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A Comprehensive Guide To Upgrading Your Apartment Complex Security

Closeup of multiple apartment buildings in the US

As an apartment building owner, ensuring the safety and security of your tenants is a top priority. With the rise in crime rates and security breaches in recent years, it has become more crucial than ever to enhance your apartment complex security measures.

From installing surveillance cameras to implementing access control systems, there are various ways to enhance the security of your property. However, with so many options, deciding which upgrades are necessary for your complex can be overwhelming.

Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn the essential steps you need to take to take your apartment complex security to the next level. So, let’s dive in and get started on revamping your apartment building security today!Closeup of multiple apartment buildings in the US

Different Apartment Complex Security Problems

As an apartment complex manager, you have the responsibility of ensuring your tenants feel safe. Unfortunately, you can face numerous security issues in your apartment building. From trespassing to theft, you must know what problems you may face and how to address them.

Trespassing is a major problem for apartment complexes as it can put residents at risk if a stranger is on their property without permission. With rising kidnappings, trespassing can be dangerous. The best way to tackle this issue is by installing surveillance cameras around your complex so any suspicious activity can be monitored.

Another issue that affects many apartment complexes is theft. To protect your tenants’ belongings, you must have a reliable alarm system to alert authorities when an intruder enters the building or if suspicious activity is detected. You can also use motion-activated lights to deter potential thieves from entering the premises at night.

Conduct Security Audit

Conducting a security audit is an essential step in upgrading the security of your apartment complex. A security audit will provide you with an in-depth assessment of the current security measures and identify any potential weaknesses. You must be thorough when conducting security audits, as it will help you understand the unique security requirements of your property and determine which upgrades are necessary for maximum protection.

When conducting a security audit, you should assess the entry and exit points of your property and evaluate any existing access control systems and surveillance equipment. You should also check the safety features of your buildings, like door locks, windows, gates, and more. By thoroughly analyzing these features, you can pinpoint areas that need additional protection.

Once you have conducted a thorough security audit, you can make informed decisions on improving your apartment building security. Taking the time to conduct security assessments upfront ensures all potential vulnerabilities are addressed, and safety is always maximized!

A security officer conducting an extensive security audit

Make A Security Plan

Creating a security plan for your apartment complex is crucial to ensure you take the correct steps to upgrade its security. Before implementing new security measures, you must take a step back and assess your current situation.

Consider creating a security plan that maps out the specific steps necessary for changing your apartment complex security. Include details like budgeting, installation timelines, and any other relevant information. With rising inflation, analyzing the budget beforehand is crucial as it can help you save money. Ensure all your tenants are aware of this plan so they can contribute their ideas on increasing security in the building.

By taking the time to make a comprehensive security plan, you can ensure you are taking the necessary steps to secure your property. With an effective plan, you can rest assured knowing your apartment complex is secure!

An individual making an extensive security plan

Install Access Control Systems

When it comes to upgrading your apartment complex security, one of the best ways to do so is to install access control systems. These systems are designed to limit access to specific areas of your property while ensuring only authorized individuals can enter. It ensures unauthorized personnel can’t get into restricted areas, which can minimize theft or vandalism.

There are several types of access control systems available like keypad entry systems and card readers. With a keypad entry system, you can set up a code that residents must enter before opening the door. Similarly, card readers require an ID card for residents to gain access to the apartment complex.

These two types of access control systems offer the highest level of security and allow you to easily monitor and track who is accessing your property. These systems can be integrated with other security measures, such as surveillance cameras or alarm systems, for added protection.

Add Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is one of the most effective ways to upgrade the security of your apartment complex. Cameras allow you to monitor activity on your property 24/7. When choosing the security camera for your building, consider factors like property size, placement, and features.

If you’re looking to cover wide areas on your property, opt for larger cameras that offer higher-resolution images. Strategically placing these cameras in visible locations can be beneficial in deterring vandalism and other criminal activities. Look for additional features, including motion sensors or night vision, that could help prevent crime at your apartment building.

Hire Security Guards

Security guards provide an invaluable service, ensuring tenants and visitors feel safe and comfortable when entering or leaving the property. Not only do they have the ability to identify potential threats, but they can also help deter crime by stopping intruders. Hiring security guards allows you to respond quickly to emergencies in your apartment building.

When searching for security officers, always consider their qualifications and experience. Ensure they are trained in emergency response protocols and are knowledgeable about local laws. You must find guards who are friendly and approachable, as creating a welcoming atmosphere is essential for building trust with your tenants. You must ensure all your selected guards are properly licensed and insured before hiring them for the job.

Two professional security guards protecting an apartment complex

Get Top-Class Security Services To Safeguard Your Apartment Complex

Want to keep residents secure at your apartment complex? Consider connecting with the team at Guard Services USA. We’ve been providing exceptional security services for over thirty years to clients in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Our team of permanent and temporary security guards can help you conduct a thorough security audit and help create a security plan from scratch. Our security guards also provide excellent patrolling services to keep your commercial property safe from intruders. Our team serves various businesses, including banks, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

You can get in touch with our team for more details about our security services.

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7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

Shopping malls attract all kinds of people of all ages. They come to shop for apparel, food, groceries, other goods, and entertainment. Modern shopping malls are typically a one-stop shop for customers, with a wide range of offerings from retail stores to restaurants/food courts, movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, and more.

As such, shopping mall security needs to be on point for the safety of patrons, employees, goods, and property. If you are a shopping mall owner, vendor, employee, or patron, you should know about the problems pertaining to shopping mall security, and why hiring mall security guards is so important.

7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

Here are 7 shopping mall security problems that every shopping mall owner, vendor, patron should know about, to understand the importance of mall security guards:

1. Shoplifting/Theft

Shoplifting or theft are the biggest risk to shopping mall security. Shopping malls are packed with goods and products, making them a top spot for petty criminals and thieves. Of course, serious and hard criminals may also be interested in big-ticket items like jewelry and expensive electronics found inside malls.

While security cameras and locked glass cases can help keep things in check, criminals can easily work around these systems. Mall security guards are needed to deter criminals from acting in the first place and for keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.

Considering that theft is the biggest challenge for shopping malls, it is always a good idea to have comprehensive security services in place.

2. Vandalism

Vandalism is another common issue for shopping mall security, especially because such establishments attract a lot of young crowds. When public spaces like shopping malls get crowded, they become even more vulnerable to vandalism.

This is because there is low visibility, increased distractions, and lack of attention, creating the ideal environment for vandals to start misusing, tagging, or breaking mall property. Without tight security, shopping malls face unnecessary expenses during busy days, which are quite regular for most modern shopping malls.

However, mall security guards not only deter vandalism in malls, but they are also highly-trained to observe crowds for suspicious groups and activities. This makes it easier for them to prevent vandalism in the first place, and immediately detain suspects if it occurs.

3. Violent Crimes

Shopping malls are public spaces where anyone can show up, which makes them susceptible to some extremely violent crimes like mass shootings and other acts of domestic terrorism. While it is rare for something like this to happen, it is still a threat to shopping mall security.

Shooters and terrorists are likely to engage densely populated areas like a movie theater or food court. This is where highly-trained mall security guards are not only important to spot and address threats, but also for remaining calm to guide patrons and employees to safety.

If a situation unfolds in front of them, they are also trained to de-escalate matters in such highly stressful situations. They may help save many lives in the process, at least until law enforcement arrive.

4. Public Altercations

It isn’t uncommon for visitors, customers, and employees in a shopping mall to get involved in heated arguments and fights. Such public altercations are expected in crowded public spaces, which is why shopping mall security usually has protocols in place to deescalate altercations and remove or detain suspects, if things get out of hand.

However, this is only possible with effective mall security guards who are trained and experienced in such matters. They must have excellent communication skills, de-escalation training, and the physical strength to remove or detain multiple suspects.

Most often, experienced guards know exactly how to de-escalate and resolve matters between people, so it doesn’t require any kind of force. However, they are well-equipped and trained to handle stubborn and violent individuals as well.

7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

5. Unauthorized Entry

Shopping malls typically have multiple entry and exit points, so it is easier for large crowds to access their establishment from various points. However, this creates another common shopping mall security problem- unauthorized entry.

Multiple entry and exit points also makes it easier for criminals to enter and exit shopping malls without being noticed. Matters may get worse if criminals gain access to staff and cargo entry and exit points.

Mall security guards can ensure that unauthorized entry is completely eliminated from the premises. They can check for suspicious activity, materials, and people, to make sure that criminals stay out at all times.

6. Lost Dependents

People get lost in large shopping malls all the time, especially if it’s their first time visiting. While this isn’t a huge issue for most adults, dependents such as children or elderly people may get overwhelmed if they get lost in large crowds.

However, uniformed shopping mall security guards can be of great help in such situations. Not only can they be reached out by the lost person, they are also great at identifying overwhelmed kids and adults in crowds.

They can actively keep a lookout for kids and older people who seem frightened or alone. Once they find a lost dependent, they can quickly help them reunite with their family through security surveillance and speaker systems in the mall.

Similarly, if parents or families report a missing person or child, the shopping mall security team will have protocols in place to ensure that no one leaves the premises with the missing person or child.

7. Parking Lot Problems

Often, threats to shopping mall security occur outside of the mall itself, in the parking lot. Criminals and con artists often lurk around mall parking lots to take advantage of patrons and their vehicles.

They may break into vehicles, mug families, or scam people going in and out of their vehicles. Large parking lots are also notorious for physical and sexual assaults, especially during nighttime.

Mall security guards can patrol parking lots to mitigate such criminal activities. They can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and even catch and detain suspects for law enforcement. During slow hours of the night, they may even walk customers and employees to their cars, to ensure their safety.

Final Thoughts

These 7 shopping mall security problems are a threat to shopping mall owners, vendors, employees, and patrons alike. They may range from petty crimes and altercations to acts of terrorism, but mall security guards provide a comprehensive solution for them all.

This is why every shopping mall should hire trained and experienced mall security guards to protect their premises.

If you want to learn more about security problems at shopping malls, or about the best, most trusted security guard company, please visit our website today!

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Why Should You Hire Retail Security Guards?

Why Should You Hire Retail Security Guards?

Despite what you may hear online, retail is still a huge part of our economy. Every day, millions of people visit retail establishments across the country. While most of these people are valuable customers, a few are criminals disguised as patrons.

Unfortunately, retail store theft is a harsh and concerning reality for retail business owners. Maintaining the safety and security of their customers, employees, goods, and property is critical, especially during busy days.

Apart from retail theft, there are plenty of other situations where security is threatened in a retail establishment. In such situations, having retail security guards has proven incredibly beneficial for retail business across the world.

Let’s discuss this in further detail to help you understand why you should hire retail security guards:

Why Should You Hire Retail Security Guards?

● Deter Crime & Criminals

Visible security measures like a CCTV camera, padlock, or an active security guard are excellent deterrents of crime. If you leave a pile of goods lying around in public unattended, even the average person who doesn’t steal will be tempted to take it.

Criminals on the other hand, will definitely take it the first chance they get. Whereas if you place a visible security camera or a uniformed security guard around it, the same people will think twice before attempting to take the goods.

This is why visible security measures like retail security guards are a great way to deter crime at your retail store. Criminals, especially armed ones, will see the guards and think long and hard before they even attempt to steal or commit other crimes on your premises.

Whereas regular people, including your employees, will not be tempted to commit petty crime just because “no one is watching.”

When customers and criminals see uniformed security guards at a retail store, they know that this is a crime-averse zone.

● Minimize Shoplifting

Shoplifting is a huge concern for retail businesses. It can be tough to keep track of every patron who enters your establishment. Shoplifting creates massive losses for retail businesses, but the presence of retail security guards minimizes shoplifting, because there is a much greater chance of getting caught by the guards.

If a patron or criminal does shoplift, security guards are more likely to catch them immediately and address the issue. Over time, as security guards get more familiarized with your establishment and its weak spots, there will be more vigilance and fewer shoplifting incidents, until they reach almost zero.

● Improve Customer Experience

You may not consider it, but retail security guards are an excellent addition to your customer service. When they patrol your establishment, they observe intently and familiarize themselves with your business, becoming a part of it.

This allows them to assist customers when they ask for directions or anything else. Exemplary guards are approachable, kind, and professional, with outstanding communication skills. They quickly become great brand ambassadors for your store.

At the end of their shift, especially at night, they can assist customers safely to their vehicles. Most importantly, when customers see retail security guards, they instantly feel safer to shop at your retail store.

If there are heated interactions between patrons and/ or employees, it can be tough for untrained individuals to react calmly and sensibly, especially in high-stress situations. But security guards are trained to de-escalate matters and resolve problems, before they become serious.

Ultimately, security guards improve your retail store’s overall customer experience, which is an integral part of your business.

Why Should You Hire Retail Security Guards?

● Immediate Response in Emergency Situations

A key reason you should hire retail security guards is because they can provide immediate emergency response. If something happens at your retail store, emergency services or law enforcement may take time to respond to the situation.

Often, the damage is done before they even arrive. However, having security guards at your retail store means you can protect your goods, customers, and employees as an emergency situation unfolds.

They can detect suspicious activity, respond immediately, and detain perpetrators and suspects until law enforcement arrive and take over. There are plenty of emergency situations in which security guards can provide emergency response, including criminal activities, fire hazards, accidents, etc.

● Security System Failures

As a business owner, you may already have some security systems in place, such as security cameras, sensors, alarm systems, etc. However, these systems are dependent on things like electricity, networks, and properly functioning devices.

If your security system fails for some reason, even temporarily, retail security guards can be alerted to respond accordingly. They become your eyes and ears on the ground, observing weak spots. They may set up specific protocols to overcome security system failure, be more vigilant, and help your business maintain security in such situations.

Most importantly, modern criminals are often excellent hackers. This means that if your retail establishment is solely dependent on electronic security systems, these criminals may hack into it and rob you blind.

Whereas if you have security guards on site, such attempts are most likely going to be unsuccessful.

● Complete Confidence & Satisfaction

Apart from improving your retail establishment’s security and all the mentioned benefits and reasons, hiring retail security guards gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured that highly-trained professionals are guarding your goods and premises.

You will gain complete confidence and satisfaction that they will handle any situation that may harm your business interests, in an appropriate manner.

They will patrol your premises, observe suspicious activities, deter criminals, handle security breaches, respond to emergencies, deescalate stressful situations, monitor surveillance systems, and detain suspects, all while improving your customer experience.

They ensure the safety of your property, employees, customers, and operations effectively, unlike any other security measure you can put in place.

Final Thoughts

By now, it should be clear why hiring retail security guards is not only beneficial, but necessary for retail establishments. They are highly-trained professional experts who can identify threats to your business and eliminate them, often before they even become an issue.

Your retail business will benefit in that security guards will help protect a lot of money from losses, avoid trouble or tricky situations, mitigate challenges, handle crises, improve customer experiences, and maintain its operations and brand reputation.

If you want to learn more about why you should hire retail security guards, or about the best, most trusted security guard services in the country, please visit our website today!

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Debunking Top Myths About Commercial Security

Commercial Security Myths

Commercial Security Myths

Asset protection or loss prevention is a crucial component of running a company and involves keeping customers, employees, and inventory secure on the company’s premises.

What Is Commercial Security?

A commercial security plan ensures your business is protected from robbery, damage, or any other loss. The most popular business security measures are locks, fences, motion or smoke detectors, security alarms, cybersecurity systems, commercial security guards, and video surveillance.

Unlike domestic security systems, corporate security systems provide adequate safeguarding since they are sometimes obliged to patrol greater locations. Corporate security services are available for small and large enterprises, including anything from onsite commercial security guards to security cameras.

The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make

While every business owner wants to run a company with a great internal and external environment that is safe for both employees and customers, they focus more on work efficiency and undervalue security management concerns. Underestimating the importance of commercial security systems is a company’s biggest mistake.

Regardless of how productive your staff is – if the security system is inefficient, it won’t just hinder your success but might bring you back to zero in seconds.

Debunking Top Myths About Commercial Security

Every company strives to have the greatest level of security at the workplace. However, numerous myths give people a deceptive sense of safety and hold them back from achieving an efficient commercial security system.

Here is a list of top myths about commercial security you need to dispel today:

1. Thinking Your Business Will Not Get Targeted

There is a constant threat of security breaches to your company, either online or onsite. Criminals may try to illegally enter your business’s premises, regardless of whether the area you operate is a busy commercial center or a small, isolated region.

Many individuals believe that settling near other companies or in a busy area guarantees protection, and they couldn’t be further from being wrong. Similarly, people who operate far from any significant center believe that nobody will attempt to break in because of the distance. These two presumptions are untrue. If someone tries to gain access to your online systems or company premises, then simple security measures will not be enough to secure your data or onsite premises. Don’t gamble with safety!

2. Relying on Insurance Coverage for Losses

Tangible items that are lost, destroyed or stolen can be replaced, thanks to your company’s insurance policy. However, insurance cannot compensate for wasted time, workers and customers’ traumatic experience, loss of highly important or confidential information, or loss of lives in extreme scenarios, regardless of how comprehensive your insurance coverage is.

When your company’s valuables are stolen or damaged, you, your workers, and even your customers will have to spend significant time and energy dealing with the cops and making deals with insurance providers rather than managing the day-to-day operations of your company and their personal lives.

Spare yourself, your workers, and your customers from all the threats and inconveniences and install a reliable security system or hire security guards from top security guard companies to prevent such unfortunate events.

3. Worrying That the Security Systems Are Difficult and Expensive

Although high-quality commercial security systems are expensive, their usability and features make them worth the price, and you can frequently discover security alternatives cheaper than you expect. You may get assistance from top security guard companies that are experts in making the best decisions for your company.

You can easily learn how to use your security gear from a specialist.

4. Considering Security Personnal or Gear Good-For-Nothing

Certain people think that commercial security guards or security devices just provide criminals with an additional task and that several burglars or hackers can fight the security personnal or disarm specific security measures. Actually, criminals only seek very simple opportunities. An unguarded fence, an unlocked door, and an unmanaged security control indicate a big welcome to those criminals on your premises. Theft will stop if you introduce a factor that makes their work more complex.

Research shows that most criminals will steer clear of commercial properties with armed security guards or surveillance systems. If a criminal sees a uniformed security guard or a surveillance system at your company, they will probably flee to a simpler prey. You need to ensure that it isn’t you since criminals will always try to gain access to the place with the least online or onsite security management.

Importance of Having Commercial Security Guards

1. Always be Prepared to Fight Criminals

Commercial security guards are ready to take immediate action in the case of a burglary or other unlawful activity. One of the main advantages of keeping commercial security guards on duty is the ability to respond quickly to security problems. Commercial security guards must maintain composure even under pressure and prevent or remove criminals from the commercial premises as soon as possible before they can perform any criminal activity.

Suppose consumers are creating a ruckus inside the business establishment. In that case, your security guard can easily handle it and wouldn’t let you panic while waiting for the authorities to arrive and take command of the situation, which the cops only do if the damages surpass a certain threshold.

Therefore, employing commercial security guards at business establishments may help avoid some situations and allow issues to be addressed quickly. Criminals who know that armed security guards properly protect a company are less inclined to initiate violent acts.

2. Presence of a Commercial Security Guard

Hiring a licensed commercial security guard from an efficient security patrol firm gives a clear message to burglars and robbers. You can ensure they are stopped from engaging in unlawful activity by letting them know the store is guarded and looked after.

Commercial security guards also give customers and staff a sense of safety, which raises the overall client experience.


Criminal activity is not just restricted to theft. Commercial security guards are excellent at recognizing any potential threats or strange activity. They can also manage difficult situations, deal with emergencies, control visitor traffic, and ensure everything goes according to plan. Commercial security guards are specialists in commercial security since they have undergone specific training for handling such problems.

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Restaurant Robberies: 8 Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Business

Restaurant robberies

Restaurants are a common target for robbery. Every year, robbers target hundreds of restaurants across the country. If you own a restaurant business, it is important that you ensure the security of your staff and clients. That is why you should hire a security guard and consider taking extra measures to safeguard your restaurant.

A robbery can result in high financial costs for your restaurant business or cafe. Regardless of the size of your eatery, robbery is still a risk.

Restaurant robberies

The following safety tips will make you feel more at ease and reduce the chances of a robbery at your restaurant.

1. Adopt a Strict Policy for Handling Funds

Try to keep some amount of cash at the counter and the remaining somewhere safe. You can store the extra cash in a vault with a lock. According to research, the majority of criminals can’t just wait for a vault to open automatically for 15 minutes. Vault safety code changes must be made on a frequent basis, especially after a worker’s employment has ended. Try not to plan your bank visits for the same day or time every week. Cash transferring routines could be observed and evaluated for potential “theft” risk. Use alternate daily routes to take the cash home or at the bank.

2. Manage Your Hours of Operation

Follow your restaurant’s closing and opening protocols strictly.  According to authorities, it is among the crucial steps restaurants can take for preventing restaurant robberies. Today, we have specific safety procedures for unlocking, opening, and inspecting a restaurant while the other workers wait to ask for assistance if something goes wrong. Do not leave a staff member alone at your businessplace.

3. Arrange Seminars On Safety Awareness for Staff

Restaurant owners have several tools that can help them deal with safety issues, including preventing restaurant robbery tutorials, self-defense tips for employees, law enforcement presentations, and more. Managers must instruct their staff to refrain from sharing revenue figures, banking details, vault or buzzer combinations, or burglary preventive techniques with anybody.

Restaurant staff skills’ training requires regular assessments. To ensure safety protocols are implemented, some cafes check safety concerns “thrice a week.” These evaluations and feedback help eliminate possible entry points for criminals by conveying the importance of safety to staff. A few experts advise that businesses should routinely give their staff training on the penalties for participating in illegal actions and the consequences of “aiding” any illegal conduct.

4. Cross-Check Potential Employees Before Hiring

Another very common illegal act in a restaurant business is staff robbery. Did you know the hiring process is where you may prevent restaurant robberies? You can do this by cross-checking potential candidates before hiring them. Therefore, before hiring an employee, you can request a referral, then review the referral and verify the candidate’s employment history.

Although always on the go, cafe staff usually have unrestricted entry to all facilities, which increases the risk of robbery. The robbery of goods or cash must be prohibited under a cafe’s security policy. Every staff member must be obligated to acknowledge the establishment’s security policy, attest to their understanding of the expectations and commit to upholding the security measures.

Take measures to foster an open and healthy working environment. It is proven that a supportive workplace discourages staff theft and fraud. Staff members are made to seem like a member of the company via employee appreciation, open communication, and ethical hiring procedures. Additionally, employees would be less likely to steal when they are informed regarding the heavy price of stealing and how it may affect their employment and income.

5. Improve Overall Safety

There are several steps you may take to ensure the security of your workers and business. Several cafes and restaurants have invested in cutting-edge high-definition surveillance camera systems, high-tech vaults and safes, and armored doors that neither staff nor criminals can unlock. Many companies hire a security guard or have built quiet buzzer devices with wireless signals or switches scattered around the property. Think about strategically installing CCTV systems in specific areas, such as unloading and loading areas, cash registers, garbage disposal, and outdoor entrances where consumers may see them. Make sure your staff always locks the rear entrance.

Place a video camera at the exit door and inside the restaurant so staff members may observe any suspicious activity in the cafe and stop the concerned person / people from walking out.

6. Increase Clarity and Brightness

Improve the cafe’s exposure both outside and inside. Remove any items from windows and front doors that may prevent the staff members from noticing strange people around. Make sure the outdoor area is well-kept. All plants must be two feet tall and no closer than five feet from the doorway. The height of branches must be at least four feet above the surface. A significant deterrent for people trying to commit crimes at midnight is the presence of outdoor motion-sensor spotlights. Add speed breakers in the car park to prevent escapes.

A smart solution to prevent robberies is to evaluate a cafe’s surroundings and enforce preventive measures as well as take any corrective action immediately when required.

7. Appoint Armed Guards

The involvement of safety personnel can significantly reduce the likelihood of break-ins. Armed personnel is the second line of defense in situations where robberies happen because they have received specialized training in rapid action techniques.

One effective technique to protect your restaurant from robberies is with a strong buzzer device and a uniformed security guard. It’s great if you hire a security patrol service to ensure your restaurant stays safe 24/7.

8. Implement Precautionary Mechanisms

Evaluate the area of your restaurant to decide if you need to install door latches in the entryway. You should install door locks in doors and windows. The PVC in doors or windows must be burglar-proof. If necessary, car parks must include a gate and fence.

Bottom Line

Safety measures are not universal since each company or organization is different. Get in touch with Guard Services USA to develop a specialized restaurant protection plan that can give your restaurant complete protection.

Guard Services USA has a great reputation for professionalism, advancement, and client satisfaction. The Guard Services USA consistently offers high-quality, reasonably-priced security solutions for residences, companies, and academic institutes.

When it comes to safety and security, Guard Services USA is the leading company offering armed security guards service. The company’s personnel will closely work with you to develop a comprehensive and organized safety strategy that can meet your security demands and financial constraints. For an appointment, get in touch with them right now.

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Hiring Plainclothes Security Guards: Why Is It Important?


There are two primary types of security guards: Plain clothes and uniformed security guards. When referring to security, many people assume uniformed guards. Although they don’t often appear similar, security personnel in civilian clothes undergo the same practices and training.

Plainclothes security guards might even be more successful than uniformed security guards at catching fraudsters.

Are you asking yourself about the kind of protection your business requires? However, this post will answer most of your questions once you carefully read it. This post also explains the significance of plainclothes security guards. They greatly help with public management and maintenance, prevent mishaps and accidents, keep uninvited guests away, and give the public a sense of safety and security.


Advantages of Hiring Plainclothes Security Guard

Companies with plainclothes security guards commonly deal with valuable materials and exchange currency. Financial aid offices, retail and wholesale companies, and banks frequently fall under this category.

Companies that meet many clients regularly, including healthcare centers and educational institutes like clinics, also require their services. Plainclothes security guards blend into the public and monitor potentially dangerous situations.

The advantages of hiring plainclothes security guards are as follows:

1. They Are Difficult to Recognize

The ability of plainclothes security officers to mix with the crowd may not appear advantageous. Even while it can seem illogical, there are occasions when you need security personnel who are less noticeable. It is more difficult to conduct an offense if they are unaware of potential observers.

The appearance of a security officer in civilian attire can be helpful if you’re seeking to arrest a criminal and identify which worker is cheating.

Suppose the security guard is dressed as a civilian. In that case, criminals may not notice their existence, which gives the guard a greater opportunity to handle the situation silently and without harming innocent civilians.

2. Plainclothes Security Guards Appear Less Intimidating

According to research, a person’s clothing can affect how you see them. In particular, in-store clothing, such as those used by security guards, or law enforcement, create an impression of power that could be terrifying. Let’s say you’ve entered a shop and discovered a uniformed man with a rifle. They may make customers feel uncomfortable or like they are in a risky place. A security officer who simply fits in with the public appears friendly and less frightening. You may pick security officers from a group that reflects the business’s regular customers.

3. Shocking Surprise to Criminals

Criminals who plot their robberies understand the surveillance personnel’s patterns. They record the time and frequency of personnel visits in every section of the tower or business. When they understand the routine, they may think of a strategy to carry out the offense and avoid monitoring. Identifying trends is challenging if the criminals don’t realize who the personnel is.

4. Avoid Mishaps and Hazards

The security team is skilled in spotting possible hazards and incidents. You might occasionally avoid huge and little mishaps by keeping them alert. These guards can spot thieves and other unexpected people that could be present in the audience.

5. You Can Catch Several Criminals With Plainclothes Security Guards

The emergence of grocery retail crime is posing a serious problem for businesses. 80% of participants who worked in retailing in the latest research reported having experienced this kind of crime.

Such organizations aggressively seek out security personnel and struggle to protect their business from criminals. Plainclothes security guards could be a great option to capture criminals. The criminal usually perceives the guard as a consumer, which makes it simpler for the security personnel to arrest them while committing a crime.

6. Appearance in Certain Situations Is Smart

The uniform of a security guard might be noticeable in certain places. The clothing doesn’t convey a positive appearance; rather, they highlight the security challenges affecting your company.

They would appear more professional if they dressed exactly like an ordinary staff. For example, letting your security personnel wear blazers seems much more sophisticated if workers normally wear blazers to the workplace.

7. Efficient Staff Supervision

Hiring plainclothes security guards is wise when you think your staff is cheating or assisting consumers in snatching. Even though they appear to be shoppers, they are well-informed shoppers. Such guards could catch staff stealing from the drawer of money or aiding a buddy in stealing goods by removing the warning labels.

That’s ideal when you sense any issue from staff; however, you’ll have to change your security personnel to be effective.

8. Plainclothes Security Guards Are More Reliable

You can trust uniformed security guards to protect customers, but they are less liable to create stories or boast about misbehavior. When your safety personnel appears to be ordinary staff, other staff members may divulge their theft tactics.

Consumers could even erroneously request assistance from simple clothes security personnel. These are more reliable to people trying to conduct crimes since they don’t seem like security personnel.

We must undertake safety measures secretly sometimes. Based on the scenario, a security personnel in civilian attire could be better than a professional security guard with a uniform. These events frequently include dignitary or celebrity escorts or executive protection.

Civilian clothes personnel specialize in disaster control, fraud detection, corporate interrogations, and risk management. Plainclothes personnel can collaborate alongside security personnel in uniform.

Is Safety With Plainclothes Security Guards Guaranteed?

With everything previously discussed regarding plainclothing security’s advantages and solutions, you can conclude that it’s unquestionably among the finest strategies for medium and massive firms. Without showing the fraudsters any indication of their existence, experienced personnel may deliver the desired protection. It could be helpful to the firm because the security guard would defend it against attacks and fraudulent activity. Plainclothes safety personnel may assist massive and medium firms in theft protection and safeguarding the firm’s precious valuables. As a result, disguised security personnel may be highly useful as they help prevent theft at a firm.

To Sum Up

Regardless of size, all companies need plainclothes security guards, including your company. Ensure that your plain clothes security guards is properly trained and equipped. Guard Services USA has more than a decade of expertise offering top professional security solutions in the US and has served prestigious companies and people around Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico. You may count on their professional security solutions and feel secure, understanding that your confidentiality and safety are ensured.

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Why Hotels Need to Upgrade their Security Systems In 2023

Close-up shot of a hotel bed

The hospitality industry in the US is growing at a steady rate at of (CAGR) of 5.5 percent. Although the hospitality sector suffered a massive hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now evident that business is back to usual in the hotel sector as guests continue to flock to hotels in the US.

Close-up shot of a hotel bed

To gear up for the next year’s expected tourism surge, hotels all over the world are investing in their infrastructure to attract more visitors than before. If you’re the owner of a hospitality establishment in the US, then it’s time for you to invest in a professional security guard service for your hotel.

Not sure how that’s going to benefit you in the coming days? Take a look below. We have shared a list of some reasons all hotels must be keen on investing in professional security services for 2023 and beyond!

To Ensure Guests’ Safety

This probably does not need to be spelled out but guests’ safety is a hotel’s biggest priority. You want to make sure that your guests, their belongings, and families are safe at all times while they are on your premises. Therefore, hiring security guards is crucial as you welcome more guests than before.

Protect Hotel Property

The hospitality business is one of the most expensive businesses to run. The millions of dollars invested in your hotel property, equipment, and furnishing must be safeguarded at all times. Therefore, having plainclothes security guards discretely patrolling your premises is crucial for keeping your property protected from intruders.

A hotel’s swimming pool

Improve Customer Experiences

People don’t just travel to rejuvenate, they also travel to gain new experiences that traveling offers. Your hotel is going to be a vital part of the story a traveler will go back and tell home. So if you want to be remembered as a great hospitality service that offered superior customer experience and ensured their safety and security,  make sure your security arrangements are in order.

Avoid Unpleasant Situations

As with every hotel in the US right now, you must be anticipating a large number of visitors in 2023. However, managing a higher footfall has many more risks that you may not be equipped to deal with on your own.

To make sure that your hospitality business continues to run effectively without being impacted by any theft or vandalism scandals, hire security guards.

Improve Your Reputation

As a hospitality business,you cannot afford to get attention for the wrong reasons. But good publicity is always great for your hotel’s reputation and one that you should invest in. So what if we told you that a simple step such as hiring security guards for your hotel can help you improve its reputation and attract more customers? Doing so will make your guests and staff feel safe and valued.

Looking for Hospitality Security? Talk to Us!

Are you a hospitality business in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico? Do you seek to hire an experienced security guard service for your establishment? Then connect with us at Guard Services USA. We offer uniformed security guard, armed and unarmed security guards, as well as security patrol services.

Contact us today.

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Why Tech isn’t Enough – Things to Keep in Mind When Securing Your Commercial Property

A modern architectural building

Numerous recent reports suggest that crime against commercial properties is increasing across the US. Amid the concerns, businesses are keen to take measures that can help them improve their security and make their commercial premises safe for their employees and customers.

The first step that comes to mind is investing in the latest security technology, such as commercial locks, CCTV cameras, and automated access controls. However, technology is just not enough.

A modern architectural building

In this day and age, when criminals have found numerous ways to crack security protocols, it’s essential to have competent security services by your side. This includes a team of professional plainclothes security guards, back-end security company support, and a comprehensive strategy to deal with commercial security challenges.

If you want to ensure that your commercial property is protected from all intruders, violence mongers, and robbers, here’s a list of things to do.

Hire a Professional Security Company

Start with hiring a professional security service with expertise in tailored security plans. The security company should have security guards to hire, experience in commercial security management, and strategic planners to offer back-end security support.

Start with an Analysis

Conduct a security review with the help of your security service. This will help you identify loopholes and vulnerabilities in your existing security setup. And also offer you a way to make future security plans that are foolproof.

Hire Security Guards

Your security company will also provide you with security guards. You can opt for armed security guards, unarmed security personnel, plain clothes, or uniformed security guards. Depending on the nature of your business, get security guards to be deployed outside and inside your commercial property.

 A security guard in a suit

Take Preventative Approach

Instead of waiting for an unfortunate incident to happen and then conducting a security review, take a preventative approach. Ask your security guard service to conduct preventative security drills and maintenance to see if your security plans are adequate to deal with the growing challenges.

Train Your Employees

Alongside hiring security guards and investing in the latest security measures, it’s also essential to invest time and resources to train your employees. Conduct security training to teach your employees about the protocols, safe practices, and methods that can help them protect themselves and those around them.

Review with Security Audit

Once every few months, conduct security audits. This is to check whether your team and security guards can fully implement the security plans and work effectively during a drill. In case of a theft or vandalism event at your retail store, immediately call for a security audit.

Start Upgrading Your Security Today

No matter which industry you belong to or how many commercial properties you own, if you seek to hire a reliable security guard service, connect with us today. At Guard Services USA, we offer customized security plans, multi-location security services, and competent security guards. Get a quote for uniformed security guards, armed security guards service, and temporary security guards.

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Six Businesses that Must Have Security Guards

A uniformed security guard

Valued at over $50 billion, the security services industry in the country is one of the most lucrative sectors. Businesses often undermine the importance of hiring professional security guard services and end up paying a price much higher than a guard’s fee.

You may also not realize that your commercial property is more vulnerable to security dangers than residential complexes.

So to ensure you don’t make the same mistake in your industry, we have come up with a list. Below are listed six business industries that must hire professional security guards for their commercial properties.

A uniformed security guard

Financial Institutes

Although financial institutes such as banks have high-tech security tools and protocols in place, the need for security guards cannot be ignored. Security personnel deployed inside and outside of banks can help prevent unfortunate events.

Retail Stores and Shopping Malls

According to some estimates reported in 2019, retail theft amounted to over $68 billion. This is a much higher number than the expense American businesses are incurring to upgrade their security. To ensure that your retail store doesn’t suffer losses due to employee theft or shoplifting, hire security guards today.

Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

The hospitality industry, particularly large-scale and multi-chain hotels, has difficulty keeping track of the incoming and outgoing crowd. Especially during the holiday season, when hotels welcome more guests than usual, it’s essential to have temporary security guards to supplement the regular staff. Protect your staff, guests, and property with the help of professional guard services.

A guard standing outside hotel entrance

Educational Institutes

Considering the recent surge in violent incidents at schools, it’s high time that the education industry upgrades its security. To make sure that the students, staff, and faculty members are protected in the school or college premises, it’s crucial to hire security guards right away.

Construction Sites

One may not realize this, but construction sites also have a lot of machinery, equipment, and documents that must be kept safe. If you’re running a construction site, having trained security guards patrol your premises around the clock can help you prevent many unexpected mishaps.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals are the last place one can think of something going wrong. But the truth is that hospitals are quite vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and misdemeanors. To ensure that the patients, hospital staff, property, and equipment are protected in a medical facility, hiring security guard services is a must.

Hire Security Guards in the US

Whether you own a retail store in the US or have a hotel establishment, get in touch with us at Guard Services USA. We are America’s leading security guard service offering competent, trained, and professional security personnel that can aptly cater to your commercial security needs.

For over 30 years, we have provided armed security guards service, plain clothes security guards, and security patrol services for clients all over the US. Get a quote now.

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