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Arranging a Corporate Event — Here’s How to Manage Its Security

Are you planning a corporate event? If yes, don’t put off planning security measures for last. When people plan for corporate events and invite numerous VIPs, security planning comes after everything has been planned. It should be one of the first things that you consider instead.

Professional event security can help you plan the security detail on the ground floor and ensure that your event goes well without a hitch. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to choose corporate event security and some tips to manage your security team on the premises. Here’s what you need to know:

Pick A Reliable Security Company

Hiring a professional security company is one of the best ways to ramp up corporate event security. They have skilled and experienced personnel that can keep you, your employees, and your guests safe. You can coordinate with them regarding building plans, entrances, exits, and event programs so they can consult and suggest the best ways to plan security for the corporate event.

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Control Access To The Corporate Event

One of the first security measures is to prevent unfettered access to the event and ensure uninvited guests don’t enter the premises. Your corporate event security team can handle tasks like checking for invitations or IDs for corporate executives, VIP guests, and other guests while keeping all entry and exit points guarded.

The professional security team can also cordon off the area to limit access to the venue and design a security plan that covers the surrounding area with key security members standing guard at appropriate places.

Create A Chain Of Communication

Communication is key when you have to do crowd control or take charge of an emergency. Establishing a chain of command can go a long way to ensure the success of your event. You and your security team can handle coordination issues efficiently if questions and concerns are directed to the correct and relevant person in the first place. If your security team has an important question, they can contact you or the appointed point person directly. It will ensure that all pertinent questions are answered quickly so that complex emergencies are resolved with minimum attention and fuss.

Analyze Event Risks

After hiring a security professional and establishing a chain of command, you must analyze and list all the things that can go wrong at the event. Your security team can also share their insight about possible security situations that can arise during the event. This will help you create a response plan for all those situations.

We hope you never have to use those plans, but it’s much better to have contingencies in place than to deal with a potential crisis and scramble for a solution later.

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Are You Expecting Protestors?

If your company has launched a controversial product or supports a controversial cause, protest groups can often cause disruption. They can storm your venue, disrupt your meeting, and embarrass the company and guests to gain media attention. Working with a reliable security firm can help you identify potential protestors beforehand and make contingency plans to minimize interruptions, restrict venue access, and provide extra security for guest speakers and VIPs.

Determine Your Venue’s Security Needs

An effective security strategy is not one-size-fits-all. It’ll depend on your choice of venue. When you choose your venue, keep your corporate event security team in the loop so the experienced security personnel can share valuable insight and suggest a viable course of action to enhance security at your firm.

Pre-Event Publicity

You must plan your pre-event publicity so that you don’t garner unwanted attention from protestors and hate groups if you have any. Your professional security team can help you determine the amount of publicity required for your event, depending on its scale and guest speakers. Small corporate events require minimal security because only top executives and shared holders may attend.

However, if you want to announce a product launch or a new strategic business policy, it may require greater publicity. This also increases the chances for event disruptions from a third party, like protestors or propaganda enthusiasts. Therefore, speak with your security team and discuss media channels and the appropriate level of pre-event publicity to prevent attracting unwanted attention and limit your risks.

Know What To Watch For

A professional corporate event security firm knows what to spot for or look for if someone intends to make trouble at the event. Here are some people you should flag at your event:

  1. A person taking notes or surveying the venue’s layout, especially if your event is longer than a day. They might be planning to cause a disruption or a security breach later.
  2. A person who is not interested in the event’s proceedings. These people aren’t there for the event but for their agenda. However, don’t confuse them with bored individuals at the event.
  3. Anyone who constantly stares at the staff and spots where the security personnel is situated at the event.

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Have Medical Personnel On Standby

We hope you don’t need medical emergency personnel at a corporate event. However, at least one member of your organizing committee, administrative staff, or security personnel should know basic medical emergency procedures like CPR.

However, for more elaborate corporate events, you should have medical personnel on standby to deal with emergencies like falls, slips, heart attacks, or allergic reactions. The personnel can also help with other serious medical emergencies, like gunshot wounds, fire-related injuries, etc. if there’s a disruption at your event.

Warn Your Attendees About Security Measures

When you’re holding a corporate event with VIP guests, government officials, celebrities, and other honored guests, you must give them an advanced warning about some of the security features in place. You should include a note with the invitation that your security personnel may perform a body search and check their credentials or belongings. If you don’t warn them, it’ll cause delays at entrances and check-ins.

Also, notify them beforehand if you intend to restrict cellphone usage, and guests will have to surrender their phones at the venue so they can take pictures, make videos, or record conversations. It will decrease a lot of upset people at check-ins.

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Reach Out To One Of The Best Security Patrol Companies

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