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As one of the top security guard companies in New York, Guard Services USA delivers top-of-the-line protection for a variety of individuals and businesses.

Whether you need an armed or unarmed security guards service, we can help.

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We offer armed and unarmed security guards. Our guards are rigorously trained and can be there for you wherever your need is greatest. We have the experience and knowledge to offer our clients the highest level of personal safety. Beyond our proactive approach to threat neutralization and deterrence, our security team fully understands the significance of conflict resolution.

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Why choose Guard Services USA for security and guard services in NY?

Clients seeking guard services to safeguard their assets will need someone who is within their security budget, deliver quality services, and actively reduce threats.

Guard Services USA offers customers a comprehensive plan to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities through our team of security advisors. Our consultants will assist you in developing a security program tailored to the specifications of your property. Our staff comprises uniformed and well-trained security officers that’ll follow and enforce every appropriate security procedure and policy. As a leading security and guard services provider, we focus on quality rather than quantity.

Whether you’re looking for uniformed, plain clothes, temporary, or permanent security guards, we’ll help you. Our staff is handpicked to ensure they deliver top-notch guard services. We take pride in working with the best candidates to offer security services and safeguard the most valuable assets of your organization.

For more than three decades, Guard Services USA has made security staffing fast and hassle-free for small businesses and multi-location organizations alike. Whether you need armed or unarmed security guards in NY, we have competent guards ready to serve round the clock.

Hire a security guard now or get in touch with us for more information; we’re here to ensure your assets are adequately protected against risks!


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