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4 Times When Temporary Security Is Essential for Your Business

Ideally, security is a long-term commitment for your business’s well being and reputation because security is a need that’s consistent, especially with crime rates rising across the United States. But there are times when businesses can and should benefit from temporary security guard services. Let’s discuss some of these.

1.    When You’re Hosting an Event

If a business is hosting an event, particularly on a large scale, then the need for urgent security services may increase. More staff has to be hired, trained, and prepared to take on critical tasks. Corporate events, particularly those with high-profile guests in attendance, may need increased security temporarily once the event is over. However, there will be no need for the newly hired staff.

In such a situation, it’s only wise that a business should employ temporary or contractual security instead of full-time staff.

2.    When You’re Short on Money

Hiring a permanent or long-term security solution often involves a lot more commitment and investment. You may have to bring in recruits and train them all by yourself. This may require you to spend a considerable amount of money. However, if the need is urgent and your budget is low, considering a short-term security service may be the best option. That way your security needs will not be compromised due to a shortage of funds.

Additionally, you are responsible for the people you’re hiring on a permanent basis; hiring a temporary service can free you of that responsibility.

3.    When You Need Quick Replacement

There may be an emergency with your existing security staff, or they may not be available for a particular period. In such circumstances, instead of recruiting brand new permanent staff, it’s best to stick to more temporary options. Temporary services can be hired at any time, and your business can negotiate contracts based on your needs, so you don’t go overboard with spending.

4.    When You Can’t Train Your Staff

Training your own security staff is a lot of commitment. It may require you to hire a training service that can teach your team the essentials. It will also need you to be legally answerable for their actions and you may also have to pay for insurance on their behalf.

Why go down that road when you have other cheaper and more convenient options available?

If you’re looking for temporary security guard services, Guard Services USA can help. We are a security guard company that provides reliable armed and unarmed, uniformed and non-uniformed guards on a temporary and permanent basis. You can reach out to us at

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