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5 Factors Businesses Request from Security Guard Services

Whether small or big, businesses carry a high risk of employee theft, crimes, and vandalism.

Enterprises require security guards to protect their facilities and safeguard their employees and customers.

If you’re still confused about whether or not hiring security guards is right for your business, here are five situations when their services come in most handy!

1. Crime and Theft Prevention

The most frequent service that businesses require security guards for crime prevention. Whether armed or unarmed, security guards are trained to lower the risks of crime, theft, and assaults.

Moreover, they identify suspicious activities and control them professionally. When you hire a trained, licensed, and insured guard from a reputable company, they comply with the company’s policies and behave sensibly.

2. Customer Service

When you hire a security guard, it gives you peace of mind and instills a sense of security in customers, employees, and everyone involved.

A modern security guard is accoutered with specialized skills like communication, verbal, and customer service skills. Businesses expect them to create an impression on their customers and partners by providing essential customer services.

These include helping customers navigate through a retail store or escorting important clients to the parking area at night.

3. Crisis Management

Where there is business, there is a high likelihood of unanticipated events like protests, strikes, terrorist attacks, employee conflicts, and other emergencies.

Businesses hire security guards to deal with these crises effectively. Security guards are trained to prevent these situations from getting worse. They take care of the premises, and if any other calamity occurs, they play a pivotal role in evacuating people to safe places.

Thus, the third most demanded service of security guards is their emergency management and rescue services.

4. Active Patrolling

In addition to providing the stand at door services, security guards are hired to monitor the facility periodically. This helps identify potential threats in sensitive areas of the building and tackle unauthorized activities in time. Patrolling services are highly demanded in residential and commercial complexes.

5. Surveillance Services

Finally, in addition to physical monitoring, security guards are required to do video surveillance 24/7. So, if any suspicious activity occurs in an area they’re not physically present in, they can take care of it.

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