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What Are Off-Duty Police Officers, and Why Should Companies Hire Them?

The Federal Intelligence Bureau (FBI) recently published a report showing a massive surge in crime against small and growing businesses. In 2021, businesses lost around $7 billion to crimes like robberies, thefts, and cyberattacks. Businesses that need finances to improve their company’s operations and avail of various growth opportunities can’t handle significant financial losses and constant criminal activity as it hinders their operations and forces them to focus on damage control instead of growth.

Therefore, companies need to hire security guards and patrol services that can enhance a company’s security, privacy, and reputation using various innovative methods. However, it can be a challenge to pick the ideal security company. But let us introduce you to one of the top security measures companies can take this year: getting the services of off-duty police officers. Even though hiring off-duty police officers might seem unconventional, no one can deny the various benefits these security officers bring to a company.

This blog discusses off-duty police officers and their benefits for companies.

Side pose of an off-duty police officer

What Are Off-Duty Police Officers?

As the name suggests, off-duty police officers refer to police officers who also provide private security services. Besides handling the security of public places and doing their shift as federal or state employees, these police officers also handle some security tasks as independent contractors.

You might be surprised that both retired and current police officers can provide off-duty services. Even though off-duty security professionals have been around for a long time, recent years have witnessed a boost in companies and individuals preferring to hire security officers that are a part of any law enforcement agency or have served in one during their career.

An off-duty police officer on a parked motorcycle

Benefits of Off-Duty Police Officers

Due to increasing and varying security risks for companies, businesses are constantly on the lookout for professional security services that can take the security of their company to another level and prevent all kinds of criminal activity.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that businesses in various industries prefer hiring off-duty police officers over security professionals who haven’t served in law enforcement agencies. But due to some controversies and misconceptions regarding the police, some companies are reluctant to opt for off-duty police officers in the United States.

Are you finding it challenging to get on board with the idea of hiring off-duty police officers for the security of your company? Here’s why businesses should hire off-duty police officers.

Security Professionals with Better Training

No matter where your business is based and the security service you’re opting for, it won’t be any match for the professionalism and enhanced security services that off-duty police officers will provide. In many cases, security guards receive minor initial training before joining a security service provider and getting the responsibility of guarding a company.

This can be a dangerous practice, especially for businesses at high risk due to their valuable products, type of industry, and the number of employees and clients. On the other hand, a security professional affiliated with a law enforcement agency receives extensive training and guidance before starting their career. Additionally, their training doesn’t end once they wear the badge and are deployed to a precinct.

They have to undergo constant training to protect the people of the United States. Therefore, if you want the security of your company to be managed by experienced professionals who know their way around a situation, you should hire off-duty police officers from a security service provider.

A security officer with a handgun

Experience Serving in the Law Enforcement Agency

Besides receiving extensive training as police officers, off-duty security officers also get a chance to apply this training to real-life situations. Their career growth depends upon how well they can detect suspicious behavior and criminal activity and take steps to prevent crime. Additionally, they also know what to do when a violent or nonviolent criminal activity happens.

Unlike security guards who have experience handling daily security only, off-duty police officers can mitigate real-life situations. Therefore, if you hire them, they can use their experience to improve the security of your company in no time. Additionally, off-duty police officers also have more experience in carrying and using weapons like guns and batons, which can enhance your company’s security.

A security professional writing details on a notebook

Know How to Respond in Emergencies

As police officers, individuals have to constantly lookout for any violent activity and take action before it escalates further. So it shouldn’t be surprising that off-duty police officers have a better understanding of various emergencies and know how to take action.

These security professionals can stay calm, evacuate other people from the location, and resolve the situation using various techniques. Whether criminals invade your company’s premises or a customer attacks a staff member, an off-duty police officer will know how to mitigate the situation and allow you to operate the company without any hindrance.

An off-duty police officer talking to an employee

Understanding of the Legal System

One of the biggest benefits of hiring off-duty police officers is that they have an in-depth understanding of the legal system. They know when the law permits them to use their weapons and what legal action to take against an employee who was a part of internal fraud.

If you hire security officers without law enforcement agency experience, you might be disappointed to find out that they only have a minimal understanding of the law and its application, especially in the corporate world. On the other hand, off-duty police officers can take action based on the legal requirements and allow your company to stay out of legal trouble.

More Authority and Credibility

It’s no secret that criminals will be more reluctant to initiate any criminal activity in your company if they spot off-duty police officers at the entrance. Uniformed off-duty police officers bring a certain authority and credibility to your company’s security system. Additionally, with the help of off-duty police officers, you can also show that your company takes security seriously, which allows employees and customers to feel secure.

Three off-duty police officers talking to two people

Considering Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers? Start with Guard Services USA ASAP

With the help of off-duty police officers, you can protect your company’s buildings, assets, employees, and customers. At Guard Services USA, we have armed security guards service that provides security for companies, residential apartment complexes, events, and people who want discreet protection. These off-duty police officers are highly-trained and experienced, know the legal system, and can mitigate any emergency. Additionally, our security guards and patrol services can analyze the security risks and requirements of a company and come up with the ideal security solution.

Get in touch with us to hire security guards or off-duty police officers for your business.

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