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Here’s Why Your Product Manufacturing Warehouse Needs Increased Security

Warehouses are essential for every business owner who might need to manage procurement, distribution or logistics, store equipment or goods, and other items to improve productivity and workflow efficiency.

It’s a well-known fact that since top dollar items are stored in such warehouses, making it the perfect location for criminal activities, and so business owners shouldn’t overlook the importance of warehouse security.

Data reveals that companies in the USA lost $124 million worth of items due to a rise in burglary and theft cases. Not only does poor warehouse security put your inventory at risk, resulting in financial losses, it also lowers employee morale as it puts the staff’s safety at risk as well.

Here’s how security guard companies can help business owners achieve total peace of mind by protecting the premises, goods, and employees.

Provides A Strong Deterrent Against Potential Theft

Since warehouse theft can cost businesses millions of dollars, using customized security solutions can cover your warehouse’s weak spots.

One might think that securing entry and exit points is enough. But in practicality, it should ideally involve protecting the movement of your machinery, goods, and equipment.

Promotes Efficiency

Permanent security guards can check the whereabouts, credentials, and ID of everyone who enters or leaves the warehouse—be it be delivery drivers, vendors, or the staff. They can control access to the site and help address a wide range of risks by getting detailed reports.

Professional guards also aid in enforcing disciplinary regulations to control any violations or misconduct. They can also assist visitors and direct them to their targeted place, thereby enhancing the business’s reputation and promoting a safe culture at work.

Protects Your Employees And Keeps Them Safe

Security guards and patrol services play a vital role in keeping your employees safe. While stolen goods can be costly, they’re still replaceable, unlike the lives of your employees.

Hiring security guards can increase productivity, enhance employee morale, and reduces liability in unexpected situations by creating a more comfortable and safer environment.

Provides Prompt Emergency Response

Despite your efforts, sometimes emergencies still occur. In case they do happen, it’s imperative that the staff understands how to handle the situation.

Professional security guards are often trained to prevent panic and provide prompt directions in unusual circumstances such as floods, gas leaks, shootings, or other cases of assault.

Some professionals are also trained in CPR or ways to keep injured employees stable until emergency services reach the premises.

Security is undoubtedly the backbone of any business’s profitable and bright future, and enhancing warehouse security can help protect from significant losses. If you’re on the lookout for top security guard companies, connect with highly-trained professionals at Guard Services USA.

We’ve been providing quick, top-notch, and efficient security patrol services, law enforcement security guards, temporary security guards, COVID-19 security guards, Black Friday security guards, and permanent security guard services to businesses in the U.S.A, Puerto Rico, and Canada for over 30 years.

Our guards are trained to provide flexible and prompt security solutions 24/7/365, tailored to keep your business safe and secure. Reach out to us at to request a quote or learn more!

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Keeping Banks Safe: A Quick Guide

Every country’s economy and financial standing depends on its public and private banks. Similarly, they’re a significant part of people’s lives and daily financial transactions, including large corporations and small businesses’ operations. In other words, banks play a crucial role in protecting people’s accounts and securing their accumulated funds.

As the primary stakeholders in keeping people’s possessions and monetary assets safe, banks require comprehensive security initiatives to stay protected from criminal activity. Furthermore, most people choose a bank’s customer service based on their security protocols for customer protection.

While top security companies play a critical part in keeping banks as safe as possible, here are three essential security measures every bank must employ.

Installing Security Cameras

Financial facilities such as credit unions and banks possess a vast amount of assets that require optimum security by frequent monitoring. These possessions are often at risk of being stolen by thieves and burglars who visit banks as customers. Installing high-quality cameras at every perimeter within the bank will keep track of each visitor inside the bank, discouraging potential thieves from conducting a crime.

Camera systems significantly contribute towards protecting sensitive materials and confidential customer information. New and technologically-advanced camera systems require adequate internet access to be remotely accessed on computers and smartphones.

As a result, security teams at banks, including clerks and guards, can view the camera footage anywhere at any point of time to ensure the bank’s security at all times.

AI Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence has significantly made bank surveillance more manageable and advanced, especially when banks are a frequent target for theft, burglary, and vandalism. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US banks had 3,033 robberies in 2018. AI surveillance systems offer a double-layered security plan to help banks fight and defend themselves against fraud and unprecedented intrusion.

AI surveillance systems enable security teams to monitor every activity inside a bank remotely. Furthermore, these systems provide accurate analytics that instantly triggers alarms and notify security teams as soon as they identify a pre-determined pattern indicating a high risk of theft or financial damage. These patterns include identifying known criminals inside a bank or any ATM tampering activity that could hinder a customer’s financial account.

Hiring Security Guards

One of the crucial security measures to keep banks safe is hiring professional security guards to keep the financial facility safe round-the-clock. A security and patrol service’s presence will maintain the bank’s order by keeping the visitors and potential criminals alert as soon as they enter the bank. Their services will also make customers feel safe while making transactions at the bank.

Having trained, licensed, and insured security guards at banks will protect customers, allowing them to make large deposits or cash withdrawals successfully.

You can now rely on our professional security guards to keep your financial facility safe and protected against any risk of criminal activity. At Guard Services USA, we tailor our security plans according to your business’s needs to provide you with the maximum safety require by your business to thrive in the future. Reach out to us to learn more today!

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3 Mandatory Business SOPs for COVID-19 Safety

After multiple months of business closures to flatten the country’s COVID infection curve, businesses are now starting to reopen their businesses. Resuming business operations during a pandemic requires business owners to have a game plan to ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety in accordance with proper regulations and safety practices.

What’s more, you must consider both new and old risks associated with catering to customers and employees returning to work.

A successful business reopening with little to no risks of COVID-19 exposure requires business owners and managers to adhere to the standard operating procedures with three goals in mind: reduced COVID-19 transition, regular maintenance of business operations, and promotion of a healthy and safe workplace environment.

Here are three SOPs to follow for COVID-19 safety.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Business Location

The first step to reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission is the adaptation of a thorough and comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting routine of your commercial property.

Since your location will be open to the public, it’s critical to employ a cleaning routine with excessive soap, water, and disinfectants to eradicate any virus remnants on surfaces and objects.

You can use the list of eco-friendly and effective disinfectants compiled by the EPA to find the most suitable disinfecting solution for areas and objects touched by multiple people. In case of unavailability, the CDC recommends that business owners and their janitorial staff use appropriately diluted bleach solutions to clean and disinfect the area.

Making Masks Mandatory for All

According to leading public health experts, the primary measure for controlling COVID-19 transmission is covering the nose and mouth with face masks. Despite being simple and straightforward, it’s a critical step towards making public places safer and more accessible to the public.

Mandating face masks for both employees and customers can significantly disrupt the virus transmission cycle by protecting people from asymptomatic individuals who may still carry the virus in public places. Moreover, business owners should continue to enforce the wearing of face masks among employees while they’re at their workstations.

COVID-19 Safety Temperature Checks

When your commercial property is subject to frequent visits by an indefinite number of visitors, it’s at a higher risk of the virus outbreak within the business location. However, you can now enforce COVID-safety procedures that can detect possible infections before people enter your premises.

Fortunately, qualified security guards and patrol services can help identify symptomatic individuals who could spread the virus through temperature checks. Make sure your professional security services wear their personal protective equipment while conducting temperature checks.

Our professional security guards at Guards Service USA are trained, insured, and licensed to perform essential tasks to ensure COVID-19 safety at your business location. From containing high-risk situations to conducting regular COVID-safety assessments at checkpoints, our guards can help you keep your facility safe and well-protected from virus transmission. Contact us at to learn more today!

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Tips for Appointing a Security Company for Your Business

Security guard companies are crucial to ensure the safety of any business and meet all your protection needs, may it be in the form of hiring security guards or security patrol services.

With so many ‘top security guard companies’ present in the market, many factors need to be considered before choosing the best security guards and patrol services.

#1: Reliability

One of the most essential factors while choosing a security firm is to ensure they’re reliable enough to build faith and trust among people. Conduct meetings and interact with the personnel before hiring them to figure out their level of dependability.

#2: Proficiency

Check the security firm’s history to ensure that the security guards hired by them possess the skills, knowledge, and expertise to deal with high-risk events such as a Black Friday sale. Or whether they’re trained for ongoing calamities such as the COVID-19 pandemic and how they respond to sudden pressure situations.

Glancing at previous contracts can indicate whether the guards are properly trained to keep the business premises and people safe.

#3: Reputation

Its best practice to ask the business for client references, but social media has enabled companies to search on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, etc. to determine a security firm’s ratings, reviews, references, and more, to see if the clients are satisfied with their work.

You should also check the firm’s Better Business Bureau rating to get a clearer picture.

#4: Response Time

It’s essential to check the security firm’s real-time supportability, availability, and response time as there’s no scope of mistakes when it comes to the safety of humans or highly valuable items.

This is something you cannot take chances on, so make sure that the chosen firm is available, capable, and well-equipped to treat your business’s security as a priority care with a commendable response time in case any unfortunate event occurs.

#5: License, Insurance, and Bonds

Check if the security firm has a valid license issued according to the state laws and regulations. Scrutinize the bonds and insurance to see if it adequately covers the situation of your business. One of the most important factors that need significant consideration is the amount of experience the security firm entails.

The higher the experience, most likely the better their skills. Sometimes experienced security firms charge premiums for their unmatched services, but they’re worth each penny as they provide commendable services.

#6: Experience

Security is undoubtedly the backbone of your business’s profitable and bright future. If you’re looking for an experienced security firm with all the aforementioned qualities, contact Guard Services USA.

We’ve been providing quick, top-notch, and efficient security patrol services, law enforcement security guards, temporary security guards, COVID-19 security guards, Black Friday security guards, and permanent security guard services to businesses in the U.S.A, Puerto Rico, and Canada for over 30 years.

Our guards are trained to provide flexible and prompt security solutions 24/7/365, tailored to keep your business safe and secure. Reach out to us at to request a quote or learn more!

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How Security Guards Can Maximize Loss Prevention in Retail Businesses

If you own or manage a retail business, your priority is to prevent loss. Hiring a security guard to offer security patrol services within and around the retail building’s perimeter is one way to maximize loss prevention.

Here are a few ways security guards can prevent loss, theft, and other similar crimes in a retail environment.

Different Types of Retail Shrinkage

In a retail store, one common cause of shrinkage is return fraud. Many customers buy items from a retail shop only to return them with fake receipts. Retail fraud can also occur if the customer is returning used or stolen merchandise to a store or is there returning bought items using fake money.

Another everyday criminal activity that occurs in retail is shoplifting. Although modern technology such as cameras can assist with security monitoring, people still find ways to shoplift, such as hiding store items in their bags or under their clothes.

Whether it’s individual shoplifting or a group of people working together, the retail store can suffer a massive loss due to the cost of stolen items, which can vary between $5 to $500 or more. If shoplifters identify the retail store as an easy target, they could strike multiple times and cause heavy loss to the store.

A lack of security in a retail environment can also result in employee theft. Employee theft can occur if a detail worker is consistently stealing small amounts of money from the cash drawer or involved in merchandise theft. They might also be processing fake returns from customers to issue them gift cards. Employee theft can also occur unintentionally if an employee is negligent and forget to scan purchased items, leading to a considerable loss for the retail store.

Lastly, retail shops can also suffer from shrinkage due to inaccurate inventory administration. While this is accidental, it contributes to extensive losses if items are labeled with incorrect prices or a lack of oversight on ordering stock items.

Security Guards Help Prevent Losses

Hiring a security guard is an effective way for retail stores to combat shrinkage. A security officer is trained to monitor the store and observe all customers to identify potential shoplifters’ intent on stealing items from the shop.

A security guard for hire can also assist with employee theft by continually monitoring the store so that employees are on their guard and don’t attempt to steal from the store. A security guard’s presence is intimidating and ensures that both customers and employees are aware that they’re being watched, thereby reducing criminal activities.

Combat shrinkage in your retail shop by hiring insured and licensed security guards from Guard Services USA. We’ve been in the security business for over 25 years, and we provide trained security officers who are both armed and unarmed. We also have off duty police officers, law enforcement officers, and security guards who can check temperatures, ensure people are wearing masks, and maintain social distancing.

As one of the top security guard companies in the USA, we provide security services to a range of industries, including malls and retail shops, schools and universities, banks and financial institutions, special events, residential and commercial buildings, etc. You can view our client testimonials here. Contact us today at and benefit from our security patrol services to prevent loss and shrinkage in your retail shop.

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4 Benefits of Security Patrol Services for Residential Complexes

If you’re living in a residential complex, you want to ensure it’s safe and secure. It’s the landlord’s responsibility to make arrangements for protecting their tenants and providing them comfort and peace of mind.

The best way to do that is to hire security guards from one of the top security guard companies. Here are some benefits of hiring security patrol services for your residential building.

1.    Security Patrol Officers Deter Criminals

Criminals often target residential buildings, and common crimes that happen there include vandalism, burglary, or theft. Many criminals break into homes during the day or steal cars from the garage during the night.

Hiring security guards acts as a deterrent to criminals who are looking for a chance to break into a home or a garage. The security guard’s presence puts off criminals because they know the property is being closely monitored, so there are higher chances they’ll get caught.

Thieves are more prone to targeting buildings that have easy access or no security guards on duty. Hence, security patrol services are beneficial for residential complexes as they deter would-be intruders and prevent property loss.

2.    Security Patrols Provide Tenants A Sense of Security

Landlords benefit from long-term residents and tenants who feel safe living in a residential complex. Providing a sense of security and comfort to tenants is essential if you want them to continue living in your building.

If tenants see that a security guard is patrolling the premises, they won’t feel threatened or worried about their lives or belongings. They can enjoy living in a safe and comfortable residential complex with complete peace of mind. Hence, hiring security officers from top security guard companies allows landlords to provide excellent value to their customers.

1.    Security Patrol Services Raise the Value of a Property

A crime-free property that offers security patrol services is a high attraction for families and high-end tenants who’re willing to pay more to reside in a safe building. If a property is considered secure, its value increases, and it attracts more high-quality customers.

Landlords benefit from tenants that are reliable and sign longer leases. Therefore, security officers can play a significant role in driving a property’s value up.

2.    Security Officers Effectively Handle Security Issues

Security officers are trained to handle all security issues effectively. They go through training to ensure they can monitor and inspect a property for any security flaws that might need to be addressed.

Security officers can also keep a look-out for any suspicious activity or groups of people loitering around a residential building and can force them to leave. Moreover, security officers have arrest power in civil and criminal matters, which allows them to efficiently manage any security problems that might put the residential property or its tenants at risk.

To hire licensed and insured security guards for your residential complex, contact Guard Services USA. We provide trained security guards for hire, including armed security officers, unarmed patrol guards, temporary or permanent off-duty police, and law enforcement officers.

We’ve been protecting our clients and serving various industries such as schools and universities, residential and commercial complexes, banks and financial institutions, retails and malls, etc., for over 25 years. You can review our client testimonials here. Contact us at and get hassle-free security for your residential complex now!

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Comparing Private Security with Public Law Enforcement

In 2020, many events, including the Black Lives Matter movement, cast doubt on public law enforcement capabilities and reduced the public’s trust in this institution. Every year, the government allocates a portion of the taxes to pay law enforcement officers to deter crimes.

However, sometimes, additional protection is needed to safeguard property or an individual. This is where private security guard companies come in. Here’s a comparison between private security companies and public law enforcement.

Roles OfPublic Law Enforcement And Private Security Companies

Public law enforcement includes police officers who represent civil authority and prosecutors. Police officers are charged with ensuring public order and citizens’ safety by enforcing state law when necessary to maintain civil order. The roles of police officers include investigating criminals and suspects to prevent crimes from taking place.

Private security companies such as Guard Services USA provide security guards for hire to private companies, residences, malls, airports, etc. These security guards patrol the premises and observe activities to report and deter crimes. They go through strict training and follow state regulations to ensure they’re behaving in accordance with the state law.

Private Security Companies Have More Authority

Private security companies have more authority than public law enforcement when they’re guarding private properties. The property’s owner usually hires security guards, so private security companies offer customized security patrol services to companies to meet their security needs.

Hence, private security guards have more control and can search belongings or enforce the company’s rules to ensure the company’s safety and protection. In contrast, public law officers have to follow specific guidelines such as the 4th and the 14th amendments, which govern police actions when they’re on-duty.

Private Security Guards Lower Chances Of Misusing Firearms

Public law officers are always armed and trained to use their weapons in an emergency. However, the use of weapons often escalates violence in a conflict situation and, as evidenced by news stories in the past year, police officers are seen to abuse their authority and misuse their firearms.

On the other hand, private security guards project authority that intimidates and deters criminals from attempting any ill-advised activity in premises that are being watched and guarded closely. While private security guards can also be armed, they usually refrain from using them unless deemed extremely necessary.

Moreover, private security guards have arrest powers for civil and criminal matters, while police officers are prohibited from getting involved in civil matters.

Private Security Companies Provide More Options

Private security companies have more options such as providing security patrol services, offering unmarked or uniformed security, bodyguards, crowd control officers, and more. They also offer security equipment and consultations along with quality protection, monitoring, and inspection of properties.

Public law enforcement needs to follow government restrictions, especially on private property, limiting the security and protection they can offer. They also have fewer resources and access to less technologically advanced security equipment due to budget constraints.

To hire private security guards, contact Guard Services USA. We provide licensed and insured security guards for hire, both armed and unarmed. Our security guards also check the temperature, ensure people are wearing masks and enforce social distancing during COVID-19. Contact us at and get the security you need!

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The Link Between Security Guards and Reduced Crime Rates

Hiring security guards to secure your premises is an effective way of deterring criminals and reducing the crime rate. Security guards ensure the safety of your home, business, or community and protect your property from theft, burglary, or vandalism.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the link between security guards and a subsequent decrease in crime rates.

Security Guards Deter Criminal Activity

Security guards for hire don’t always need to be armed to maintain a crime-free zone. Merely the presence of a uniformed security guard ensures that criminals will think twice before targeting that particular property.

For instance, a Southwest England study found that increasing security patrols on train platforms decreased victim-reported crimes by 16%.

The presence of security guards is intimidating and lends an air of security to the whole property. However, if security guards are not carrying arms, they must be adequately trained to ensure that they can safeguard themselves and effectively handle criminal behavior.

The Presence of Security Guards Keeps Criminals Away

Studies show that criminals often take advantage of properties that are not guarded or not brightly lit. These properties are more likely to give criminals a chance to successfully steal or commit some other crime without getting caught.

People who have ill intentions don’t target properties that uniformed security officers are patrolling as they fear being apprehended. Also, properties that security guards protect have more traffic as the general public feels more secure going in and out of the building. This also helps to deter criminal activity as criminals target remote areas that have fewer people.

Moreover, when people know they’re being watched or observed, they’re more likely to behave better, so the presence of a security guard reduces the possibility of attempted crimes.

Security Guards Monitor and Inspect the Property

Security officers are also responsible for monitoring surveillance and checking people’s credentials before allowing them access into the building. This regular inspection deters criminals from attempting to steal or vandalize property, as they know their credentials have been checked, and they could be identified later on.

Security guards surveil the surrounding property, and their proactive behavior can prevent crime from happening. For example, a security guard on duty can observe a group of shady-looking people loitering around the building and can force them to leave to ensure no ill-advised activity occurs. Similarly, security guards ensure that doors are locked and visually assess the property to check the safety measures, preventing criminal activities from taking place.

If you want to deter criminal activity in your community or neighborhood, hire a licensed and insured security guard. We offer security patrol services along with off-duty police officers who can protect your business or home and provide you the security you need. We have provided security guards for hire to many clients for over 25 years, whose testimonials you can read here. Contact us at and benefit from our security and guarding services today!

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3 Things to Keep In Mind When Expanding Your Business Space

As a small business grows, it often goes from a two-room working space to a multi-floor office premises. Many businesses also branch out and set up operations in different locations.

Planning on expanding your business space? Here are a few things to consider.

Decide Your Venue

The first thing you need to decide is where you’ll be setting up your business operations. For instance, will you be using office space next to or near your current location, or do you plan on using office space in a completely different area? Either way, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

·       Size: Is the space large enough for accommodating the number of employees you’ll have coming in and out of the premises on a regular basis? What may work for a team of 20 employees isn’t necessarily going to be a good fit for 50 employees. You don’t want your new business space to be cramped, so make sure it’s large enough to comfortably accommodate the number of employees that’ll be working there.

·       Commute & Parking: Does the venue offer sufficient parking? If not, is it easily accessible via public transport? You don’t want your business to be in a far-off neighborhood that’s difficult to locate or reach. Considering that your employees will be traveling to and from the premises every day, it should ideally be located in an area that doesn’t add three hours of commute to their schedule or makes parking a nuisance for them.

·       Accessibility: Does the venue provide increased accessibility for the employees?  For instance, is it disability-friendly and gender-inclusive?

Obtaining the Permits

Once you have shortlisted a venue, it’s time to get the permits for it. The laws and regulations for business permits vary from area to area. Make sure you have the required permits before you begin renovating or redesigning the space for your business needs. This will depend on the specific laws of your town, city, county, or state.

It’s best to get in touch with the local authorities before finalizing the details. This will help ensure that you’re not breaking any local rules and will inform you of any special requirements needed for conducting business from or making modifications to the available space.


Many event business owners tend to underestimate the importance of security. You can’t invest in a business space without accounting for the safety and security of your employees. The last thing you want is a security breach that would not only disturb business operations but would also threaten the lives of your team members.

Make sure you’ve addressed all security concerns well in advance. Consult a professional security service for this purpose, and have them arrange unarmed or armed security guards for your business premises. This will help ensure that you have enough security personnel to guard your space during and after work hours. You should also consider installing an alarm system for your premises.

At Guard Services USA, we have over 25 years of experience in providing security staffing solutions to businesses across the United States. You can hire qualified uniformed security guards from our unarmed and armed security guards service for your business premises to maximize safety and security.  Get in touch with us today!

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