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Hiring a Corporate Security Company? Ask These Questions Beforehand

With the constant changes in the corporate sector and the use of several innovative tools and technologies, companies have to deal with security risks like never before. From being vigilant about cyberattacks to ensuring that their physical security strategies can’t be breached, companies must invest a lot of time and resources to keep their workers, assets, and customers secure. The security risks in the business world indicate that companies must hire security guards from a top security guard company. However, with several available options in the market, it can be challenging to pick the ideal corporate security company.

So how can companies select the right security guard company? This blog discusses some questions businesses must ask a corporate security company before hiring them.

A security guard on the street

How Long Have You Been Providing These Services?

One of the most important questions you need to ask a corporate security company before moving forward with them is how long they have been providing security services to companies. While you can hire corporate security companies with little to no experience in dealing with corporate security, it’s advisable to go for services that have dealt with corporate security issues for quite some time. You can hire them or move on to another company with more experience based on the answer to this question.

Are Your Guards Trained at the Company?

Since the corporate sector deals with constantly changing security risks, it’s advisable to hire a security guard company that provides training to its guards. Therefore, before hiring a security guard company, inquire about the training they provide their security professionals.

You can also ask if the guards are qualified according to the security requirements in your state or country. Always go forward with a security guard company that trains their guards extensively, ensuring these skilled professionals can mitigate expected and unexpected security risks.

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Do You Monitor the Performance of Your Security Guards?

When you hire a corporate security company to manage the company of your business facility, they will analyze your premise before appointing a specific number of guards to be present around the clock or for some time, based on your shift times and company type. While you can decide what type of security officers you want, the corporate security company will deploy the security guards.

Therefore, security companies need to have a monitoring system that keeps an eye on the performance of the security guards. A corporate security company needs to have a check and balance, ensuring that its security guards are effectively handling the safety requirements of a company. By tracking the performance of their security guards, security service providers can decide to appoint new security officers.

Always ask the corporate security company about their security guard monitoring strategies, ensuring that they have one in place, before hiring them, as you don’t want to deal with incompetent security guards wasting your time and money on your premise.

A security offering guarding a corporate building

Do You Offer Armed or Unarmed Security Guards?

Another important question that you need to ask corporate security companies is if their security guards use weapons to handle security risks or don’t carry any weapons while patrolling a business facility. While you can select a company with armed security services or a corporate security provider with unarmed security guards, hiring a corporate security company with both options is advisable.

By hiring a company with multiple options, you can benefit from all their services and make changes to your existing security strategy as needed. You can also customize a security solution that includes armed and unarmed security services. For instance, you can select armed security guards for entry points or any locations where valuable items are stored and opt for unarmed security guards to patrol the remaining areas of your business facility.

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Can You Work With Technology Solutions?

In the current era of technology, it shouldn’t be surprising that companies invest in various tools and technologies to enhance their company’s security. Whether companies use CCTV cameras to monitor high-risk areas at their business premises or enterprises install metal detector doors at their entry checkpoints, it’s essential to hire security guards from a corporate security company that can work with technology solutions.

Therefore, before hiring any security guard company, ask them what technology solutions they are comfortable working with. Additionally, ask them if their security guards will learn how to use and handle the existing technology solutions at your company. Even if a potential security guard company hasn’t worked with technology solutions before, it’s advisable to move forward with them if they’re willing to integrate your tools into their security strategies.

A security guard patrolling the stairs

How Much Do You Charge for Your Corporate Security Services?

While it’s advisable to move forward with a company that’s experienced, knows how to use technology solutions, trains and monitors security guards, and provides both armed and unarmed security service, budget is an important constraint in making a decision. So, businesses need to ask a corporate security company about their charges before hiring them.

You should ensure that their services are in accordance with their charges and you don’t end up paying a lot for subpar security services that you can get elsewhere at affordable pricing. Some corporate security companies also offer deals and discounts for their clients, especially first-time customers, so remember to ask about any such deals before moving forward with them.

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Looking for the Ideal Corporate Security Company? Get Started With Guard Services USA

Whether you’re looking for a corporate security company to patrol your warehouse and protect your inventory or want to hire security guards to create effective entry checkpoints in your office, Guard Services USA can help! Our team of professional and highly-trained, uniformed security guards can analyze your security strategies, risks, and requirements to draft and implement enhanced security techniques.

At our corporate security company, we also have plain clothes security guards who manage the security of individuals or companies that want discreet protective services. Our temporary and permanent security guards provide top-notch security services to events, public places, commercial spaces, and residential apartment complexes. Additionally, we also allow companies to choose between our unarmed and armed security guard services based on their requirements.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our corporate security company, ask any questions, and let us ensure your employees, customers, and assets are secure.

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