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7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

Shopping malls attract all kinds of people of all ages. They come to shop for apparel, food, groceries, other goods, and entertainment. Modern shopping malls are typically a one-stop shop for customers, with a wide range of offerings from retail stores to restaurants/food courts, movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, and more.

As such, shopping mall security needs to be on point for the safety of patrons, employees, goods, and property. If you are a shopping mall owner, vendor, employee, or patron, you should know about the problems pertaining to shopping mall security, and why hiring mall security guards is so important.

7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

Here are 7 shopping mall security problems that every shopping mall owner, vendor, patron should know about, to understand the importance of mall security guards:

1. Shoplifting/Theft

Shoplifting or theft are the biggest risk to shopping mall security. Shopping malls are packed with goods and products, making them a top spot for petty criminals and thieves. Of course, serious and hard criminals may also be interested in big-ticket items like jewelry and expensive electronics found inside malls.

While security cameras and locked glass cases can help keep things in check, criminals can easily work around these systems. Mall security guards are needed to deter criminals from acting in the first place and for keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.

Considering that theft is the biggest challenge for shopping malls, it is always a good idea to have comprehensive security services in place.

2. Vandalism

Vandalism is another common issue for shopping mall security, especially because such establishments attract a lot of young crowds. When public spaces like shopping malls get crowded, they become even more vulnerable to vandalism.

This is because there is low visibility, increased distractions, and lack of attention, creating the ideal environment for vandals to start misusing, tagging, or breaking mall property. Without tight security, shopping malls face unnecessary expenses during busy days, which are quite regular for most modern shopping malls.

However, mall security guards not only deter vandalism in malls, but they are also highly-trained to observe crowds for suspicious groups and activities. This makes it easier for them to prevent vandalism in the first place, and immediately detain suspects if it occurs.

3. Violent Crimes

Shopping malls are public spaces where anyone can show up, which makes them susceptible to some extremely violent crimes like mass shootings and other acts of domestic terrorism. While it is rare for something like this to happen, it is still a threat to shopping mall security.

Shooters and terrorists are likely to engage densely populated areas like a movie theater or food court. This is where highly-trained mall security guards are not only important to spot and address threats, but also for remaining calm to guide patrons and employees to safety.

If a situation unfolds in front of them, they are also trained to de-escalate matters in such highly stressful situations. They may help save many lives in the process, at least until law enforcement arrive.

4. Public Altercations

It isn’t uncommon for visitors, customers, and employees in a shopping mall to get involved in heated arguments and fights. Such public altercations are expected in crowded public spaces, which is why shopping mall security usually has protocols in place to deescalate altercations and remove or detain suspects, if things get out of hand.

However, this is only possible with effective mall security guards who are trained and experienced in such matters. They must have excellent communication skills, de-escalation training, and the physical strength to remove or detain multiple suspects.

Most often, experienced guards know exactly how to de-escalate and resolve matters between people, so it doesn’t require any kind of force. However, they are well-equipped and trained to handle stubborn and violent individuals as well.

7 Shopping Mall Security Problems You Should Know About

5. Unauthorized Entry

Shopping malls typically have multiple entry and exit points, so it is easier for large crowds to access their establishment from various points. However, this creates another common shopping mall security problem- unauthorized entry.

Multiple entry and exit points also makes it easier for criminals to enter and exit shopping malls without being noticed. Matters may get worse if criminals gain access to staff and cargo entry and exit points.

Mall security guards can ensure that unauthorized entry is completely eliminated from the premises. They can check for suspicious activity, materials, and people, to make sure that criminals stay out at all times.

6. Lost Dependents

People get lost in large shopping malls all the time, especially if it’s their first time visiting. While this isn’t a huge issue for most adults, dependents such as children or elderly people may get overwhelmed if they get lost in large crowds.

However, uniformed shopping mall security guards can be of great help in such situations. Not only can they be reached out by the lost person, they are also great at identifying overwhelmed kids and adults in crowds.

They can actively keep a lookout for kids and older people who seem frightened or alone. Once they find a lost dependent, they can quickly help them reunite with their family through security surveillance and speaker systems in the mall.

Similarly, if parents or families report a missing person or child, the shopping mall security team will have protocols in place to ensure that no one leaves the premises with the missing person or child.

7. Parking Lot Problems

Often, threats to shopping mall security occur outside of the mall itself, in the parking lot. Criminals and con artists often lurk around mall parking lots to take advantage of patrons and their vehicles.

They may break into vehicles, mug families, or scam people going in and out of their vehicles. Large parking lots are also notorious for physical and sexual assaults, especially during nighttime.

Mall security guards can patrol parking lots to mitigate such criminal activities. They can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and even catch and detain suspects for law enforcement. During slow hours of the night, they may even walk customers and employees to their cars, to ensure their safety.

Final Thoughts

These 7 shopping mall security problems are a threat to shopping mall owners, vendors, employees, and patrons alike. They may range from petty crimes and altercations to acts of terrorism, but mall security guards provide a comprehensive solution for them all.

This is why every shopping mall should hire trained and experienced mall security guards to protect their premises.

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