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6 Roles for Live Guard Patrols

According to 2020 data, there were 538,203 violent crime events and 640,836 crimes reported in the United States. With this higher crime rate, security has become an important part of any organization’s hiring process.

Security guard patrols can significantly reduce the chances of vandalism, robbery, theft, and other crimes. Not only do guard patrol services deter criminal activity on the premises, but they also increase the value of the property.

In this post, we’ll look at the main role of having a live guard patrol on your site and how it can defend it from the most common security risks.

1. Patrolling

Live guards patrols are hired to keep an eye on both indoor and outdoor areas. With constant patrolling, they are always on the lookout for threats or risks.

They pay close attention to the surveillance system and other security devices you may have installed. Furthermore, they ensure that clients and staff visiting the business facility comply with all security rules.

2. Keep The Facility’s Reputation Safe

The hired patrolling guards are responsible for securing your company’s image. They will follow all legal regulations and keep the premises in order.

When clients or visitors in the facility observe guards assigned to their security, they will feel protected.

3. Careful Reporting

The live guards ensure that any unusual activities or dangerous equipment they detect on the grounds are reported to the authorities. They use alarm systems to take preventative actions to avoid any harm or loss. When a crisis occurs, this enables a larger security team to be assembled as quickly as possible.

4. Ensure Secure Environment

Live guard patrols offer full security in terms of physically patrolling the business premises and frequently checking the surveillance systems. They utilize safety measures to prevent any fire incidents, property damage, crimes, and casualties.

5. Emergency Situation Training

Live guards are hired by different facilities after they have been trained in first aid and asset security. They are also taught to give direction and help anybody trapped.

An emergency can occur at any time; therefore, it’s critical to have experienced guards on standby to deal with whatever emergency arises. Live guard patrols have the tools to safeguard people and assets.

6. Recognizing Unusual Behavior

Security guards are extremely well trained and experienced in a range of skills, such as those that enable them to recognize unusual behavior.

They are trained to interpret nonverbal cues, body language, and notice unusual routines that might suggest a security flaw or a possible attack.

Thinking about hiring live guard patrol services but don’t know where to begin? Our staff is ready to guide you in determining your needs and recommending the most appropriate services to keep your facility secure and protected.

Construction sites, schools, retail stores, parking lots, and apartment complexes all benefit from our security guards and patrol service as one of the most effective ways to provide security.

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