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Comparing Private Security with Public Law Enforcement

In 2020, many events, including the Black Lives Matter movement, cast doubt on public law enforcement capabilities and reduced the public’s trust in this institution. Every year, the government allocates a portion of the taxes to pay law enforcement officers to deter crimes.

However, sometimes, additional protection is needed to safeguard property or an individual. This is where private security guard companies come in. Here’s a comparison between private security companies and public law enforcement.

Roles OfPublic Law Enforcement And Private Security Companies

Public law enforcement includes police officers who represent civil authority and prosecutors. Police officers are charged with ensuring public order and citizens’ safety by enforcing state law when necessary to maintain civil order. The roles of police officers include investigating criminals and suspects to prevent crimes from taking place.

Private security companies such as Guard Services USA provide security guards for hire to private companies, residences, malls, airports, etc. These security guards patrol the premises and observe activities to report and deter crimes. They go through strict training and follow state regulations to ensure they’re behaving in accordance with the state law.

Private Security Companies Have More Authority

Private security companies have more authority than public law enforcement when they’re guarding private properties. The property’s owner usually hires security guards, so private security companies offer customized security patrol services to companies to meet their security needs.

Hence, private security guards have more control and can search belongings or enforce the company’s rules to ensure the company’s safety and protection. In contrast, public law officers have to follow specific guidelines such as the 4th and the 14th amendments, which govern police actions when they’re on-duty.

Private Security Guards Lower Chances Of Misusing Firearms

Public law officers are always armed and trained to use their weapons in an emergency. However, the use of weapons often escalates violence in a conflict situation and, as evidenced by news stories in the past year, police officers are seen to abuse their authority and misuse their firearms.

On the other hand, private security guards project authority that intimidates and deters criminals from attempting any ill-advised activity in premises that are being watched and guarded closely. While private security guards can also be armed, they usually refrain from using them unless deemed extremely necessary.

Moreover, private security guards have arrest powers for civil and criminal matters, while police officers are prohibited from getting involved in civil matters.

Private Security Companies Provide More Options

Private security companies have more options such as providing security patrol services, offering unmarked or uniformed security, bodyguards, crowd control officers, and more. They also offer security equipment and consultations along with quality protection, monitoring, and inspection of properties.

Public law enforcement needs to follow government restrictions, especially on private property, limiting the security and protection they can offer. They also have fewer resources and access to less technologically advanced security equipment due to budget constraints.

To hire private security guards, contact Guard Services USA. We provide licensed and insured security guards for hire, both armed and unarmed. Our security guards also check the temperature, ensure people are wearing masks and enforce social distancing during COVID-19. Contact us at and get the security you need!

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