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Why Every Business Must Have Security Guards in 2023

Security guards for businesses

Security guards for businesses

Amidst the inflating crime rates and an alarming number of security threats, it isn’t hard to conclude that every business requires some form of security to protect itself from unwanted consequences. Hiring properly-trained security guards will not only allow you to have unparalleled peace but also give you the emotional affirmation that you are indeed secure. Here are five reasons every business must have security guards in 2023.

Facilitating Immediate Action

An emergency waits for no one. Every second matters when you’re required to respond to a situation at hand. Having a fleet of well-trained security guards will help you asses a situation and respond to it effectively. This way, you’ll be able to take appropriate measures to safeguard your staff and property and prevent further damage from occurring.

Improving Customer Service

Some of the top security guard companies can vouch for this one. Hiring well-trained professionals to protect your property is not only a security requirement. It also leaves a lasting impact on customers. Yes, you read it right.

From greeting customers to leaving a pleasant first impression of the company, security guards can serve in a number of ways. For many companies, they even act as a focal point of communication and reference among clients, even though it isn’t their primary duty.

Promoting a Sense of Order

Every workplace has laws but a sheer absence of order. This is where good security comes in. It plays a vital role in maintaining discipline and controlling violations.

The best security guard services in place can ensure that large crowds are controlled effectively and the risk of disorderly conduct and mob fights is massively reduced.

Ensuring that the Business Environment is Safe

A safe business environment is conducive to productivity in many ways. No matter the industry, having a sense of safety can help employees and customers engage in work-related activities effectively.

Furthermore, every New Year brings new challenges for every industry alike. Hence, ensuring business safety is the only way to move forward in a competitive environment.

Reducing Stress Levels

Nothing is more assuring than a good security team handling everyday pressures outside so things remain smooth within the boundaries of the workplace. Professional security officers can add a layer of comfort here so you know that your business is safe at all times. Not only will you be able to rest better, but you will also be able to retain your energy and spend it where it’s needed.

Wrapping Up!

Whether it is for attaining a sense of security or protecting your company from unnecessary breaches or trespassing, security has always been and will always be a backbone for every business. Since security is such a basic requirement of every setup, there is absolutely no time you should waste looking for more reasons to make a leap.

If you’re looking for a company that brings its best to every assignment, Guard Services USA is the one for you. With its top-notch resources and a well-trained fleet of uniformed security guards, the company is ready to serve you.

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5 Security Staffing Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Security staffing mistakes

Security staffing mistakes

Equipping your business with the right security essentials is one of the most daunting tasks one can undertake. After all, security staffing isn’t easy. Hiring the right team will help you get peace of mind and protect your assets.

However, hiring the wrong one can flip everything around against you. You must look for experience, honesty, and, most importantly, an alignment of values when hiring guards. Here are the top 5 staffing mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Hiring a Company Without a License

An insurance certificate, along with a license, is a basic requirement for hiring any security company at hand. Without them, you’re essentially hiring a bunch of strangers who may or may not know how to do their job. The top security guard companies have both a license and an insurance certificate to prove their credibility.

Not Checking the Company’s Reputation

It’s imperative that you find out how the company you’re considering hiring has served others. The best way to do it is to look for reviews online. Start by checking customer reviews on social media platforms and different search engines. Later on, you can also check their rating with “Better Business Bureau.”

Hiring a Company That Doesn’t Have Customized Security Solutions

The worst possible thing you can do to your business is to hire a security firm that doesn’t have solutions tailored to your needs. Too often, firms tend to instruct their customers what to do instead of focusing on what their clients need.

Having expertise isn’t the only criterion. Expertise customized to meet the client’s needs is what matters the most. Hence, you must pick a firm that believes in customizing its security solutions.

Hiring Firms That Don’t Offer Different Uniform Options

The company you’re choosing to hire should offer different uniforms based on where the guards are being deployed. Uniformed security guards leave a lasting impact on any business’s clientele.

However, it’s important that the attire they wear blends in and merges with what your company stands for. Hence, you may need to choose between police-style uniforms and plain clothes based on their security duties.

Falling for the Low Service Prices

Effective budgeting plays a huge role in the success of any business. While we understand compromising your security budget may not always serve you best. While it isn’t universal, low bidders often make fake claims to win a deal with a customer.

Availing of modern security features is imperative when hiring a security firm. Remember, good security will not always be economical. After all, there is no point in hiring someone at a low price only to see them fail to protect your business in the long run.

Final Word

If you’re looking for highly trained professionals to secure your business, look no further. Guard Services USA is among the top security guard companies in the region. The team will not only assess your needs but will also create a security plan tailored to your needs.

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Here’s How to Improve the Security of a Multi-Location Retail Business

Securing a retail business

Securing a retail business

Retail stores have been unfortunate enough to undergo instances of fraud, shoplifting, and much more over the last few years. Matters don’t end here. Customer violence has also been a prevalent issue in the business.

Whether it’s the holiday season or a black Friday sale, security issues keep piling up every time. It goes without saying that a lack of retail security guards can have detrimental financial impacts in the long run. Hence, here are some ways to improve multi-location retail business security.

Install Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a basic requirement for ensuring security in any retail store. Only stores with a strong alarm system in place can tackle emergencies effectively.

Mind you. It doesn’t take long for a burglar to terrorize you and rob your store. These alarm systems can help you detect activity whenever a door opens or a window breaks so you can take action immediately.

Run a Background Check Before Hiring Someone

No one knows the weaknesses of a business more than an employee. Hence, you want to ensure that you’re bringing in the right kind of people, people who enforce instead of compromising your retail security.

Running background checks must be a part of your store’s regular security measures. Look into their previous employment records and criminal history, if any.

Install Security Cameras

Installing a surveillance camera with comprehensive coverage will help you keep an eye on everyone’s activities. You must choose a system you can access remotely using your mobile device or computer.

Cameras serve as excellent deterrents to inappropriate behavior and criminal activity. In the future, they may also protect your employees and you from liability if you have relevant records of an incident.

Use Barcode Labels

Barcodes are a wonderful loss-prevention tool in a retail setting. They’re not only helpful in speeding up the checkout process, but they also speed up the stock counting process, saving you valuable time in the long run. You’ll have a record of every little thing sold, so the chances of theft will immensely decrease.

Hire Retail Store Security Guards

Having in-house security professionals can save you a great deal of hassle in the long run. However, the time and money it takes to train these professionals may not be worth it.

Hence, you want to consider hiring reputable companies such as Guard Services USA to cater to your needs. The professionals here are equipped with the most updated skills and knowledge to safeguard your business as well as your property.

Wrapping Up!

If you have a multi-location retain business, you can’t possibly get away with compromising your security. It will cost you severely in the short as well as the long run. Hire security guard professionals to do the job adequately is always in your best interests, especially if you’re running stores in different locations. Security cameras, barcode labels, and alarm systems will only help you detect criminal activity. Only well-trained professionals will help you deal with criminal activity if and when it happens.

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Why You Need Warehouse Security And 3 Ways to Manage It

Security patrol services

Security patrol services

Despite the advancements in technology, security threats are still persistent, especially in warehouses. Let’s accept it. Technology cannot solve all of our problems. Fortunately, there are still ways to boost your warehouse security, such as through armed security guards service and much more. Keep reading if you’re still on the fence about whether you need it.

Why Does Your Warehouse Need Security?

To Take Action In Time

Most crimes start on a small scale before escalating. This is why spotting suspicious activity in time is the key to reaching a resolution in time. However, surveillance can’t do the job alone. Your warehouse will eventually require human patrols to take action against the supposed criminal activity.

To Protect Your Employees

It goes without saying that warehouses have a number of employees who deserve to feel safe and cared for. Valuable inventory will always be a magnet for thieves. Should the bad guys strike, your employees should feel assured that they’re protected.

To Lend a Helping Hand

However, hiring an armed security guards service isn’t only about protecting your warehouse from criminals. It’s also about lending a helping hand to distributors and suppliers who’ve come to the warehouse.

What Are Some Ways to Manage Warehouse Security?

Use the Right Technology for Inventory Management

Managing inventory can be a huge ordeal for a warehouse manager. Hence, it’s imperative that every item is entered into the system and tracked properly.

Hire Security Guards

It isn’t necessary that you go for an armed security guards service. Unarmed guards can also patrol the area to ensure your warehouse is safe. Their duties could be about securing gates and doors and conducting security sweeps in darker areas.

The benefits of hiring professionals go beyond it. Trained individuals can fulfill several other roles in the field of safety. Their skill and experience come in handy when identifying risks and preventing theft.

Test Your System Regularly

If you have security measures in place, make sure to test them periodically. Everything is prone to damage, from alarm systems to surveillance cameras, and can stop working when you need it to work. Warehouses require systems in place for testing every aspect of security infrastructure.

This is where your security guards come in. Consulting them and getting their feedback about different security measures can help you immensely in ensuring that your warehouse remains safe in the long run.

Final Word

There is absolutely no question about whether a warehouse needs security. It does, and for the right reasons. From safeguarding your inventory to ensuring that the employees feel safe, a good security service can help you deal with every ordeal at hand.

Now that we know why it’s essential and how it can be managed, it’s only reasonable to put the knowledge to good use. If you’re also looking for a warehouse guard services or even if you’re only looking to consult a professional for more details, don’t delay and contact Guard Services USA today.

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Why Do Criminals Target Shopping Malls?


The recent mall shooting incident in Indiana was a stark reminder of how vulnerable the security at malls can be. With the lack of security and the abundance of valuables, a shopping mall can be an easy target for criminals. You must enhance your security to protect your products, employees, and customers.

As a shopping mall owner, you must understand the loopholes in your existing security system to make a security plan from scratch. Keep reading this blog to learn why your shopping mall could be an easy target for criminals.


Easy Shoplifting

Criminals often target shopping malls because they find it easier to shoplift in the stores during rush hours. With so many people in one place, it can be challenging for store employees to keep an eye on all the customers. This makes it easy for criminals to take advantage of the situation and steal items from stores. In addition, a large number of shoppers in a mall can make it difficult for security to quickly identify and apprehend shoplifters.

The rising shoplifting is becoming a massive problem for retail stores. We advise hiring plainclothes security guards to catch shoplifters.

Abundance Of Valuables

Shopping malls are full of high-end stores selling expensive merchandise. In addition, there are often jewelry stores and other businesses that deal in valuable items, making shopping malls a treasure trove for burglars.

Easy To Escape From

Shopping malls are typically located in busy areas, making it easy for criminals to escape. You can escape a shopping mall through the parking lot, public transportation, or even on foot. This makes it tricky for security to catch them. Additionally, many shopping malls don’t have security cameras or guards, which makes it even easier for criminals to escape.

Minimal Security

One of the reasons why criminals target shopping malls is that they often have minimal security. It means that there are fewer people to stop them from committing crimes, and it also makes it easier for them to escape. Shopping malls are typically guarded by unarmed security guards. In addition, many shopping malls do not have security cameras or other security measures in place, which makes it challenging for the police to identify and catch criminals.

We recommend hiring unarmed and armed security guards to amplify your mall’s security and prevent intruders from causing mayhem in your mall.

A security officer at a shopping mall

Hire Armed Security GuardsTo Protect Your Shopping Mall

Want to take your shopping mall security to the next level? Connect with the team at Guard Services USA to hire highly trained security officers. We’ve been providing extensive security solutions to clients in Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico for over thirty years. We can protect various clients, including shopping malls, banks, schools, restaurants, universities, apartment complexes, and many more.

Get in touch with our team for more details about our security patrol services.

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4 Effective Ways to Prevent Shoplifting

Shoplifting is a common crime that can have a major impact on businesses. It’s no surprise that more than five hundred thousand shoplifting incidents occur annually. While it’s challenging to completely prevent shoplifting, there are several effective ways to deter thieves and minimize losses.

By taking some simple precautions and adopting a few best practices, retailers can deter shoplifters and help keep their businesses safe. Keep reading this blog to learn how to prevent shoplifting.

Organize Your Store

One of the best ways to prevent shoplifting is to keep your store organized. It may seem like a no-brainer, and it’s actually a very effective deterrent. Thieves are looking for an easy target, and a messy store is much easier to shoplift from than a well-organized one. Keeping your shelves tidy will make it harder for shoplifters to find what they’re looking for and more difficult for them to conceal stolen items.

Train Employees

Your employees can be a major asset in deterring and catching thieves. You should train your employees to watch for suspicious behavior, such as people who are loitering in the store or hiding items in their clothing. They should also know how to properly handle confrontations with shoplifters. Taking some simple steps to train employees can go a long way in preventing shoplifting and keeping your business safe.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras is one of the most effective ways to prevent shoplifting. Cameras can deter thieves and can also help identify and apprehend shoplifters. In addition, you can use cameras to monitor store activity and identify potential security risks.

When choosing surveillance cameras, you must select a system appropriate for your business’s specific needs. Consider the type of camera, the placement of cameras, and the level of security you need.

Utilize Top-Notch Security Services

Security guards can help deter thieves by their mere presence and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. If a shoplifter does try to steal something, security guards can intervene and stop them.

Hire Highly Trained Security Officers From Guard Services USA

Want to minimize shoplifting at your retail store by hiring security guards? You’re making the right decision! However, finding experienced security guards who can prevent shoplifting can be tricky. We recommend hiring security officers from Guard Services USA to protect your retail store. We’ve been providing security guard services to our clients in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for over thirty years.

Our team of armed security guards serves various clients, including restaurants, shopping malls, schools, universities, banks, and apartment complexes.

You can get in touch with the team at Guard Services USA to learn more about their security services.

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The Importance of Hiring Unarmed Security Guards


Worried about the rising crimes in your neighborhood? Consider hiring security services to protect your business at all costs. But how do you decide between armed and unarmed security guards? There are benefits and risks associated with both choices. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what makes the most sense for your needs.

While armed guards can be a deterrent for criminals, you don’t always need ammunition to prevent a crime. If you want to promote a safe environment near your business without scaring customers, consider hiring unarmed security guards.

Continue reading this blog to understand the significance of hiring unarmed security guards.


Affordable Security

If your company is on a tight budget, consider hiring unarmed security guards at affordable rates. Since unarmed guards don’t have to use guns and are usually tasked to manage low-level security threats, you can hire them at a lower cost than armed guards.

With rising inflation, it’s crucial to cut down costs wherever it’s possible. Fortunately, you can save your company’s budget by hiring unarmed guards to protect your business.

Manage Low-Level Security Threats

Unarmed security guards can help you handle low-level security threats. They can provide a deterrent to crime, help to keep the peace, and can be a great asset to any business or event. Highly-trained unarmed security officers can provide various security services, including corporate security, patrolling, general surveillance, entry access, and much more.

Executive Protection

It’s no secret that high-level executives and VIPs choose to hire unarmed security guards for their protection. Hiring unarmed guards from a reputable company like Guard Services USA can help you protect your VIPs without hassle. Highly trained unarmed guards can become the wall between criminals and the high-level executives you want to protect at your upcoming event.

Prevent Shoplifting

One of the benefits of hiring unarmed security guards is that they can help prevent shoplifting. Shoplifting is a serious problem for businesses and can lead to loss of inventory and revenue. Unarmed security guards can help to deter shoplifting by their mere presence. They can also keep an eye out for suspicious activity and report it to the authorities.

Hire Unarmed Security Officers To Boost Security

Looking to hire unarmed security officers for your business? You’re making the right decision! At Guard Services USA, we’ve been providing top-class security guard services since 1991. Our extensive security guard network can help you hire highly trained security officers for your business in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We provide unarmed and armed security guards who can make a security plan from scratch.

Contact the team at Guard Services USA to learn more about our security services.

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4 Reasons Why You Need Security Officers at A Bank

According to the FBI, it’s estimated that bank robberies have increased by fifty percent in New Mexico. That’s an alarming statistic for bank owners across the US and other countries like Canada and Puerto Rico.

It’s no secret that banks are a target for criminals because they hold large amounts of cash and precious items. Banks also have confidential information that criminals could use to their advantage.

Continue reading this blog to understand why you should hire security guards at your bank.

Prevent Robberies

Perhaps the most obvious reason to have security officers at a bank is to prevent robberies. Banks are prime targets for robbers because they contain large amounts of cash. You can deter robbers and make it much more difficult for them to carry out their plans by having security officers on duty.

Respond to Emergencies

Another crucial reason to have security officers at a bank is to be able to respond quickly in an emergency. If there’s a fire or medical emergency, having security officers on hand will ensure that help arrives as soon as possible. And if there’s ever an attempted robbery at your bank, security officers can intervene and help you stop it.

Monitor Customers and Employees

In addition to deterring criminals, security officers can also help monitor customers and employees inside the bank. Banks also tend to be in high-traffic areas, posing a safety hazard for customers and employees.

Security officers can help to control crowd flow and monitor for suspicious activity. It can help prevent crimes from happening in the first place and provide valuable information police can use to investigate the incident.

Provide a Sense of Security

Having security guards at a bank provides safety for your clients and workers. When people feel safe, they’re more likely to do business with your bank and recommend it to others. And when employees feel safe, they’re more likely to be productive and stay with your company for the long term.

Banks rely heavily on customer confidence, so they must always project a professional image. Security officers can assist in maintaining order within the bank premises. It’ll reassure customers that their money is safe and instill confidence in the bank’s operations.

Hire Security Officers For Your Bank From Guard Services USA

When it comes to security, banks are one of the most vulnerable institutions. They deal with large sums of money and valuable assets, making them a target for criminals. This is why it’s so important to have an excellent security system, and that starts with hiring qualified security officers. Guard Services USA can help you find the perfect security officers for your bank.

We understand the unique security needs of banks and other financial institutions, and we only work with highly-trained and experienced security guards. Our security officers are trained in all aspects of bank security, from detecting and deterring crime to responding to emergencies. We also offer armed security guards for additional protection.

You can reach out to our team for more information about our security services.

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A Beginners Guide to Manage Security at A Corporate Event

When it comes to corporate events, security is always a top priority. No matter how big or small the event, you’d want to ensure your guests are safe and your property is secure. The last thing anyone wants is something bad to happen during a gathering.

However, unfortunately, crimes and accidents can happen, which is why it’s crucial to have proper security measures in place beforehand. The Astro World concert in November 2021 is a prime example of how neglecting security measures can turn an event into a nightmare in no time.

Keep reading this blog to learn ways to manage security at your next corporate event.

Set Up A State Of The Art Security System

A top-class security system can protect your guests at any event. Many corporate event managers would only install a few surveillance cameras to cover the event and cut costs, but is that enough?

While surveillance cameras can help you identify security issues, we believe you can utilize modern security tools like alarm systems and motion sensors to go the extra mile. These tools will allow you to monitor activity at the event and ensure nothing suspicious is happening. You can also use the camera footage as evidence if a security breach does happen.

Conduct a Security Sweep Beforehand

Searching for potential hazards before the event is an excellent way to beef up security. Doing this will help you avoid any surprises on the day of the event. You should check the premises for potential explosives or any other harmful device to protect your guests.

Guard All Entry And Exit Points

Securing entry and exit points is crucial to prevent intruders from damaging your event. Consider securing the doors and windows people could use to enter the event. By having someone guarding these areas, you can be sure that only authorized personnel are allowed in your corporate event.

Make Foolproof Security Plans

Making a security plan is necessary before you kickstart your corporate event. You must inform your employees about your security plan to ensure everyone is on the same page and there isn’t any confusion on the event date.

Have an emergency plan to handle unforeseen circumstances during the event. It should include evacuating the premises safely, contacting law enforcement, and providing medical assistance.

Hire Professional Security Guards

Hiring security officers is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your guests and property. Security guards get extensive training to handle any situation that may arise, so you can rest assured knowing they will be able to keep everyone safe.

Security Guards And Patrol Services Available At Affordable Rates

Looking to boost your corporate event security? You’re making the right decision! At Guard Services USA, we offer top-class security services at economical rates without compromising quality. We’ve been a part of the security industry in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada for over thirty years.

Our armed and unarmed guards can check your existing security system to find flaws and provide efficient security solutions. We offer security services to several clients, including construction contractors, banks, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and schools.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the representatives at Guard Services USA for more details about our security guards and patrol services.

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