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Six Businesses that Must Have Security Guards

Valued at over $50 billion, the security services industry in the country is one of the most lucrative sectors. Businesses often undermine the importance of hiring professional security guard services and end up paying a price much higher than a guard’s fee.

You may also not realize that your commercial property is more vulnerable to security dangers than residential complexes.

So to ensure you don’t make the same mistake in your industry, we have come up with a list. Below are listed six business industries that must hire professional security guards for their commercial properties.

A uniformed security guard

Financial Institutes

Although financial institutes such as banks have high-tech security tools and protocols in place, the need for security guards cannot be ignored. Security personnel deployed inside and outside of banks can help prevent unfortunate events.

Retail Stores and Shopping Malls

According to some estimates reported in 2019, retail theft amounted to over $68 billion. This is a much higher number than the expense American businesses are incurring to upgrade their security. To ensure that your retail store doesn’t suffer losses due to employee theft or shoplifting, hire security guards today.

Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

The hospitality industry, particularly large-scale and multi-chain hotels, has difficulty keeping track of the incoming and outgoing crowd. Especially during the holiday season, when hotels welcome more guests than usual, it’s essential to have temporary security guards to supplement the regular staff. Protect your staff, guests, and property with the help of professional guard services.

A guard standing outside hotel entrance

Educational Institutes

Considering the recent surge in violent incidents at schools, it’s high time that the education industry upgrades its security. To make sure that the students, staff, and faculty members are protected in the school or college premises, it’s crucial to hire security guards right away.

Construction Sites

One may not realize this, but construction sites also have a lot of machinery, equipment, and documents that must be kept safe. If you’re running a construction site, having trained security guards patrol your premises around the clock can help you prevent many unexpected mishaps.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals are the last place one can think of something going wrong. But the truth is that hospitals are quite vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and misdemeanors. To ensure that the patients, hospital staff, property, and equipment are protected in a medical facility, hiring security guard services is a must.

Hire Security Guards in the US

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