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Why Are Armed Security Services the Better Option Than Unarmed Security Services?

According to statistics, 56 percent of U.S. adults reported an increase in crime rate where they live, and NYPD’s arrest rate has increased by 12.3 percent since 2022. In this situation, your establishment’s or residential complex’s security should be one of your top priorities. However, you must decide if you need armed or unarmed security guards.

Security guards can give you, your employees, and your customers a sense of safety and deter vandals and criminals from defacing your property and stealing from your establishment.

In this blog, we’ll compare and discuss unarmed and armed security services and which is better for your business. Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Unarmed Security?

Unarmed security guards are often hired for low-risk jobs because they don’t have to carry firearms. They receive specialized training in de-escalating dangerous situations and may carry non-lethal weapons like, tasers, pepper spray, and batons. Also, unarmed security guards can make arrests if required.

You can hire unarmed security guards for low-risk surveillance positions for jobs inside schools or monitoring store security. Their presence, in many cases, acts as an effective deterrent for delinquents and troublemakers.

Why Should You Hire Unarmed Security?

Unarmed security is more affordable if you want them to safeguard your inventory during operational hours. Here are some more reasons why you should consider unarmed security:

  1. If you have a limited budget, armed security guards will be more expensive than unarmed security guards
  2. If the guard’s primary responsibility is to provide information to visitors, like manning the reception
  3. In a situation or places where the public might feel unsafe and intimidated in the presence of guns and ammunition, like museums, schools, and churches
  4. If your guard’s primary duty is to limit access to a building or space inside a building
  5. If your business is located in a low-risk area
  6. If there’s a police presence nearby, you don’t need to hire armed guards. This is ideal because law enforcement would respond in a couple of minutes if you called for assistance
  7. If you’re a business inside a mall, the mall manager or owner may hire armed security, but you may not be allowed to do the same. So, in this case, unarmed security is a better option

a security guard in his uniform standing at his post while wearing a lanyard and card around his neck

What Is Armed Security?

Armed security means you have one or more security guards who have weapon handling and carriage training. In most cases, they receive similar training as law enforcement officers.

Moreover, they must undergo periodic drug screenings, refresher training, extensive background checks, and firearms training. They’re trained to defend and protect your customers, employees, and your establishment’s inventory from criminals and may use lethal force if necessary.

Why You Should Consider Armed Security

One of the main armed security guards service benefits is that they’re more trained and skilled than unarmed security guards. So, if you’re wondering when you should hire armed security, here are some scenarios you can consider:

  1. If you’re hosting large sporting events or concerts.
  2. If you’re in the business of transporting valuable items, like gold or cash.
  3. If you want the sight of an armed guard to be a deterrent at your business establishment, like grocery stores, airports, government buildings, hospitals, etc
  4. If you’re a business that deals with large cash amounts, like a credit union or a bank
  5. If you deal with high-value items like artwork or high-end fashion products
  6. If your business is in a high-crime area

off-duty police officers wearing their badges and dark sunglasses

Why Is Armed Security A Better Option?

Now that you know what armed and unarmed security is, here’s how armed security is a better option:

Armed Security Services Are Highly Trained And Professional

In most cases, armed guards will cost you more than an unarmed guard because armed guards undergo extensive training and licensing procedures to carry firearms. So, if you’re organizing a large event, conference, concert, sports event, etc., and there’s a potential risk of criminal activity, an armed guard would be more suitable.

They can help you save money by preventing theft, robbery, and bodily harm to your staff and guests. Or if you’re planning a high-profile wedding for celebrities, armed guards are a must. However, unarmed guards may suffice if you’re planning an intimate corporate event for senior management.

You must also confirm with the venue management team if they allow firearms on the premises, or you’ll need special permission. This is common for holding events in malls, schools, community halls, convention centers, and churches. So, whenever you’re in doubt, ask the property owner or manager if they’ll allow armed or unarmed security. You can also check in with your security patrol services to know if it’s legal to have armed guards at specific locations.

an armed security guard holding a gun in his hands

They’re Trained To Handle Emergency Scenarios

A security presence is not just there for preventing or deterring theft. They may also act as first responders if an accident occurs on the premises. An armed security guard is perfectly acceptable if you want to maintain crowd control and prevent injuries.

They’ll de-escalate a situation while you and the crowd wait for the police or emergency services to arrive. However, if the police response time in your area is too slow, it’s more feasible to have armed guards on board. They might be one of your best options to contain a threatening situation and keep everyone safe.

They’ll Placate And Comfort Your Attendees

You know the people visiting your event better than anyone else. Therefore, you must decide if these people would be comforted upon seeing armed security at the venue. This is important because your guests might be wearing valuable jewelry and large monetary sums at your event. Also, if your VIP guests and employees intend to attend your corporate event with their partners and children would want to see a security patrol to safeguard them on the premises.

a security guard standing on the stairs

Hire Quality Security And Guarding Services For Your Business

If you’re looking for armed law enforcement security guards, call Guard Services USA today. We provide off-duty police officers, residential communities, construction sites, and mall security guards for your business.

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