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How to Create a Better Residential Complex

It’s important to create a residential complex that satisfies everyone involved, including councils, commissions, city staff, and residents.

Here’s how this can be done!

Include gym rooms and swimming pools

Having a gym room and swimming pool in the complex is a great way to create a better residential complex. Residents can hold regular fitness classes and swimming lessons – and they’ll have an opportunity to interact with their neighbors as well. With gym rooms and swimming pools in a residential complex, residents will be able to have a lot of fun, while also maintaining their fitness levels.

Set up sporting facilities and playgrounds

Playgrounds may allow children within the residential complex to play with other kids and have fun. You could build monkey bars, seesaws, slides, and swings. Perhaps, add a football ground, tennis court, cricket pitch, or basketball court for older children. For adults, install shade structures, tables, and benches so they can socialize and relax while watching their kids play.

Create shared living spaces

There’s nothing better than having shared laundry, kitchen, living, and dining areas, as well as deck spaces in a residential complex. Residents can relax, eat, wash, and cook together. Plus, building attractive stairways can encourage residents to walk instead of using an elevator. This will translate to more interaction between residents.

Joining corridors with door groupings, offsets, and recesses is another way of creating a better residential complex. You can hang up other artwork in the corridors or lobby so residents have something to discuss – art is generally a good icebreaker.

Build communal spaces

Gathering places like gardens, the rooftop, and courtyard allow residents to come together. You can add barbecue facilities/fireplaces to make for a more relaxing, attractive gathering area and build benches in the courtyard for residents to meet their neighbors.

When it comes to the rooftop, having seating areas and garden beds can allow residents to sit and chat with one another. We recommend developing the grounds outside to be big, green spaces with seating areas, planted beds, shrubs, and trees — a place where residents and their guests can hang out. This would be an invaluable addition to a residential complex.


With a great security system in place, potential criminals will think twice before they act. Safeguarding the residential complex as well as the possessions of the residents is one of the best moves you can make to keep the peace. Why is this important? Because vandalism and crime destroy communities and businesses, costing the public millions of dollars per year.

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