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How Can Businesses Ensure the Security of Their Employees?

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), employees in the United States and other countries have to deal with several health and safety concerns. From workplace stress to slip-and-fall accidents, corporate buildings and other commercial facilities aren’t exactly the safest places for workers. However, besides being at a high risk of several accidents, mental health issues, and public health emergencies, employees also have several concerns about security measures in their workplace.

In 2022, the security magazine published a news report showing that around 62% of employees were concerned about being a target of criminal activity in the workplace. Additionally, around 53% of workers were worried about dealing with workplace violence and cases of sexual, physical, or verbal assault. Around 54% of employees thought natural disasters make them unsafe in the workplace, while 48% reported being terrified of workplace fires. These numbers indicate that a large number of employees are constantly worried about their safety, which negatively impacts their productivity, and distracts them from focusing on their work.

So, companies need to invest in security measures like hiring security guards and security patrol services to allow their workers to feel safe. This blog discusses security for business employees.

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Quick and Responsive HR

One of the most effective ways to ensure employee safety in commercial facilities is to ensure that your company has a quick and responsive HR team. According to surveys, around 17.9% of people globally have reported being victims of harassment in the workplace. These people, from all genders, also agreed that they would have dealt with the situation better if their company’s HR had been more responsive and supportive.

Therefore, companies should ensure that their HR is responsive to the complaints of any employees. The HR team should be available to ensure that employees can come up to them and voice their concerns without feeling like they are being judged or their complaints could backfire. This is especially important to ensure that all employees, especially gender, sexual, and racial minorities, feel safe in the workplace.

With the help of a responsive and supportive HR team, companies can take quick action against any of these cases, ensuring that the harasser or abuser is fired immediately or legal action is taken against them, building their reputation as a company that focuses on helping employees feel secure.

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Following Safety Standards

Another important concern of employees is being injured in the workplace due to a slip-and-fall accident, fire, or natural calamity. Therefore, companies need to ensure that safety standards are followed in the workplace that focuses on ensuring that employees don’t get injured in the workplace. Companies can start by taking steps to remove anything hazardous from the site. If your commercial facility has hazardous chemicals or dangerous tools on-premises, make sure that they’re stored in a separate room, with only authorized individuals having access to it.

You can also encourage employees to follow safety standards in the workplace. For instance, factory workers need to wear protective equipment while working, while employees of other corporate settings need to avoid smoking near devices that might cause a fire. Ensure that these guidelines are followed to prevent injuries, casualties, damage to tools or the building, or financial loss. Keep an eye out for employees who refuse to stick to such guidelines and take strict action to ensure that everyone stays safe in the workplace.

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Hold Training Sessions

Besides ensuring that employees follow security standards and safety procedures, companies also need to arrange regular training sessions. These training sessions can discuss any security risks the company faces and how employees can follow security regulations to avoid being direct victims.

Companies can also discuss emergencies and what to do if a fire or natural calamity happens. This will let your employers stay calm when a fire happens or deal with security issues like vandalism or theft.

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Don’t Ignore Cybersecurity Concerns

It’s no secret that cybercrime is one of the biggest security concerns for businesses. Companies in almost all industries benefit from virtual tools, which makes them a target for cybercriminals. So it shouldn’t be surprising that a large number of employees are concerned about their information getting hacked and leaked. Companies should invest in cybersecurity measures to ensure that the personal information of their employees stays safe.

In this case, when employees use their work computers or laptops to store confidential data or deal with virtual assets, they won’t have to constantly worry about cybercriminals stealing their data, deleting their files, or hacking virtual assets like NFTs.

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Hire Security Guards for the Workplace

Employees at any company feel threatened by several factors, including the presence of customers or unauthorized visitors. They constantly worry if their valuables, like phones, laptops, or wallets, will get stolen or if they might be a victim of violent behavior. Therefore, companies need to hire security guards who can monitor the premises around the clock.

These security professionals can only allow authorized individuals to enter the company’s site, preventing unwanted visitors and allowing employees to feel safe and focus on their work. Additionally, they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and take quick action against any violent behavior or fights, preventing any employee safety concerns. Security guards can also guide employees to leave the premises if any calamity happens or help get medical attention for any injured worker.

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Get Security for Business Employees from Guard Services USA

With the help of highly-experienced uniformed security guards, companies can ensure that employees feel safe in the workplace. At Guard Services USA, we provide security for business employees. Our corporate security and guarding services are available for companies in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our professional permanent security guards can handle the security of a company’s assets, property, and employees around the clock.

We also have temporary security guards who provide security for business employees in certain shifts. Our armed and unarmed security guards are known for patrolling corporate facilities, detecting suspicious activity, and taking immediate action to prevent criminal activity. Besides providing security for business employees, our law enforcement security guards also handle the security of corporate events or large-scale private gatherings. Our security guards and patrolling services are also available for apartment complexes and other commercial facilities like retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, and multi-location companies. We also have plainclothes security guards that provide discreet security for business employees and events.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and benefit from the right security for business employees.

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