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Security Services for Parking Lots — All You Need to Know

It’s no secret that parking lots are essential for effective traffic management in any city. Besides having parking lots at major locations of a city or town, large-scale commercial facilities like shopping malls, apartment complexes, events, and business buildings, also need parking lots so residents, employees, visitors, attendees, and customers can safely park their vehicles and go about their business without worrying about the safety of their cars. But are parking lots as safe as the car owners and drivers expect them to be?

According to the US Office of Justice Programs, around 10% of violent crimes throughout the country happen in parking lots. Around 130,000 violent criminal incidents in parking lots are reported every year, which are alarming numbers. These crimes include kidnapping, robbery, assault, carjacking, and even murder. However, that’s not the only numbers that show the importance of enhanced security and monitoring for parking lots. These commercial facilities are also responsible for 70% of hit-and-run accidents and 22% of car theft cases.

These statistics clearly indicate that the management of parking lots needs to invest in security and guarding services to make their parking lots secure and reliable. This blog discusses how security services for parking lots work and their importance.

An empty parking lot at night

Using Surveillance Systems

One of the most effective ways to enhance the security of parking lots is to invest in surveillance systems. Surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras allow parking lot management to monitor what’s happening at the premises 24/7 and deter criminals by warning them that the cars and visitors are under surveillance. Placing CCTV cameras strategically to minimize blind spots and maximize security for risky areas can increase the effectiveness of these systems.

CCTV cameras with infrared capabilities can also provide surveillance in the dark and deter criminals by indicating with their red LEDs that the camera is active. Backing up footage can also allow the management to review the footage later in case theft, sabotage, hit-and-run accidents, or assault is suspected.

CCTV cameras installed in a parking lot

Integrating Smart Security Systems

Parking lots often deal with unauthorized access where criminals try to enter this commercial facility, steal cars, or damage various vehicles. Therefore, preventing unwanted access can make parking lots significantly safer for vehicles, drivers, and car owners.

Smart security systems allow closed parking lots to secure doors, windows, and other sources of entry against unwanted access. Smart locks, smart motion sensors, motion-triggered security lights, and glass break detectors can deter criminals, automatically trigger the alarm, and inform authorities when suspicious activity is detected.

An empty parking lot with direction signage

Installing Bright Lights

One of the most common reasons why parking lots are a major target for criminal activity is the absence of proper lighting. This makes it easier for potential criminals to get away with slashing tires, assaulting another driver, or stealing cars. Poor lighting is often considered an invitation to criminals, especially in underground or closed parking lots. Therefore, parking lot managements need to make some quick changes that make their commercial facilities well-lit and brighter without compromising security.

Start by installing bright lights and minimizing dark corners, walkways, driveways, and stairs in parking lots. However, you need to remember that these lights must be installed strategically so they don’t create shadows, which can hinder visibility and confuse drivers. Installing lights will not only make your parking lot safer, but it will also improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers, reducing the risk of slips, hit-and-run accidents, or car collisions, making your parking lot the ultimate safe commercial facility.

Top shot of cars parked in an open parking lot

Benefit from Signage

Installing proper signs in your parking lots is one of the most effective ways to prevent criminal activity, making your premises secure. If you have installed CCTV cameras or other surveillance systems like alarms in your parking lots, you can prevent criminal activity by announcing their presence through signage. For instance, create signs mentioning that the parking lot is being monitored by CCTV cameras or security guards, letting potential criminals know that they’re being watched.

This will let criminals know that they have lower chances of getting away with any criminal activity, resulting in a decrease in crime. Besides using signs to fight the increasing risk of crime in parking lots, you can also add signs that encourage drivers to practice safe driving. You can place easy-to-read signs throughout the driveway, letting drivers and pedestrians know what to do. This will allow you to prevent hit-and-run accidents, making your parking lots safer.

A pedestrian walking through a parking lot with several cars

Hire Security Guards and Patrol Services

No matter how many CCTV cameras or alarm systems you install in your parking lot, they will be ineffective if you don’t have professional security guards to monitor your premises around the clock. These security guards can patrol the entire facility, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity. Additionally, they can detect any security risks throughout the parking lot and use effective methods to mitigate the threat.

But, one of the biggest benefits of hiring security officers is that they can intervene in emergencies. If any criminal tries to initiate violent behavior in the parking lot or a driver tries to run after hitting a pedestrian, these security professionals can intervene and take the essential steps, preventing the situation from escalating further.

Vehicles parked in a parking lot

Get Started with Guard Services USA for Security Services for Parking Lots

With the help of security and guarding services, parking lots can make their premises safer, lowering any chances of criminal activity. At Guard Services USA, we offer security services for parking lots across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our team includes certified, insured, and highly-skilled permanent security guards who can handle security services for parking lots around the clock. Our uniformed security guards can monitor parking lots around the clock, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity and intervening where necessary to prevent criminal activity.

Additionally, our security services for parking lots can use CCTV cameras, weapons, and other innovative devices to monitor the area and deal with emergencies. Besides providing security services for parking lots, Guard Services USA also handles the security of other commercial facilities, business events, and private parties. Our temporary security guards also monitor apartment complexes, keeping them secure for the residents. At Guard Services, we also have experienced plainclothes security guards for discreet protection, unarmed security guards for premises with low risk, and armed security guard services.

Get in touch with us for more details, or hire security services for parking lots, making this essential commercial facility secure.

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