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Why Do Criminals Target Shopping Malls?

The recent mall shooting incident in Indiana was a stark reminder of how vulnerable the security at malls can be. With the lack of security and the abundance of valuables, a shopping mall can be an easy target for criminals. You must enhance your security to protect your products, employees, and customers.

As a shopping mall owner, you must understand the loopholes in your existing security system to make a security plan from scratch. Keep reading this blog to learn why your shopping mall could be an easy target for criminals.


Easy Shoplifting

Criminals often target shopping malls because they find it easier to shoplift in the stores during rush hours. With so many people in one place, it can be challenging for store employees to keep an eye on all the customers. This makes it easy for criminals to take advantage of the situation and steal items from stores. In addition, a large number of shoppers in a mall can make it difficult for security to quickly identify and apprehend shoplifters.

The rising shoplifting is becoming a massive problem for retail stores. We advise hiring plainclothes security guards to catch shoplifters.

Abundance Of Valuables

Shopping malls are full of high-end stores selling expensive merchandise. In addition, there are often jewelry stores and other businesses that deal in valuable items, making shopping malls a treasure trove for burglars.

Easy To Escape From

Shopping malls are typically located in busy areas, making it easy for criminals to escape. You can escape a shopping mall through the parking lot, public transportation, or even on foot. This makes it tricky for security to catch them. Additionally, many shopping malls don’t have security cameras or guards, which makes it even easier for criminals to escape.

Minimal Security

One of the reasons why criminals target shopping malls is that they often have minimal security. It means that there are fewer people to stop them from committing crimes, and it also makes it easier for them to escape. Shopping malls are typically guarded by unarmed security guards. In addition, many shopping malls do not have security cameras or other security measures in place, which makes it challenging for the police to identify and catch criminals.

We recommend hiring unarmed and armed security guards to amplify your mall’s security and prevent intruders from causing mayhem in your mall.

A security officer at a shopping mall

Hire Armed Security GuardsTo Protect Your Shopping Mall

Want to take your shopping mall security to the next level? Connect with the team at Guard Services USA to hire highly trained security officers. We’ve been providing extensive security solutions to clients in Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico for over thirty years. We can protect various clients, including shopping malls, banks, schools, restaurants, universities, apartment complexes, and many more.

Get in touch with our team for more details about our security patrol services.

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