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3 Ways to Make Your Premises Safer

Security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses, and it affects not only those working at the establishment but customers as well. Any accident, break-in, or other unfortunate event can be detrimental to a business’ reputation. A company may end up losing loyal customers if its premises is unsafe.

Competent businesses prevent this from happening by taking all the necessary measures to make sure that things are safe on-site for everyone. Here’s how they can achieve this:

Risk Assessment

The average building has several hazards and flaws, which in the worst-case scenario, can mean loss of property and life. Assign a team of your own workers, or better yet, hire a professional team to conduct a thorough sweep of your building. They’ll be able to detect any vulnerabilities, especially those that you may not find otherwise.

Various buildings operate on older machinery and electrical parts such as panels and wiring, which aren’t suited for modern electronics because they consume more power. A risk assessment will thoroughly list all of the potential problems for you.

Setting Up CCTV and Exterior Lighting

CCTV in commercial complexes is becoming more and more popular. Not only does it allow you to view what’s happening from a safe distance, you can also record the footage for playback later. Keeping a close eye on things while being out of the vicinity is possible using this technology, and it can help gather evidence against any foul play as well.

Make sure to set up adequate lighting where the camera is located. Not only does it improve exposure within the premises, making it easier to identify important details, but your visitors will be safer in well-lit areas.

Hiring Security Guards

Security guards and patrol services are your best bet for keeping your office premises safer. As per your requirement, they will cover the area to ensure no trespassers or unwanted personnel make it into the premises. During COVID-19, they also enforce SOPs, not letting anyone take off their masks and preventing those not wearing proper protective equipment from entering the building.

Security guards will also deal with any troublemakers to prevent unpleasant situations. You can have them on-duty during night shifts, keeping your inventory secure when your building is most vulnerable with no one else around.

Plainclothes security guards and patrol services help keep businesses safe. They ensure things stay in order, they maintain discipline throughout the day and offer vigilance during the night. For businesses with precious inventory, it’s essential to acquire the services of a security guard company.

If you need temporary or permanent armed  or unarmed security guards, Guards Services USA provides services in different parts of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for a wide range of operations, including various malls and retail stores. Get in touch with us today at to hire a top security guard company for your needs.

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