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4 Ways Becoming a Security Guard Is Harder than You Imagine

You can’t understand how precarious and challenging a security job is unless you’re yourself a security guard. While most businesses need security guards today to safeguard their premises, little do they think about the issues and threats that the security guards experience.

A security guard is a highly trained professional employed to prevent thefts, vandalistic acts, and other unforeseen incidents. It’s their core values that keep them motivated.

In this blog, we’ve compiled the top challenges faced by security guards.

1. Long Hours and Perilous Tasks

First of all, the biggest challenge a security guard faces is managing long working hours. Sometimes, night shifts tend to be boring as the whole arena is asleep except the security guard and the potential intruders. They have to stay vigilant and focused during long duty hours.

Additionally, they don’t just monitor suspicious activities, but it’s their job to prevent adverse incidents like thefts or burglary from occurring. This increases their safety risks, yet they keep their core values ahead of their self-interests!

2. Requires Strong Proactive Skills

Secondly, security guards have to consistently work as a human scanner, skimming and detecting suspicious activities and unauthorized intruders. They have to stay focused and always be on high-alert, primarily in large crowds like at the mall, restaurants, commercial facilities, etc.

Often, it becomes challenging to catch a person in large throngs. But people’s safety is their priority, so they keep their line of sight clear and focused.

3. Mental Exhaustion

You can get bored by doing the same monotonous work daily. The same goes for security guards. Their constant job of ensuring people’s safety can lead to mental exhaustion. It drains their energy levels. Handling such tirades isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee. Additionally, as they say, none of the events can be successful without employing professional security personnel. Their significance and high demand are what keep their spirits and morale high!

4. Complex Training

Becoming a security guard isn’t a walk in the park. A person must undergo complex training, strict dieting, and substantial learning to become a security guard.

About Guard Services USA

Despite these challenges, the personnel at Guard Services USA takes pride in safeguarding many commercial and residential properties by providing qualified, vigilant, and well-trained security guards.

Our company caters to all your security needs, from providing armed & unarmed security guards to off-duty police officers and law enforcement security guards. We’ve got about 30 years of experience in the security industry arranging temporary and permanent security guards in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico.

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