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Why Armed Security Guards Are Important for Apartment Complexes

According to an FBR report, there was a property crime happening after every 3.7 seconds in America. The theft of valuable equipment has become common in apartments without adequate security.

These alarming statistics have forced many residential management companies to hire security guards for the complexes they manage. Even though they might cost a bit, they go a long way in providing a safe and secure environment for tenants to live in. Here are some reasons why hiring armed apartment complex security guards is important.

Preventing Crimes

One of the most common reasons for hiring an armed security guard service is to prevent crimes from happening. Burglars and thieves are less inclined to target places where they can see armed security guards and other effective safety measures such as CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment.

University research found that 40% of burglars abandon their original targets when they see robust security measures. Security guards are crucial in avoiding burglaries and common theft. They can also thwart away any criminals looking to commit graver crimes such as murders.

However, you need to be very careful in hiring an armed security guard for your apartment complex. A lazy guard who is never on time for work will only attract potential criminals rather than discouraging them. Make sure to look for a top security guard company that has trained professionals experienced in dealing with multiple risky situations.

Preventing Property Damage

Burglars and thieves often break windows and doors to get into homes to steal as many things as possible they can. Car thieves often target the quarter panels to gain access to the vehicle and hot-wire.

Having a team of armed security guards will discourage these criminals from attempting a robbery or stealing a car. Therefore, it will prevent costly property and car damage, and you can use that money to improve your apartment complex.

Restricting Unauthorized Access

Burglars and thieves can often pose as tenants to gain access to the complex. Security guards provide surveillance services and security checks for everyone coming in and out of the building. Therefore, it will avoid anyone gaining unauthorized access. They will also provide security patrol services in parking lots to ensure that no one is sneaking around the cars.

Having armed security guards will give you the peace of mind that your apartment complex is safe and secure round the clock.

Enhancing Property Value

Spending money on hiring a security guard is an investment as it will increase the value of the apartments in the complex. A secure apartment will attract more renters, thereby increasing the chances of consistent cash flow. As demand for your apartment skyrockets, you can increase the monthly rent to cover the security costs.

Tenants will be more likely to renew their rental agreement if they feel safe and secure in the place they live in. Furthermore, having security guards with good communication skills and de-escalation experience will efficiently handle any tenant-related issues.

Finding reliable security guard services can be difficult; that’s why we are here to help you! Guard Services U.S.A is a professional security guard and patrol service which can provide expert protection for your apartment complex.

We have uniformed security guards and plain clothes security guards that will help keep your apartments safe and sound. Get a quick quote for our services or email us at for more information.

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Benefits Of Hiring Construction Site Security Guards

Thefts of valuable items and vandalism have been very common on construction sites. Hiring reliable construction site security guards is a good way to eliminate any potential risks or hazards on construction sites. While it may seem a bit costly at first, it is always beneficial to hire security guards as the safety and well-being of your construction site is invaluable.

You wouldn’t want any damage on the expensive products and the multi-million-dollar investment on your construction site! Here are few benefits of hiring construction site security guards.

Eliminating Thefts and Risks

As mentioned above, this is one of the main benefits of hiring construction site security guards. These sites will often have heavy machinery, tools, and equipment worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, these places are more prone to theft and vandalism. Any damage to this equipment and machinery is the construction company’s responsibility, costing a lot of money.

To eliminate this risk and offer you peace of mind, you must hire experienced security guards.

Employee Satisfaction and Morale

You may not think that hiring security guards will boost the morale of your staff and increase their productivity. However, they both are interlinked. Keeping your employees safe at work has a direct impact on their productivity. The security guard will patrol the construction site and will be vigilant to sniff out any danger.

Knowing that someone is providing security to the workplace will give employees peace of mind. Therefore, they will be more enthusiastic towards their work, resulting in increased productivity.

Preventing Injuries

Due to the use of dangerous tools and equipment, injury rates are high in construction sites. Employees are more susceptible to injuries if there are inadequate safety measures. A security guard will help you provide a safe environment for your workers through effective site patrolling and real-time reporting of potential hazards.

You can be liable for any injury happening to a worker due to safety negligence, resulting in expensive insurance costs and medical bills. Hire a responsible security guard who can be your eyes and ears on the construction site.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to hire security guards who are first aid trained to be better equipped to deal with any emergency health situation.

Efficient Organization

Hiring security guards will make sure that your construction site operates in an efficient and organized manner. They play a vital role in making sure that no one goes out and in without their surveillance. Any visitors to the site will be thoroughly checked for anything that might cause harm, and a proper logbook will be maintained. These tasks may seem insignificant, but they are needed for the safety, security, and maintenance of a construction worksite.

Resolving Conflicts

Tensions and conflicts are bound to occur in a place where thousands of laborers are working together. Experienced security guards with good communication skills and knowledge of de-escalation will help prevent such incidents from occurring regularly. They will coordinate between staff members to resolve any issues amicably.

Ensuring the safety and security of a construction site is of utmost importance for any company. Therefore, many businesses and industries choose to hire security guard to keep their premises safe.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy security guard services provider, then contact Guard Services USA. We are a top security guard company providing nationwide security to various industries and businesses. If you’d like to learn more about our services, then email us at

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Skills and Qualities That A Good Security Guard Must Have

In certain situations, it becomes essential for a business, event, or operational entity to hire the services of a security guard. If you run a hotel, own an office building, or have a retail store, the chances are that you might be interested in hiring or already have uniformed or plain-clothes security guards.

Being fit enough to stay on your feet for long periods and the ability to stay awake at night are just the basic requirements of a good security guard. As a company, you should look for the following skills and qualities before hiring an efficient security guard.


Criminals aren’t going to wait for security guards to arrive at their duties before initiating their theft. They love guards who are late to work so that they can execute their plan with relative ease.

Imagine having your expensive jewelry store robbed, and you find out that the security guard you hired missed his morning bus to work because he overslept. Being punctual is a trait that every security guard should have, and you should always hire a professional who is on time and doesn’t find excuses to sneaky out early.

Top security guard companies always place great emphasis on punctuality. So, always look for reliable security and guard services that will arrive at their shifts on time, every single time.

Good Observation

Sniffing out danger before it occurs and having good observation skills are key parts of a security guard’s arsenal. Your security guards should be focused and attentive during their shifts. Having a good set of eyes and observation will help them find irregular behaviors, helping them to thwart potentially dangerous situations.

Honest and Trustworthy

You need to be able to trust your guard with your belongings and business. An honest security guard will make it easier for you to trust them. There will be times when they will have to work alone, and you can’t keep an eye on them. Therefore you need to look for honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness in a security guard.

Most security guard companies run extensive background checks on their guards to ensure they don’t have any criminal history.

Efficient Communication Skills

A security guard needs to have good communication skills, especially in de-escalating critical situations. Whether your guards work alone or in a team, they need to communicate effectively to resolve issues and provide a safe and secure environment.

Furthermore, your security guard is the first point of contact for your customers and clients in many instances. Therefore they must be professional, courteous, and friendly in providing directional or other help.

Trained and Experienced

You need to make sure that the security guard you’re trying to hire has undergone sufficient training to understand the role and requirements of a good security guard. The armed security guard services you hire should have licenses and training.  Furthermore, they should be experienced enough to tackle different situations and threats that may arise.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy security guard services provider, then contact Guard Services USA. We have over 30 years of industry expertise and provide fast and reliable services. Our guards are trained, certified, and insured to provide you with a safe environment. We provide services to a variety of businesses and industries.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, email us at

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Top 4 Security Risks During Corporate Events to Plan For

Planning a large scale corporate event takes time and effort. The planning process involves many stages, one of which is the risk assessment and the subsequent security planning. Because many corporate events can get controversial and involve high-profile guests, planning a security map is essential for executing a successful event. Here are some risks that planners must preempt and prepare for.

1.    Plan Ahead For Protestors

Any big corporate event is bound to get a lot of crowds and not always the polite kind. Plenty of people take these events as an opportunity to express various sentiments against corporations in general.

If the planners are not already prepared for this crowd management, the event runs the risk of being hijacked by protestors. The business must hire armed security guards to deter any violent threats and take the help of unarmed and plainclothes security guards to carry out surveillance and provide discreet security.

2.    Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere. But a large-scale corporate event should have some preparation done to tackle such issues if they arise. These medical emergencies can happen for various reasons; your event can be happening outdoors and leave the guests exposed to heat or other weather elements.

Medical emergencies may arise on the part of guests due to ill health as well. To prevent a significant event from being dampened by such emergencies, preparation is necessary. Security guards can help provide CPR and basic medical assistance, but it’s good to have some doctors on standby.

3.    Watch the Entrance

A high-profile event can mean the risk of being crashed by unwanted people and groups. In order to provide maximum security, the entrance must be monitored appropriately and surveyed to stop intruders. A trained security team will know how to manage such threats.

4.    Alcohol Induced Emergencies

Events of such nature often serve alcohol to their guests, and guests may drink too much, turning the crowd into a mob. Even if such an event doesn’t happen, alcohol can often lead to smaller fights among the guests, curtailing which becomes an essential part of the plan.

Trained security services are crucial for the success of any big corporate event. If you’re looking for one, Guard Services USA has got you covered. We are a security guard company that provides temporary and permanent security guard services. Hire our uniformed and plainclothes security staff to keep your event away from any trouble. Reach out to us at

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4 Times When Temporary Security Is Essential for Your Business

Ideally, security is a long-term commitment for your business’s well being and reputation because security is a need that’s consistent, especially with crime rates rising across the United States. But there are times when businesses can and should benefit from temporary security guard services. Let’s discuss some of these.

1.    When You’re Hosting an Event

If a business is hosting an event, particularly on a large scale, then the need for urgent security services may increase. More staff has to be hired, trained, and prepared to take on critical tasks. Corporate events, particularly those with high-profile guests in attendance, may need increased security temporarily once the event is over. However, there will be no need for the newly hired staff.

In such a situation, it’s only wise that a business should employ temporary or contractual security instead of full-time staff.

2.    When You’re Short on Money

Hiring a permanent or long-term security solution often involves a lot more commitment and investment. You may have to bring in recruits and train them all by yourself. This may require you to spend a considerable amount of money. However, if the need is urgent and your budget is low, considering a short-term security service may be the best option. That way your security needs will not be compromised due to a shortage of funds.

Additionally, you are responsible for the people you’re hiring on a permanent basis; hiring a temporary service can free you of that responsibility.

3.    When You Need Quick Replacement

There may be an emergency with your existing security staff, or they may not be available for a particular period. In such circumstances, instead of recruiting brand new permanent staff, it’s best to stick to more temporary options. Temporary services can be hired at any time, and your business can negotiate contracts based on your needs, so you don’t go overboard with spending.

4.    When You Can’t Train Your Staff

Training your own security staff is a lot of commitment. It may require you to hire a training service that can teach your team the essentials. It will also need you to be legally answerable for their actions and you may also have to pay for insurance on their behalf.

Why go down that road when you have other cheaper and more convenient options available?

If you’re looking for temporary security guard services, Guard Services USA can help. We are a security guard company that provides reliable armed and unarmed, uniformed and non-uniformed guards on a temporary and permanent basis. You can reach out to us at

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Armed or Unarmed: What Kind of Security Is Best for Your Business?

If you’re a business, securing your physical and human capital is one of your top priorities. When considering your security options, it’s best to know precisely what options you have and then decide as per your needs. Each business has its own set of security needs that the services it hires must be tailored to.

If you’re worried about whether to hire armed or unarmed guards for your business, here’s how you can decide.

What’s The Difference?

An armed guard is equipped and licensed to use firearms, including guns and heavier ammunition. These people are trained to deal with and carry their weapons safely and use them only during emergencies.

On the other hand, an unarmed guard may or may not be trained in using arms but will not carry any on him. This type of security guard is not entirely empty-handed or defenseless; they will have a baton, pepper spray, or other low-impact weapons.

Hiring armed guards is mostly more expensive as they come with proper training, and your business may even need to pay liability insurance if you’re hiring an armed security guard. The cost per hour to employ unarmed guards will be lower.

Consider Your Business Risk

This might be an easy decision for many armed guards — simply because they seem to be more well-prepared to deal with threats. However, this isn’t the case. Businesses must carry out a risk assessment to determine their security needs and what message they want to give out to their clients.

If your business is low risk, then why spend extra money on armed services? Unarmed services can help provide discreet deterrence. They can blend in with the crowd and perform effective surveillance for safety. On the other hand, armed guards can increase the sense of security for your clients by visibly deterring any threat.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Security Services

If deterrence is your main priority, your business is in a high-risk area where there are violent crimes, and you sell valuable items that are always under the threat of robbery—then you should hire armed guards.

However, if your business has a relatively lower budget and is not exposed to any direct risk or threat, unarmed guard services would be a better option.

No matter what you decide, Guard Service USA has you covered. We are a security guard company that specializes in providing customized security solutions. Reach out to us to hire reliable armed and unarmed, uniformed and non-uniformed personnel. You can reach out to us at for more details.

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Top 3 Benefits of Hiring Uniformed Security Guards

Crime rates are on the rise across the United States, and it caused businesses to beef up their security measures for all the right reasons. Security services can provide a sense of comfort to employees and customers and help improve customer experience as well. They can also be a great way to prevent theft and protect the business property from damage.

While all security guards provide similar services, here are some reasons why your business or organization should consider hiring uniformed guard services.

Alt-text: security guard outside a building

1. Visible Deterrence

A good security plan always consists first of deterring the possibility of a breach and later on how to manage an emergency. Uniformed security guards are your first step to executing a fool-proof security plan.

Having uniformed guards in place means that potential criminals and trespassers will know that there are security measures in place which will deter any attacks. It is a preemptive measure that will make it clear that your property is protected and looked after.

2. Visible Help Puts Customers at Ease

Visibility not just helps keep potential threats away but helps people on the premises and the clients feel actively protected. This adds to their feelings of well-being and security. Additionally, having uniformed guards means they know who they can reach out to in cases of emergencies and when they need help.

Security guards do more than just guarding the premises; they are trained to deal with emergencies such as providing CPR and other medical safety techniques. They also play a role in providing customer care, such as helping people and guiding them around the premises, and carrying their weight and luggage, if any.

3.      Professional Image

Finally, having uniformed guards in place is good for your own company’s image. It helps people know that you take care of all important safety measures and extend well being to your people. For places like banks and schools, having a security plan intact is essential for its image as people place trust in these institutions and expect to be looked after in return.

If you’re looking for reliable security guard services, you’ve come to the right place. Guard Services USA is a security guard company that can help you customize your security options. We offer the services of qualifies uniformed security guards, plainclothes security guards on a temporary and permanent basis. You can reach out to us at to help your business security.

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4 Ways Guards Can Help Out in Hostile Situations

Often people have to deal with violent and hostile situations that make them feel infuriated and overwhelmed. But if these situations occur in large gatherings or events, it increases the risk of injuries and endangers everyone.

Fortunately, we can hire the services of security guards who act as the first line of defense against hostile circumstances and crises.

In this blog, we’ve compiled four attributes of a security guard that help deescalate hostile situations.

1. Authority

Imagine a fire breaking out at your workplace and fire alarms ringing. Who is the first person to approach the affected venue? Of course, the security guard!

Over the years, security guards have established themselves as the ‘ultimate authority’ people look for during a crisis. This is quite helpful when things get out of control, and people need to be rescued. Security guards are trained to evacuate people in hostile situations.

Whenever any unfortunate event occurs, security guards are seen as the leaders. This influence helps them control the situations effectively and deescalate the problem before it worsens.

2. Identify Early Signs

Security guards are highly attentive and focused. Their constant monitoring of the facility helps them identify the early signs of any hostile situation.

For instance, if two residents indulge in a heated conversation in an apartment’s parking lot, it comes to the notice of the security guard first. They take primitive measures to relieve the aggression of both parties to prevent the matter from escalating that may cause distress to the whole complex.

Since security guards are the first to notice unusual things, they’re the first to reach out with their help.

3. Reasonable Behavior

Ever heard ‘experience is the best teacher?’ The same goes for the security guards!

Over time they familiarize themselves with an organization’s norms and practices. If they observe any disorganization, from faulty lifts to slippery floors, they’re the first ones to report and resolve things.

4. Guards Are Good Listeners

Security guards are also trained to handle people’s aggression. They understand people become aggressive for superficial reasons. Their listening skills come in most handy when there are annoyed customers in a facility.

They ensure to keep their tone professional to diffuse the tension or further distress.

About Guard Services USA

Whether you’re looking for uniformed security guards or plainclothes security guards, we’ve got you covered.

At Guard Services USA, we provide armed security guards, unarmed security guards, law enforcement security guards, and off-duty police officers permanently and temporarily. We’ve got 30 years of experience dispatching licensed and insured security guards to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico 24/7/365.

Reach out to us at to get started today!

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