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Why Do Construction Projects Need Security Guards?

It’s no secret that construction is one of the most significant industries in the United States. According to news reports, construction is a major contributor to the economy and a major part of all the businesses in the United States. Around 753,000 construction companies and employers are registered in the country, which employs 7.8 million construction workers, managers, designers, and other professionals annually. These employees and employers make buildings and structures worth $1.8 trillion annually.

Since the construction industry holds significant value in industries like mining, commercial real estate, and manufacturing, this commercial service is also a huge target of criminal activity. Construction companies use expensive materials and machinery for different projects, which can be stolen by robbers, resulting in significant financial loss for the company. Additionally, projects can be vandalized mid-construction or after they have been completed, leading to several other issues. Additionally, employees at construction sites also deal with various safety risks, as they’re prone to slips, falls, and various life-threatening accidents.

These security risks for construction sites indicate the importance of investing in measures like hiring security guards and patrol services for any construction project. This blog discusses the importance of hiring security guards for construction projects.

Construction workers building a concrete structure

Deterring Theft

Construction materials, equipment, and tools are often on-site. These assets’ theft costs construction companies $300 million to $1 billion each year. This is a huge financial burden, especially for small-scale construction companies with tight budgets, as they struggle to recover from any sudden financial losses. Therefore, construction companies need to invest in security guards.

These security professionals are highly-trained and can patrol the site around the clock, looking for any signs of theft. If they notice someone trying to steal machinery, material, or any costly tools, they can intervene immediately, preventing robbery. With the help of security guards, construction employers can deter theft, saving costs. Additionally, deterring theft will also prevent any downtime that companies will have to deal with if their machinery gets stolen.

Security guards for construction projects monitoring a site

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized personnel entering a construction site can cause damage to the project, resulting in significant financial loss. They can also hurt themselves, potentially leading to costly liabilities. Additionally, in many cases, unwanted individuals can enter the site to steal valuable machinery or materials, which makes it essential for construction companies to take measures to prevent unauthorized access.

This is where construction companies can benefit from hiring security professionals. Security guards can ensure that only authorized personnel enter the premises. They can start by creating entry checkpoints at construction sites and checking the identity of any individual before allowing them to enter the site of any construction project. This allows only authorized individuals like construction workers to enter the site.

Additionally, security guards for construction projects can check the site to mark any points where unwanted individuals can enter the site and cause havoc. They can appoint security officers at those points, keeping an eye on side entrances and exits and preventing unauthorized access.

 A digger on a construction site

Discouraging Vandalism

Under-construction sites are blank canvases for graffiti artists in many areas, which can impact the structure of any building. Repainting the walls of a construction project can be costly, especially if you have a tight budget. Security guards can keep these vandals at bay, ensuring no one tries to spray paint the walls.

In many cases, criminals also try to damage machinery and materials, which halts the project, resulting in financial loss. Therefore, construction companies need to hire security guards who prevent people from accessing machinery and destroying it.

A worker working on a construction building

Ensuring Site Safety

Construction sites aren’t entirely safe even for workers with safety equipment. Security guards can identify potential safety risks and prevent injury, damage, and liabilities. They can also provide the first case and act as witnesses in case of an accident. One of the less-talked-about benefits of hiring security guards for construction workers is that they’re prepared for any emergencies.

Whether an employee gets hurt in a slip-and-fall accident on a construction site or a machine starts to malfunction, resulting in a fire, these construction site security professionals can take immediate action to prevent the situation from escalating further. They can help evacuate the site and ensure that any injured worker gets immediate medical attention. With the help of security guards, you can be prepared for the unknown.

Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts are hardly unheard of in construction projects. Arguments can escalate quickly in blue-collar environments. Security guards can keep conflicts from escalating, leading to conflicts between workers by professionally intervening and helping peacefully resolve the issues. This can also save time and cost and prevent liabilities.

Instead of witnessing a minor disagreement turn into a physical fight or one-sided assault, construction companies can hire security guards who can keep an eye out for violent behavior and maintain a peaceful environment on the construction site.

 Construction workers digging at a street

Ensuring Safety Regulations

Security guards experienced in construction projects can help ensure that the safety regulations are followed, preventing invalid liability and injury claims and protecting the business’s reputation.

They encourage employees to follow safety regulations like wearing protective equipment, avoiding high-risk areas, and keeping away from self-operating machinery, keeping them secure, and preventing injuries or casualties.

A construction worker on a project

Hire Security Guards for Construction Projects from Guard Services USA

With the help of security guards for construction projects, construction sites can be safer for employees and visitors while preventing criminal activity like theft or vandalism. At Guard Services USA, we provide security guards for construction projects across the United States. Our uniformed security guards are also available for construction sites in Canada and Puerto Rico. Our team of certified, insured, and trained permanent security guards can analyze the risks of your construction project, take the ideal measures to deal with them, and prevent any financial loss.

Additionally, these armed and unarmed security guards keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and intervene immediately. Our security guards for construction projects also ensure that safety measures are followed, prioritizing the safety and health of all on-site employees. Besides having security guards for construction projects, we also have plainclothes security guards who provide discreet protection services. Our armed security guard services are available for commercial facilities like businesses, corporate buildings, events, and apartment complexes. Our team also has law enforcement security guards in Texas who have experience serving in any law enforcement agency.

Get in touch with us to hire security guards for construction projects, making your construction site safer.

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