No one wants hassle when it comes to safety.

When your business needs security, there’s no time to waste. But security solutions are not
one-size-fits-all. Each location in your company has a range of needs - from routine staffing
to special events to unexpected emergencies. And tracking down qualified guards, especially
at the last-minute, costs time and money.

A security solution that meets your needs – now!

At Guard Services USA, we provide fast, flexible security solutions tailored to the needs
of your business. We make sure you have qualified guards with the right skills for the job,
in both long-term and last-minute staffing situations.

Ready to serve - anywhere in the USA, PR and Canada.

Our guards are ready 24/7/365 to keep your business safe and secure. Thanks to our extensive nationwide guard network, qualified security can be dispatched anywhere in the US, PR and Canada – often within a few hours notice.
Qualified guards – for your industry.

Armed, unarmed, law enforcement security - we have the right guards for the job. The men
and women in our nationwide network are trained in all aspects of personal and property protection. We also provide specialty staffing in such areas as electronic surveillance,
control room operations, retail and mall service, roving or foot patrol, cash transaction
escorts, and more.

Simplify your security solution.

We take away the headache of security staffing. Just one phone call connects you to our 24/7 telephone help line, operated by knowledgeable, friendly staff who are intimately familiar with
your account and able to provide real-time help. We also make payment management easy
with just one weekly or monthly consolidated invoice.

Contact Guard Services USA to take advantage of our fast
and flexible security solutions. Call 1-855–843-8900.

The first job is on us!


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