and reputation using various innovative methods. However, it can be a challenge to pick the ideal security company. But let us introduce you to one of the top security measures companies can take this year: getting the services of off-duty police officers. Even though hiring off-duty police officers might seem unconventional, no one can deny the various benefits these security officers bring to a company.

This blog discusses off-duty police officers and their benefits for companies.

Side pose of an off-duty police officer

What Are Off-Duty Police Officers?

As the name suggests, off-duty police officers refer to police officers who also provide private security services. Besides handling the security of public places and doing their shift as federal or state employees, these police officers also handle some security tasks as independent contractors.

You might be surprised that both retired and current police officers can provide off-duty services. Even though off-duty security professionals have been around for a long time, recent years have witnessed a boost in companies and individuals preferring to hire security officers that are a part of any law enforcement agency or have served in one during their career.

An off-duty police officer on a parked motorcycle

Benefits of Off-Duty Police Officers

Due to increasing and varying security risks for companies, businesses are constantly on the lookout for professional security services that can take the security of their company to another level and prevent all kinds of criminal activity.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that businesses in various industries prefer hiring off-duty police officers over security professionals who haven’t served in law enforcement agencies. But due to some controversies and misconceptions regarding the police, some companies are reluctant to opt for off-duty police officers in the United States.

Are you finding it challenging to get on board with the idea of hiring off-duty police officers for the security of your company? Here’s why businesses should hire off-duty police officers.

Security Professionals with Better Training

No matter where your business is based and the security service you’re opting for, it won’t be any match for the professionalism and enhanced security services that off-duty police officers will provide. In many cases, security guards receive minor initial training before joining a security service provider and getting the responsibility of guarding a company.

This can be a dangerous practice, especially for businesses at high risk due to their valuable products, type of industry, and the number of employees and clients. On the other hand, a security professional affiliated with a law enforcement agency receives extensive training and guidance before starting their career. Additionally, their training doesn’t end once they wear the badge and are deployed to a precinct.

They have to undergo constant training to protect the people of the United States. Therefore, if you want the security of your company to be managed by experienced professionals who know their way around a situation, you should hire off-duty police officers from a security service provider.

A security officer with a handgun

Experience Serving in the Law Enforcement Agency

Besides receiving extensive training as police officers, off-duty security officers also get a chance to apply this training to real-life situations. Their career growth depends upon how well they can detect suspicious behavior and criminal activity and take steps to prevent crime. Additionally, they also know what to do when a violent or nonviolent criminal activity happens.

Unlike security guards who have experience handling daily security only, off-duty police officers can mitigate real-life situations. Therefore, if you hire them, they can use their experience to improve the security of your company in no time. Additionally, off-duty police officers also have more experience in carrying and using weapons like guns and batons, which can enhance your company’s security.

A security professional writing details on a notebook

Know How to Respond in Emergencies

As police officers, individuals have to constantly lookout for any violent activity and take action before it escalates further. So it shouldn’t be surprising that off-duty police officers have a better understanding of various emergencies and know how to take action.

These security professionals can stay calm, evacuate other people from the location, and resolve the situation using various techniques. Whether criminals invade your company’s premises or a customer attacks a staff member, an off-duty police officer will know how to mitigate the situation and allow you to operate the company without any hindrance.

An off-duty police officer talking to an employee

Understanding of the Legal System

One of the biggest benefits of hiring off-duty police officers is that they have an in-depth understanding of the legal system. They know when the law permits them to use their weapons and what legal action to take against an employee who was a part of internal fraud.

If you hire security officers without law enforcement agency experience, you might be disappointed to find out that they only have a minimal understanding of the law and its application, especially in the corporate world. On the other hand, off-duty police officers can take action based on the legal requirements and allow your company to stay out of legal trouble.

More Authority and Credibility

It’s no secret that criminals will be more reluctant to initiate any criminal activity in your company if they spot off-duty police officers at the entrance. Uniformed off-duty police officers bring a certain authority and credibility to your company’s security system. Additionally, with the help of off-duty police officers, you can also show that your company takes security seriously, which allows employees and customers to feel secure.

Three off-duty police officers talking to two people

Considering Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers? Start with Guard Services USA ASAP

With the help of off-duty police officers, you can protect your company’s buildings, assets, employees, and customers. At Guard Services USA, we have armed security guards service that provides security for companies, residential apartment complexes, events, and people who want discreet protection. These off-duty police officers are highly-trained and experienced, know the legal system, and can mitigate any emergency. Additionally, our security guards and patrol services can analyze the security risks and requirements of a company and come up with the ideal security solution.

Get in touch with us to hire security guards or off-duty police officers for your business.

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5 Signs Your Company Needs to Get Security Services Immediately

A person working on a computer at an office

According to scientific research, criminal activity can have severe and long-term negative consequences for companies. These reports show that a business being a target of criminal activities can change its consumer behavior. For instance, if a company fails to protect its customers’ assets, it will tarnish its reputation and lose several customers.

On the other hand, companies that have experienced criminal activity on premises have reported dealing with unproductivity among their employees. Workers feel unsafe and uncomfortable in such companies, negatively affecting their work quality. Therefore, one of the best ways to maintain your company’s market reputation, gain more customers, boost employee productivity, and prevent financial loss is to hire security guards. But how can you determine that your business is ready to hire a security guard company?

This blog discusses some signs your company needs to get security services immediately.

A person working on a computer at an office

Growing Crime Rate in the Area

News reports show that many cities in the United States are dealing with constantly increasing criminal activity. Even though the rate of violent crime decreased by 1% in 2023 compared to 2022, property crime rate and non-violent crimes have surged in the past couple of years. States like Missouri, Alabama, Washington, and Texas have the highest crime rate in the United States. These numbers are alarming and show that businesses need to upgrade their security systems based on the increasing crime rate.

Therefore, if your company is located in any of the states that experienced a surge in violent or non-violent crimes, you need to hire security services immediately. Additionally, if you have been noticing instances of robberies or white-collar crimes in your area, getting security services is the right option. Your decision to get security services also depends upon the crime rate in your industry. For instance, if you own a Fintech service and notice other Fintech companies being a major target of criminal activity, you must invest in professional security services.

A company’s building

Constant Financial Loss

Has your company experienced constant Financial loss in the past few years due to robberies or internal or external fraud? If yes, then what’s stopping you from hiring security services immediately? Having security guards in your company can prevent robberies. They can constantly patrol your building and look for any suspicious activity. They can also help you track down any previous robberies.

The role of security guards is to notice any discrepancies in the stock, inventory, or assets and to track down the background. Additionally, they can also be on the lookout for any changed behavior, which can help you build a loyal team and prevent internal fraud in the future. Companies that have been robbed before need to hire security services immediately, or they might have to deal with that nightmare all over again.A meeting of a company’s employees

Increasing Number of Visitors

Even though many companies secure their premises and only allow authorized individuals like their employees to enter the workplace, they also have to allow some visitors to access their business facility from time to time. These visitors can include food delivery riders, candidates for an opening in your workplace, potential clients or trainees, or even people interested in purchasing your company’s shares and want further discussions.

While companies can conduct background checks on employees and ensure that they don’t have any criminal record, businesses can’t do the same for each of their visitors. Therefore, it’s essential to take on-premises security measures that stop visitors from damaging your company in any way. One of the most effective security measures that you can take is getting security services immediately. These security guards can create entry points in your company and check every visitor’s belongings to ensure that they don’t carry any dangerous items inside. Additionally, they can also check the identification of visitors.

These security professionals are also highly trained and can constantly patrol your building to prevent any criminal activity visitors might initiate. If any visitor shows violent behavior or tries to rob the employees in a workplace, these security professionals can intervene and prevent the situation from escalating further. The multiple benefits of security services show that companies that deal with a large number of visitors daily need to invest in professional security services ASAP!

People walking inside a company

Launching a Parking Lot

Even though a parking lot can make commuting to your company easier for employees and clients, it can also be a huge security risk. If your parking lot isn’t well-secured, you’d have to deal with constant complaints of car theft or damage to the vehicles. Therefore, if you’re planning on launching a parking lot in your company or already have one, it’s essential to ensure that it’s secure and your employees would want to park their vehicles in the lot.

Companies with parking lots need to hire security services and let them make the parking area secure. They can check cars, allowing only cars of employees and authorized visitors to be parked in the lot. Additionally, they can monitor the area, ensuring that no visitor or employee tries to steal another person’s car or damage it. Since parking lots are isolated spaces, security services are essential to prevent violent criminal activity.

A company’s parking lot

Valuable Assets on Site

Does your company store valuable goods or a large amount of cash on site? If yes, then you might have to hire security services immediately. Having valuable and expensive goods on site can be a significant risk for criminal activities like theft and fraud.

Therefore, companies need to get security services ASAP and let then analyze existing security risks and loopholes. Based on this information, a security service can come up with the optimal security plan and prevent any security threats that might result in the company losing valuable items.

A security guard monitoring a corporate building

Considering Getting Security Services Immediately? Hire the Top Security Guard Company

By getting security services immediately, companies can focus on their operations and growth instead of worrying about criminal activities on the premises and their consequences. At Guard Services USA, we offer security guards and patrol services for companies, events, and residential apartment complexes. Our permanent security guards are highly trained and know how to respond to emergencies. Additionally, our security patrol service can guard your business facility, protect employees, clients, and other visitors and prevent any damage to your company’s property or assets. Our security professionals can also take innovative security measures to prevent robberies and corporate fraud.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us and get security services immediately for your company.

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