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Top 4 Security Risks During Corporate Events to Plan For

Planning a large scale corporate event takes time and effort. The planning process involves many stages, one of which is the risk assessment and the subsequent security planning. Because many corporate events can get controversial and involve high-profile guests, planning a security map is essential for executing a successful event. Here are some risks that planners must preempt and prepare for.

1.    Plan Ahead For Protestors

Any big corporate event is bound to get a lot of crowds and not always the polite kind. Plenty of people take these events as an opportunity to express various sentiments against corporations in general.

If the planners are not already prepared for this crowd management, the event runs the risk of being hijacked by protestors. The business must hire armed security guards to deter any violent threats and take the help of unarmed and plainclothes security guards to carry out surveillance and provide discreet security.

2.    Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere. But a large-scale corporate event should have some preparation done to tackle such issues if they arise. These medical emergencies can happen for various reasons; your event can be happening outdoors and leave the guests exposed to heat or other weather elements.

Medical emergencies may arise on the part of guests due to ill health as well. To prevent a significant event from being dampened by such emergencies, preparation is necessary. Security guards can help provide CPR and basic medical assistance, but it’s good to have some doctors on standby.

3.    Watch the Entrance

A high-profile event can mean the risk of being crashed by unwanted people and groups. In order to provide maximum security, the entrance must be monitored appropriately and surveyed to stop intruders. A trained security team will know how to manage such threats.

4.    Alcohol Induced Emergencies

Events of such nature often serve alcohol to their guests, and guests may drink too much, turning the crowd into a mob. Even if such an event doesn’t happen, alcohol can often lead to smaller fights among the guests, curtailing which becomes an essential part of the plan.

Trained security services are crucial for the success of any big corporate event. If you’re looking for one, Guard Services USA has got you covered. We are a security guard company that provides temporary and permanent security guard services. Hire our uniformed and plainclothes security staff to keep your event away from any trouble. Reach out to us at

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