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The Camera Surveillance Option for Multi-Location Businesses

While many corporations have hired security experts to look after their security plans, one thing has continued to be a recurrent element in all security plans: video surveillance.

Any business you go to will have CCTV cameras installed in their waiting areas, lobbies, workplaces, and even employee cabins. These cameras perform the basic function of recording everyday events.

Much work has been done on CCTV camera technology over the years, primarily because they have contributed to identifying persons involved in theft, robberies, and loot. You can now have different camera options installed in your workplace to make it secure for your employees.

Do you feel just CCTV surveillance won’t do? Why not have a foolproof security plan devised by a reputed guard services company in the US. If you have a franchise in other countries like Canada, you can also extend your security plan to other countries with our nationwide security guard company, Guard Services USA.

Here’s how the camera surveillance option works for multi-location businesses.

Use Quality Cameras

Your modern CCTV cameras are capable of offering wide-angle, HD coverage 24/7. Use them to your advantage. There are various options for the type of camera you might prefer. If you want a 360-degree view of your cabin or your employee workspace, you can go with a 360-degree camera.

Other top cameras offer include the dome camera, the bullet camera, and the infrared camera for perfect night vision.

Digital Video Recorder

Once you’ve decided on the camera option, you will have to connect it with a video recorder so that whatever the camera captures can be recorded and saved. This applies to all cameras on your premises.

Since we are looking for a multi-location surveillance option, you will have to put the recordings online so that you can observe the proceedings even when you’re elsewhere. For that, you will simply connect your video recorders to high-speed internet.

Go for a Central Monitoring System

All everyday videos of yours could be compiled in one place to offer you a holistic view of the different activities going on at various site locations.

Just observing your multi-location offices won’t do. You need a task force, a team of security personnel that can serve as construction site security guards or restaurant security guards based on your business type. For high-end engineering and other services, opt for armed security guards at Guard Services USA.

At Guard Services USA, you can find the perfect blend of quality and cost-effectiveness. Our insured guards undergo military-style training to work for some of the most diverse businesses, including schools, engineering sites, and more!

According to the requirement, we can provide temporary security guards, permanent security guards and security patrol service for our customers. To avail our discounts and packages, contact us at:

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