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4 Benefits of Plainclothes Security Guards

There’s no denying that uniformed security guards provide an excellent deterrent to crime. They demonstrate to criminals that you care about the security of your business, and therefore, you’re not an easy target. However, there are many benefits of opting for plainclothes security guards too. Let’s find out!

1. Tracking security becomes difficult

People who want to commit a crime try to observe the routines of security guards. Once in a while, they turn to check another area of the building or store. When they know the routine, committing a crime becomes easier, and so does their chances of getting away with it.

However, tracking patterns become way too difficult when nobody knows who the guard is. This is one of the main benefits that plainclothes security guards offer. Since picking out these guards is a difficult proposition, these guards can vary their routine.

2. Catch more people in the act

Recently, organized retail crime has become a big issue. These notorious groups search for security guards actively in a bid to avoid them. To catch them in the act, plainclothes security guards can help. This way, criminals won’t see a uniformed security guards but a customer—and while they’re committing a crime, these guards can catch them.

Thanks to plainclothes security guards, your store will be able to file charges against the thief while letting other stores in the area know about these criminal groups.

3. Seemingly less intimidating

Security guards wearing a law enforcement-style uniform instantly gives off an air of authority.

For some people, this may be quite intimidating, especially in locations like retail stores. Imagine you walk into a local retail store and see a uniformed man with a rifle. However, plainclothes security guards are far less intimidating and seem friendlier, just like other shoppers.

4. Blends in

This is probably the most obvious benefit you get with plainclothes security guards. While people might see this as counterproductive, there are many instances where plainclothes security guards emerge as the better option. When someone spots a guard, they might be able to avoid being seen. It’s harder to commit a crime when people don’t know who is watching.

If you’re trying to figure out which employee may be stealing or if you’re trying to catch a shoplifter, having a plainclothes security guard by your side can be advantageous.

Here’s another benefit: If someone enters an establishment with a weapon, the first person they’ll usually target will be the uniformed security guards because they’ll be the ones stopping them. However, if they don’t see any security guards, the plain clothes security guards will better counter the criminal.

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