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Best Security Solutions for A Medium-Scaled Business

Gartner defines a medium-scaled business as an enterprise that makes around $50 million and above in annual revenue. Manufacturing and delivering your goods on time is your utmost priority as a medium-scale business. Experts suggest medium-scaled businesses should continue working on improving the quality of their products to maximize revenue.

After all the effort your brand put in, don’t let a robbery, theft, or serious burglary damage your supply and demand chain. This appears to be a serious concern for most medium-scale enterprises located in high-risk areas in the US. American newspapers are rife with news about local general stores, companies, and medium-scaled businesses being robbed and looted at gunpoint. The situation is worse in high-robbery states like Texas and Illinois.

To combat the worsening security threats, its time medium-scale companies go for a robust security plan that offers adequate security. You can even hire security guards for high-influx events as well. For example, you can employ Black Friday security guards and security for other business events as well.

Connect with Guard Services USA for insured and qualified guards available at three locations; USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Here are top security solutions for a medium-scaled business:

Exit and Entry Checks

Exit and entry checks are a must for tertiary businesses. The entry check window works your first line of defense. A proper record of who enters and leaves the premises is a good way to make sure you are well informed of the whereabouts of your employees and other persons who visit the office. You will need a security guard to manage the entry. For a medium-scale business, two retail security guards would do.

Access Control

Your entire network doesn’t need access to sensitive locations within the company. You can have a plainclothes security guard for areas you wouldn’t want people to enter. You can take further help from standard security guard services about the number of guards that need to be installed in limited access areas.

Guard Services USA has been managing and supplying licensed guards to multi-site locations for the past 30 years. Our experts can determine the number of guards you need for high-tension or sensitive areas.

Video Surveillance

You might need around two guards to manage the video surveillance station at your office. Video surveillance is supremely important to ensure no fire emergencies, thefts, or robberies. You can always have a thorough recording of the day for better observation. Installing cameras also speaks much about the seriousness of the issue for a business. Your endeavors will encourage other medium-scale companies in your vicinity to beef up their security.

Only go with licensed, insured, and trained guards available at Guard Services USA. We’ve been serving the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for a long time. We have a fair knowledge about curating security plans for many industries such as hotels, schools, universities, and special events. We offer armed security guards and unarmed security guards based on the business type. Our security and guarding services are cost-effective and easily affordable. To avail our services, contact us through our website or at:

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