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Why Tech isn’t Enough – Things to Keep in Mind When Securing Your Commercial Property

Numerous recent reports suggest that crime against commercial properties is increasing across the US. Amid the concerns, businesses are keen to take measures that can help them improve their security and make their commercial premises safe for their employees and customers.

The first step that comes to mind is investing in the latest security technology, such as commercial locks, CCTV cameras, and automated access controls. However, technology is just not enough.

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In this day and age, when criminals have found numerous ways to crack security protocols, it’s essential to have competent security services by your side. This includes a team of professional plainclothes security guards, back-end security company support, and a comprehensive strategy to deal with commercial security challenges.

If you want to ensure that your commercial property is protected from all intruders, violence mongers, and robbers, here’s a list of things to do.

Hire a Professional Security Company

Start with hiring a professional security service with expertise in tailored security plans. The security company should have security guards to hire, experience in commercial security management, and strategic planners to offer back-end security support.

Start with an Analysis

Conduct a security review with the help of your security service. This will help you identify loopholes and vulnerabilities in your existing security setup. And also offer you a way to make future security plans that are foolproof.

Hire Security Guards

Your security company will also provide you with security guards. You can opt for armed security guards, unarmed security personnel, plain clothes, or uniformed security guards. Depending on the nature of your business, get security guards to be deployed outside and inside your commercial property.

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Take Preventative Approach

Instead of waiting for an unfortunate incident to happen and then conducting a security review, take a preventative approach. Ask your security guard service to conduct preventative security drills and maintenance to see if your security plans are adequate to deal with the growing challenges.

Train Your Employees

Alongside hiring security guards and investing in the latest security measures, it’s also essential to invest time and resources to train your employees. Conduct security training to teach your employees about the protocols, safe practices, and methods that can help them protect themselves and those around them.

Review with Security Audit

Once every few months, conduct security audits. This is to check whether your team and security guards can fully implement the security plans and work effectively during a drill. In case of a theft or vandalism event at your retail store, immediately call for a security audit.

Start Upgrading Your Security Today

No matter which industry you belong to or how many commercial properties you own, if you seek to hire a reliable security guard service, connect with us today. At Guard Services USA, we offer customized security plans, multi-location security services, and competent security guards. Get a quote for uniformed security guards, armed security guards service, and temporary security guards.

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