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4 Physical Security Controls Your Business Needs

The majority of security concerns center only on the digital environment. That’s logical. The majority of cyberattacks are online. And because today’s businesses are increasingly storing all of their data and sensitive information on the cloud, it’s understandable that physical security is being overshadowed by its digital equivalent.

So, neglecting physical security is something you undertake at your peril. Since theft is one of the most serious risks to a business and brand’s image, installing a comprehensive security system can be a wise choice.

Let’s go over some of the critical physical security control for your business.

1.   Adopt Modern Surveillance Techniques

Surveillance is a powerful weapon against criminal offenses on any type of company property. The greatest approach here is to use closed-circuit television (CCTV).

24-hour surveillance from a professional security guard service is yet another monitoring approach that works well with CCTV.

2.   Access Control

Certainly, your company needs some form of access control to the facilities. If you have a small workspace with only one entrance door, a basic lock may suffice. However, if your company has a larger workspace with several access methods, you should invest in more complex security.

Your requirements will be determined solely by your circumstances. This might range from alternatives like fingerprint scanning to something as simple as a card-swipe entry system.

Issuing a corporate ID badge to all employees and visitors is one of the strongest security measures that any firm can use to combat unauthorized invasions.

3.   Create a Security Environment in Your Business

Making your employees take security seriously is among the most important things you can do to maintain physical security measures.

Regularly educate employees on the necessity of security procedures and what they can do to assist the business to become safer.

4.   Alarm Setting

Alarm systems are an important responsive element. These can be traditional entrance sensors, movement or noise detectors, or other environmental monitoring devices, such as smoke detectors that can call the fire department. Modern alarm systems frequently integrate with surveillance cameras equipment which you can control from your smartphone, and they also feature instant alerts to firefighters and police department services.

To guarantee that your alarm system can successfully safeguard your assets, consider skilled installation, 24/7 monitoring, and backup power choices, irrespective of the nature of the alarm system you choose.

5.   Guards Patrolling

The use of mobile responsive security is a great option to have a constant security force on your site. This physical security control entails security officers patrolling your entire facility, with a special focus on high-risk locations.

When you have this physical security control in place on your property, you’ll have guards who can check the locks and respond quickly if an alert goes off, even if it’s a false alarm.

If you need temporary security guards or permanent security guards or unarmed security guards, Guards Services USA provides service in different parts of the country for a wide range of operations, including various malls and retail stores. Our security guards are insured, licensed, and prepared to handle a broad range of scenarios.

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