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What Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Security Guard

Whether you run a retail store, manage a restaurant, or are a small business owner, you need to maximize your business’ security. The best way to do this is by hiring an armed security guard from a reliable service.

However, this isn’t a decision to take lightly. Before agreeing to work with a security company, here are a few qualities you should specify that you’d like your security guard to have.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is an instrumental part of security personnel training. Contrary to the stereotypes you often see in television shows and films, security guards are screened for physical fitness and hired after checking off that box. Any professional security company would have physically fit and active security guards in their network to encourage optimal performance.


So, why is physical fitness important? For starters, being physically active also promotes mental alertness—another quality you want your security guard to have. Then there’s the fact that the role of security personnel often requires strength and agility. You need someone who’ll be able to outrun a criminal or stop an intruder from breaking in using their physical strength. The job may also require them to be active throughout the day, even while patrolling a certain area.

This is why you should hire a security guard who meets optimal fitness levels. They should be in good shape to perform their duties as they’re meant to be performed and provide maximum security.


Another crucial quality of a good security guard is their constant vigilance and attention to detail. You need someone who’ll be alert when on duty and will be acutely aware of their surroundings. This is important because, in case of a potential threat, they’ll be able to identify and assess the situation and take necessary actions to diffuse the threat.

A security guard should also be focused, observant, and have the ability to think on their feet. If they’re often distracted or tend to overlook minor details that could potentially put your business at risk, they’re not the right fit for you.


Communication Skills

Finally, your security guard should possess strong communication skills, both verbal and written. You need someone you can easily communicate with. This is why their comprehension and articulation skills are quite important.

Moreover, since your security guard will also likely be interacting with customers or clients walking in your business premises, you need to ensure that they’re courteous and approachable. A good security guard should have a friendly attitude while also being able to communicate clearly with their employers, colleagues, your business clients and guests, and passersby.

Consult an Armed Security Guards Service

A trusted security company has a vast network of uniformed security guards qualified for the job.When it comes to hiring security person for your business, you need to ensure that you reach out to a company that values the aforementioned qualities and actively screens for them.

Guard Services USA is the perfect armed security guard service for the job. With over 25 years of experience, we provide safety and security to our clients. Hire security guards from our staffing company today!

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