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4 Ways Becoming a Security Guard Is Harder than You Imagine

You can’t understand how precarious and challenging a security job is unless you’re yourself a security guard. While most businesses need security guards today to safeguard their premises, little do they think about the issues and threats that the security guards experience.

A security guard is a highly trained professional employed to prevent thefts, vandalistic acts, and other unforeseen incidents. It’s their core values that keep them motivated.

In this blog, we’ve compiled the top challenges faced by security guards.

1. Long Hours and Perilous Tasks

First of all, the biggest challenge a security guard faces is managing long working hours. Sometimes, night shifts tend to be boring as the whole arena is asleep except the security guard and the potential intruders. They have to stay vigilant and focused during long duty hours.

Additionally, they don’t just monitor suspicious activities, but it’s their job to prevent adverse incidents like thefts or burglary from occurring. This increases their safety risks, yet they keep their core values ahead of their self-interests!

2. Requires Strong Proactive Skills

Secondly, security guards have to consistently work as a human scanner, skimming and detecting suspicious activities and unauthorized intruders. They have to stay focused and always be on high-alert, primarily in large crowds like at the mall, restaurants, commercial facilities, etc.

Often, it becomes challenging to catch a person in large throngs. But people’s safety is their priority, so they keep their line of sight clear and focused.

3. Mental Exhaustion

You can get bored by doing the same monotonous work daily. The same goes for security guards. Their constant job of ensuring people’s safety can lead to mental exhaustion. It drains their energy levels. Handling such tirades isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee. Additionally, as they say, none of the events can be successful without employing professional security personnel. Their significance and high demand are what keep their spirits and morale high!

4. Complex Training

Becoming a security guard isn’t a walk in the park. A person must undergo complex training, strict dieting, and substantial learning to become a security guard.

About Guard Services USA

Despite these challenges, the personnel at Guard Services USA takes pride in safeguarding many commercial and residential properties by providing qualified, vigilant, and well-trained security guards.

Our company caters to all your security needs, from providing armed & unarmed security guards to off-duty police officers and law enforcement security guards. We’ve got about 30 years of experience in the security industry arranging temporary and permanent security guards in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico.

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5 Factors Businesses Request from Security Guard Services

Whether small or big, businesses carry a high risk of employee theft, crimes, and vandalism.

Enterprises require security guards to protect their facilities and safeguard their employees and customers.

If you’re still confused about whether or not hiring security guards is right for your business, here are five situations when their services come in most handy!

1. Crime and Theft Prevention

The most frequent service that businesses require security guards for crime prevention. Whether armed or unarmed, security guards are trained to lower the risks of crime, theft, and assaults.

Moreover, they identify suspicious activities and control them professionally. When you hire a trained, licensed, and insured guard from a reputable company, they comply with the company’s policies and behave sensibly.

2. Customer Service

When you hire a security guard, it gives you peace of mind and instills a sense of security in customers, employees, and everyone involved.

A modern security guard is accoutered with specialized skills like communication, verbal, and customer service skills. Businesses expect them to create an impression on their customers and partners by providing essential customer services.

These include helping customers navigate through a retail store or escorting important clients to the parking area at night.

3. Crisis Management

Where there is business, there is a high likelihood of unanticipated events like protests, strikes, terrorist attacks, employee conflicts, and other emergencies.

Businesses hire security guards to deal with these crises effectively. Security guards are trained to prevent these situations from getting worse. They take care of the premises, and if any other calamity occurs, they play a pivotal role in evacuating people to safe places.

Thus, the third most demanded service of security guards is their emergency management and rescue services.

4. Active Patrolling

In addition to providing the stand at door services, security guards are hired to monitor the facility periodically. This helps identify potential threats in sensitive areas of the building and tackle unauthorized activities in time. Patrolling services are highly demanded in residential and commercial complexes.

5. Surveillance Services

Finally, in addition to physical monitoring, security guards are required to do video surveillance 24/7. So, if any suspicious activity occurs in an area they’re not physically present in, they can take care of it.

Need Security Services for Your Business? Contact Guard Services USA!

Do you need security guard services for your company? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re one of the top security guard companies providing armed security guards, unarmed security guards, off-duty police officers, law enforcement security guards, and temporary &permanent security guards. Our security guards are licensed and insured, ready to work in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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Does Your Business Need A Security Guard?

Did you know that about 7% of a business’s annual revenue is lost in fraud, theft, and shoplifting incidents? Additionally, more than 90% of companies in the US have reported experiencing some sort of employee theft.

So, irrespective of the business size, security is equally significant for all sorts of businesses, from banks and hospitals to hotels and retail shops. Employing qualified, licensed security guards in your facility can help you prevent these unfortunate incidents in the future.

Here are some signs your business needs a security guard.

1. Your Business Is Located in a High Crime Area

If your facility is located in an area with an increasing crime rate, you should consider appointing armed and unarmed security guards. In addition to the potential risk of thefts and break-ins, it can also discourage clients and customers from setting foot into your premises.

This can have an impact on your business revenue and goodwill. If you’ve noticed an increment in the reported cases of crime and theft in your area, hire a security guard to improve your facility’s safety and security.

2. Your Facility Has Suffered Loss due to Thefts

If your business is continuously suffering losses, it’s time you should take more effective security measures.

Security guards are highly-trained professionals that prevent thefts and crime in your facility by catching the culprits on time. They’re primarily helpful in situations where the concerned authorities take significant time to arrive.

Although hiring security guards is itself an expenditure, the amount they help preserve by performing their duties is much more than their salaries.

3. Too Much Foot-Traffic in Your Building

Business facilities, including malls, warehouses, or retail stores, have high foot traffic, making it challenging for the company’s staff to monitor every person. This increases the likelihood of theft and robbery.

Security guards appointed at different places in your facility keep a check and balance on the people visiting and leaving. They continuously monitor suspicious activities and take necessary actions when required.

4. You Need Constant Monitoring

Commercial and residential property owners need constant facility monitoring to ensure their tenants’ safety. Although CCTV cameras can help detect unauthorized activities, they can’t report incidents like faulty heating systems, malfunctioning generators, or broken locks.

Security guards are the first people who notice these issues and report them to the authorities before it’s too late.

5. Does Your Business Deal in Alcohol?

If you serve alcoholic drinks in your facility, chances are that people might get drunk and indulge in unruly and violent behavior.

Security guards are trained to manage such situations and prevent them from getting out of hand.

Why Guard Services USA?

Whether you need security guard services for your restaurant or an apartment complex, we’ve got you covered.

Guard Services USA provides armed security guards, unarmed security guards, off-duty police officers, and law enforcement security guards on both a permanent and temporary basis. We’ve got 30 years of experience in offering qualified, quick, and hassle-free security services in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Reach out to us at to get started today!

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Does Your Business Need Security Services?

Not all businesses have the same level of requirements for security. Some can make do with having CCTV set up, while others may require extra manpower to ensure that their employees and customers are well protected.

Not having the right resources to keep your business can lead to a lot of damage, which has many repercussions. You might need security services if you have any of the following issues:

You Have an Unprotected Parking Lot Area

Parking lot areas are common places for crime. When it gets dark outside, intruders, thieves and other foul parties often come out to bother the people coming and going. While setting up exterior lighting can stop them from taking advantage of the darkness, it does little in comparison to what a security guard can.

A security guard or patrol service will be able to stop and restrain any unruly visitors to keep the premises safe.

Your Business is In A High Crime Area

It’s almost a no-brainer, but if there are reports of crime in your area, your business might be at risk as well. It would be wise to get in touch with the local PD or find records online to figure out what kind of infractions are common.

If there are any relevant to your business or that you could be a victim of, it would be wise to hire security guard services to mitigate any probable damage in the future. Security guards operate during the night shift as well, when crime is more likely to take place.

Your Business Serves Alcohol

Alcohol can bring out the worst in people at times, and things can get carried away from fun to being a problem. Businesses that serve alcohol generally have a few people around to ensure those drinking in excess don’t cause too many problems.

Having a security guard helps ensure that no liability comes to your business and that a registered, licensed individual deals with any misbehaviour. A competent security guard or patrol service can help defuse tension easily, which is important to keep your business running smoothly while dealing with issues.

Your Business Has Safety Concerns

There can be various reasons apart from being in a high crime neighbourhood. Past rivalries, competition in the area can also lead to unwanted hostility and your business might be the next target to settle the feud.

In such circumstances, having security is important for yourself and your employees. A security guard will be able to push off any of the usual suspects away from your business’ premises easily.

If your business has any of the aforementioned issues, don’t waste time to acquire the services of a security guard company. Guards Services USA offers plainclothes security guards and patrol service, operating across the United States and Canada.

Whether you need temporary or permanent unarmed/armed security guards, we’ve got just the solution for you. Get in touch with us today at to hire a top security guard company for your needs.

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The Importance of Warehouse Security

If you keep all your eggs in one basket, you would want to make sure that basket is well guarded. The same applies to warehouses. Most of a business’ raw material, stock, and other inventory are stored in warehouses. Businesses emphasize keeping the security of their warehouse airtight. From setting up technology such as CCTV and powerful door locks to setting up protocols to ensure no one makes their way inside without authorization.

The common solution for ramping up warehouse security has always been relying on manpower, in the form of security guards and patrol services. Here’s what you get out of keeping your warehouse secure:

Protecting Inventory

The main and obvious reason why people hire warehouse security is to prevent damage to their inventory. Intruders, thieves, and even competitors can break in to your warehouse to damage, or steal your precious inventory.

Considering the warehouse is the backbone for your business, you should station your best people to guard it, especially for evening and night shifts, when the possibility of foul play is more likely. Security guard services work round the clock to stop any problems from occurring.

Protecting Employees

As crucial as inventory may be, human lives are more important. Your employees, especially those working in the warehouse, are at risk of being attacked, injured, or killed.

Having security guards and patrol services can put your mind at rest, knowing that competent, professional people are nearby to handle any difficult situations if something goes wrong. By cooperating with guard services, your warehouse’s proceedings will proceed smoothly without any hindrance to productivity.

Dealing with Other Issues

Beyond just intruders and other human factors, there are other issues that can take place in a warehouse. Fire hazards, gas leaks, electrical issues can occur, which can lead to loss of physical property or even human life in unfortunate circumstances.

If any of these take place outside of operational hours, the problem could go unaddressed for longer periods, increasing its severity. Security guards and patrol services are trained to deal with certain situations. Even if they aren’t capable of dealing with a particular problem, they will detect it and alert relevant authorities right away.

A security guard company’s services are a must-have for any warehouse, considering how vital the place is for any organization. Having competent, professional guards on the lookout at all times is essential. Beyond just warehouses, Guards Services USA provides plainclothes security guards and patrol services for all kinds of companies, including malls and retail.

As per your requirement, you can choose between temporary or permanent armed or unarmed security guards for your business. Contact the firm at to hire a top security guard company for your needs.

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3 Ways to Make Your Premises Safer

Security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses, and it affects not only those working at the establishment but customers as well. Any accident, break-in, or other unfortunate event can be detrimental to a business’ reputation. A company may end up losing loyal customers if its premises is unsafe.

Competent businesses prevent this from happening by taking all the necessary measures to make sure that things are safe on-site for everyone. Here’s how they can achieve this:

Risk Assessment

The average building has several hazards and flaws, which in the worst-case scenario, can mean loss of property and life. Assign a team of your own workers, or better yet, hire a professional team to conduct a thorough sweep of your building. They’ll be able to detect any vulnerabilities, especially those that you may not find otherwise.

Various buildings operate on older machinery and electrical parts such as panels and wiring, which aren’t suited for modern electronics because they consume more power. A risk assessment will thoroughly list all of the potential problems for you.

Setting Up CCTV and Exterior Lighting

CCTV in commercial complexes is becoming more and more popular. Not only does it allow you to view what’s happening from a safe distance, you can also record the footage for playback later. Keeping a close eye on things while being out of the vicinity is possible using this technology, and it can help gather evidence against any foul play as well.

Make sure to set up adequate lighting where the camera is located. Not only does it improve exposure within the premises, making it easier to identify important details, but your visitors will be safer in well-lit areas.

Hiring Security Guards

Security guards and patrol services are your best bet for keeping your office premises safer. As per your requirement, they will cover the area to ensure no trespassers or unwanted personnel make it into the premises. During COVID-19, they also enforce SOPs, not letting anyone take off their masks and preventing those not wearing proper protective equipment from entering the building.

Security guards will also deal with any troublemakers to prevent unpleasant situations. You can have them on-duty during night shifts, keeping your inventory secure when your building is most vulnerable with no one else around.

Plainclothes security guards and patrol services help keep businesses safe. They ensure things stay in order, they maintain discipline throughout the day and offer vigilance during the night. For businesses with precious inventory, it’s essential to acquire the services of a security guard company.

If you need temporary or permanent armed  or unarmed security guards, Guards Services USA provides services in different parts of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for a wide range of operations, including various malls and retail stores. Get in touch with us today at to hire a top security guard company for your needs.

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4 Business Types and the Roles Security Guards Play in Them

A majority of people consider security to be high priority when visiting or working in a certain place. A guard’s job isn’t as simple as it used to be, and they do a lot more than lookout for troublemakers around the perimeter and chase after them. Here’s how they’re making a difference across different fields.

Guards for the Event Industry

The event industry is one of the biggest acquirers of security on a large scale. With more reputable faces coming in and out of a particular building or venue, it’s natural to want to beef up security to make your guests feel safer. There’s also a chance that troublemakers may linger about, especially if there are notable people in the vicinity.

Security guards can help defuse any tensions that may take place, ensuring that the event or party carries on without a hitch. It involves dealing with issues in a stern manner without causing a ruckus.

Guards for Retail Stores and Malls

Security guard services are commonly found patrolling the exterior and interior of retail stores and malls. The exterior guards take on the duty of ensuring that people are properly making queues, keeping the environment outside from turning hostile. The guards on the inside perform surveillance on the customers from afar without being intrusive and threatening unless provoked.

Security guards will also be a helpful source to customers as they can point them towards certain places and offer directions, which can lessen the burden on other resources.

Guards for Healthcare

Guards play an important role in hospitals, helping maintain decorum and allay tensions. Those visiting their loved ones in the hospital can often become hostile, requiring authority to control the situation. In many cases such as an outbreak, doctors require a safe passage which will require navigation from crowds through alternative routes.

Guards play a vital role in keeping health workers safe in such situations. Guards also perform protective duties for those in quarantine along with the other wards in medical facilities.

Guards for Warehouses and Storage

For businesses, warehouses are a huge part of the supply chain and they rely on them heavily. Security guards perform a wide variety of roles in a warehouse. Firstly, they’ll perform 24/7 rotations of the area to make sure no break-ins or theft take place.

Secondly, they will inspect the various incoming and outgoing shipments as specified by their supervisor to ensure no malpractice occurs and confirm the identities of the people involved in the activity.

If you need temporary or permanent armed security guards or unarmed security guards, Guards Services USA provides service in different parts of the country for a wide range of operations, including various malls and retail stores. Our employees are insured, licensed and trained to deal with a wide variety of situations. Get in touch with us today at to hire a top security guard company for your needs.

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5 Reasons to Outsource Security Guard Services

As a business owner, some of your main concerns regarding your business are costs and security. Business owners across the globe look for cost-effective ways to ensure the safety of their employees and their assets. While it may seem logical and affordable to hire in-house security guards, in reality, outsourcing this task will give you a more substantial return on investment. Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing security guards are a more effective and affordable solution. Here’s why:

1.     They Have Years of Experience

Holding a gun and wearing a uniform isn’t an easy task; it comes with years of training and experience. A reputable firm offers top-notch services. They spend their working hours perfecting their skills and resolving hypothetical solutions that may occur while on duty. Your in-house security team will be distracted by other tasks as security is not their only and main priority. A professional firm will offer customized security solutions for unique business needs.

2.     They are Flexible 

When your business hosts large-scale events, you can expect several unknown people gate crashing and increasing the risk of danger for your guests. Conflicts in these events also require experienced guards trained to handle these situations. A professional firm will even offer temporary guards at the last minute, so you have extra manpower against any violence or vandalism.

3.     Reduced Stress 

Your in-house security team might seem to be doing the job well, but what happens when they call in sick or resign? This means your facility will be unarmed for a particular time, increasing the risk of crime. Hiring a security company will reduce all stress and avoid inconveniences in this matter. They’ll send in a replacement, ensuring that your facility is guarded 24/7.

4.     More Time To Focus on Your Business

Managing a business isn’t an easy task; from employee well being to profits and clients, there are tons of factors to look after. In the midst of all this, the last thing you’ll want is security issues and thefts. Your business is a fruit of hard work, and thieves can ruin all your effort within seconds. It’s essential to take a step forward and invest in high-quality protection. Knowing that you have trained and experienced guards protecting your business will give you more time to focus on other pressing matters. You need to spend time fixing any security-related issues, as a dedicated team will handle everything for you.

5.     Saves Money

House security guards mean additional costs of uniforms, equipment, vehicles, and insurance. However, a security company comes with all their required equipment for a much lesser cost ensuring your business is in safe hands.

Having a security guard company onboard can help control damage and diffuse any conflicts quickly. Whether you’re looking for permanent armed security guards or temporary guards for your business, we’ve got you covered. We offer plain clothes security guards and unarmed security guards for all kinds of companies. Contact us at to hire a professional security guard company for all your needs.

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The Role of a Security Guard During COVID-19

To make it through the pandemic, it’s important that all fields of life come together to create a systematic environment with an emphasis on healthcare and safety. Security guards play a vital role in this process, proving to be crucial to businesses during COVID-19. Here are the roles they serve during the pandemic:

Helping Implement SOPs

Security guards can help ensure that people visiting your business are following SOPs. Stationed outside the building across the perimeter, they will be on guard to let only those wearing masks inside the building. In case you have arrangements for hand sanitizers, the patrol service will enforce visitors and customers to thoroughly clean their hands as well.

A vigilant guard will also keep an eye out for anyone who takes their mask off, requesting them to put it back on immediately. Any other SOPs limited to your region may also be enforced this way.

Maintaining Discipline and Decorum

People tend to break in between waiting lines, make lines of their own, and try to barge inside. A security guard should always be on patrol nearby to ensure no funny business is taking place. With people more paranoid and restless than ever, it’s not out of the ordinary for any sort of ruckus or commotion to break out, especially within a crowd.

Rather than letting the situation escalate and become violent, a security guard should step in to defuse the situation with empathy and communication.

Guarding Healthcare

The major concern during COVID-19 is the general public’s health. Security services play an important role in ensuring that quarantine zones are strictly cordoned off, with only limited personnel, such as doctors and patients making their way in and out.

A security guard company can also be relied on for the safe passage of doctors and patients, as it’s crucial to limit contact. Security personnel has to be instructed regarding alternate routes that may exist within a facility so that they may guide relevant people through them.

Assisting the Public

Apart from their basic role of offering security, security patrol services are also well-versed in the layout of the facility they’re working at. Apart from asking them for directions, in case of any grievances, they know where someone should go with their problem.

They will also provide assistance to the elderly and others while staying within their bounds. A competent security guard will assist the public to the best of their ability.

With the effects of the pandemic still lingering and as the vaccine rolls out to the public, a security guard company can prove to be a vital ally for businesses to ensure operations run smoothly.

Whether you need temporary or permanent armed or unarmed security guards, Guards Services USA has a lineup of plainclothes security guards and patrol service operating across the US, Canada and in Puerto Rico, fit to work in malls and retail. Contact the firm at to hire a top security guard company for your needs.

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