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The Link Between Security Guards and Reduced Crime Rates

Hiring security guards to secure your premises is an effective way of deterring criminals and reducing the crime rate. Security guards ensure the safety of your home, business, or community and protect your property from theft, burglary, or vandalism.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the link between security guards and a subsequent decrease in crime rates.

Security Guards Deter Criminal Activity

Security guards for hire don’t always need to be armed to maintain a crime-free zone. Merely the presence of a uniformed security guard ensures that criminals will think twice before targeting that particular property.

For instance, a Southwest England study found that increasing security patrols on train platforms decreased victim-reported crimes by 16%.

The presence of security guards is intimidating and lends an air of security to the whole property. However, if security guards are not carrying arms, they must be adequately trained to ensure that they can safeguard themselves and effectively handle criminal behavior.

The Presence of Security Guards Keeps Criminals Away

Studies show that criminals often take advantage of properties that are not guarded or not brightly lit. These properties are more likely to give criminals a chance to successfully steal or commit some other crime without getting caught.

People who have ill intentions don’t target properties that uniformed security officers are patrolling as they fear being apprehended. Also, properties that security guards protect have more traffic as the general public feels more secure going in and out of the building. This also helps to deter criminal activity as criminals target remote areas that have fewer people.

Moreover, when people know they’re being watched or observed, they’re more likely to behave better, so the presence of a security guard reduces the possibility of attempted crimes.

Security Guards Monitor and Inspect the Property

Security officers are also responsible for monitoring surveillance and checking people’s credentials before allowing them access into the building. This regular inspection deters criminals from attempting to steal or vandalize property, as they know their credentials have been checked, and they could be identified later on.

Security guards surveil the surrounding property, and their proactive behavior can prevent crime from happening. For example, a security guard on duty can observe a group of shady-looking people loitering around the building and can force them to leave to ensure no ill-advised activity occurs. Similarly, security guards ensure that doors are locked and visually assess the property to check the safety measures, preventing criminal activities from taking place.

If you want to deter criminal activity in your community or neighborhood, hire a licensed and insured security guard. We offer security patrol services along with off-duty police officers who can protect your business or home and provide you the security you need. We have provided security guards for hire to many clients for over 25 years, whose testimonials you can read here. Contact us at and benefit from our security and guarding services today!

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