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Restaurant Robberies: 8 Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Business

Restaurants are a common target for robbery. Every year, robbers target hundreds of restaurants across the country. If you own a restaurant business, it is important that you ensure the security of your staff and clients. That is why you should hire a security guard and consider taking extra measures to safeguard your restaurant.

A robbery can result in high financial costs for your restaurant business or cafe. Regardless of the size of your eatery, robbery is still a risk.

Restaurant robberies

The following safety tips will make you feel more at ease and reduce the chances of a robbery at your restaurant.

1. Adopt a Strict Policy for Handling Funds

Try to keep some amount of cash at the counter and the remaining somewhere safe. You can store the extra cash in a vault with a lock. According to research, the majority of criminals can’t just wait for a vault to open automatically for 15 minutes. Vault safety code changes must be made on a frequent basis, especially after a worker’s employment has ended. Try not to plan your bank visits for the same day or time every week. Cash transferring routines could be observed and evaluated for potential “theft” risk. Use alternate daily routes to take the cash home or at the bank.

2. Manage Your Hours of Operation

Follow your restaurant’s closing and opening protocols strictly.  According to authorities, it is among the crucial steps restaurants can take for preventing restaurant robberies. Today, we have specific safety procedures for unlocking, opening, and inspecting a restaurant while the other workers wait to ask for assistance if something goes wrong. Do not leave a staff member alone at your businessplace.

3. Arrange Seminars On Safety Awareness for Staff

Restaurant owners have several tools that can help them deal with safety issues, including preventing restaurant robbery tutorials, self-defense tips for employees, law enforcement presentations, and more. Managers must instruct their staff to refrain from sharing revenue figures, banking details, vault or buzzer combinations, or burglary preventive techniques with anybody.

Restaurant staff skills’ training requires regular assessments. To ensure safety protocols are implemented, some cafes check safety concerns “thrice a week.” These evaluations and feedback help eliminate possible entry points for criminals by conveying the importance of safety to staff. A few experts advise that businesses should routinely give their staff training on the penalties for participating in illegal actions and the consequences of “aiding” any illegal conduct.

4. Cross-Check Potential Employees Before Hiring

Another very common illegal act in a restaurant business is staff robbery. Did you know the hiring process is where you may prevent restaurant robberies? You can do this by cross-checking potential candidates before hiring them. Therefore, before hiring an employee, you can request a referral, then review the referral and verify the candidate’s employment history.

Although always on the go, cafe staff usually have unrestricted entry to all facilities, which increases the risk of robbery. The robbery of goods or cash must be prohibited under a cafe’s security policy. Every staff member must be obligated to acknowledge the establishment’s security policy, attest to their understanding of the expectations and commit to upholding the security measures.

Take measures to foster an open and healthy working environment. It is proven that a supportive workplace discourages staff theft and fraud. Staff members are made to seem like a member of the company via employee appreciation, open communication, and ethical hiring procedures. Additionally, employees would be less likely to steal when they are informed regarding the heavy price of stealing and how it may affect their employment and income.

5. Improve Overall Safety

There are several steps you may take to ensure the security of your workers and business. Several cafes and restaurants have invested in cutting-edge high-definition surveillance camera systems, high-tech vaults and safes, and armored doors that neither staff nor criminals can unlock. Many companies hire a security guard or have built quiet buzzer devices with wireless signals or switches scattered around the property. Think about strategically installing CCTV systems in specific areas, such as unloading and loading areas, cash registers, garbage disposal, and outdoor entrances where consumers may see them. Make sure your staff always locks the rear entrance.

Place a video camera at the exit door and inside the restaurant so staff members may observe any suspicious activity in the cafe and stop the concerned person / people from walking out.

6. Increase Clarity and Brightness

Improve the cafe’s exposure both outside and inside. Remove any items from windows and front doors that may prevent the staff members from noticing strange people around. Make sure the outdoor area is well-kept. All plants must be two feet tall and no closer than five feet from the doorway. The height of branches must be at least four feet above the surface. A significant deterrent for people trying to commit crimes at midnight is the presence of outdoor motion-sensor spotlights. Add speed breakers in the car park to prevent escapes.

A smart solution to prevent robberies is to evaluate a cafe’s surroundings and enforce preventive measures as well as take any corrective action immediately when required.

7. Appoint Armed Guards

The involvement of safety personnel can significantly reduce the likelihood of break-ins. Armed personnel is the second line of defense in situations where robberies happen because they have received specialized training in rapid action techniques.

One effective technique to protect your restaurant from robberies is with a strong buzzer device and a uniformed security guard. It’s great if you hire a security patrol service to ensure your restaurant stays safe 24/7.

8. Implement Precautionary Mechanisms

Evaluate the area of your restaurant to decide if you need to install door latches in the entryway. You should install door locks in doors and windows. The PVC in doors or windows must be burglar-proof. If necessary, car parks must include a gate and fence.

Bottom Line

Safety measures are not universal since each company or organization is different. Get in touch with Guard Services USA to develop a specialized restaurant protection plan that can give your restaurant complete protection.

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When it comes to safety and security, Guard Services USA is the leading company offering armed security guards service. The company’s personnel will closely work with you to develop a comprehensive and organized safety strategy that can meet your security demands and financial constraints. For an appointment, get in touch with them right now.

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