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3 Mandatory Business SOPs for COVID-19 Safety

After multiple months of business closures to flatten the country’s COVID infection curve, businesses are now starting to reopen their businesses. Resuming business operations during a pandemic requires business owners to have a game plan to ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety in accordance with proper regulations and safety practices.

What’s more, you must consider both new and old risks associated with catering to customers and employees returning to work.

A successful business reopening with little to no risks of COVID-19 exposure requires business owners and managers to adhere to the standard operating procedures with three goals in mind: reduced COVID-19 transition, regular maintenance of business operations, and promotion of a healthy and safe workplace environment.

Here are three SOPs to follow for COVID-19 safety.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Business Location

The first step to reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission is the adaptation of a thorough and comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting routine of your commercial property.

Since your location will be open to the public, it’s critical to employ a cleaning routine with excessive soap, water, and disinfectants to eradicate any virus remnants on surfaces and objects.

You can use the list of eco-friendly and effective disinfectants compiled by the EPA to find the most suitable disinfecting solution for areas and objects touched by multiple people. In case of unavailability, the CDC recommends that business owners and their janitorial staff use appropriately diluted bleach solutions to clean and disinfect the area.

Making Masks Mandatory for All

According to leading public health experts, the primary measure for controlling COVID-19 transmission is covering the nose and mouth with face masks. Despite being simple and straightforward, it’s a critical step towards making public places safer and more accessible to the public.

Mandating face masks for both employees and customers can significantly disrupt the virus transmission cycle by protecting people from asymptomatic individuals who may still carry the virus in public places. Moreover, business owners should continue to enforce the wearing of face masks among employees while they’re at their workstations.

COVID-19 Safety Temperature Checks

When your commercial property is subject to frequent visits by an indefinite number of visitors, it’s at a higher risk of the virus outbreak within the business location. However, you can now enforce COVID-safety procedures that can detect possible infections before people enter your premises.

Fortunately, qualified security guards and patrol services can help identify symptomatic individuals who could spread the virus through temperature checks. Make sure your professional security services wear their personal protective equipment while conducting temperature checks.

Our professional security guards at Guards Service USA are trained, insured, and licensed to perform essential tasks to ensure COVID-19 safety at your business location. From containing high-risk situations to conducting regular COVID-safety assessments at checkpoints, our guards can help you keep your facility safe and well-protected from virus transmission. Contact us at to learn more today!

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